The 2020 USSA
United Socialist States of America

June 16, 2020

LAST EVENING I WATCHED A FOX NEWS VIDEO ON YOUTUBE BY TUCKER CARLSON called, Tucker on the incredible popularity of Black Lives Matter. This is the closest I have seen any commentator in the controlled media come to hitting the point. He still misses the most important part, but it was a step in the right direction.

Carlson highlighted the fact that the Marxist Media Lord takeover is nearly complete. A bunch of rioting, whining Blacks have managed to take over the country, shutting down our cities, while demanding that we get rid of those pesky police, who are the only barrier to the Blacks running wild, raping and looting, as they did in Johannesburg when the Whites turned over their country to the Negroes in South Africa. This is what Blacks do, and always will.

The Blacks are not at fault, because they know no other way. The fault is with us, for letting the Media Lords rule our minds, and thereby creating an atmosphere that was finally ready for takeover. It has taken over sixty years. In Russia the Bolsheviks took only just over six years to pull that great country down. Czarist Russia had more problems than America in 1950 did, and so it was an easier target. America in the 1950s was the pinnacle of human achievement: low crime, great education, and a family system that was built to last. America in 1950 was racially homogeneous, and appeared to be unassailable. No other country on earth could match our military might, and we were sitting on top of the world, at least so we thought.

However, there was one other power on earth that did aspire to take us down: the same power that took down Russia. They agitated for something that planted the first seed of what we see today with the insane Black Lives Matter movement: Brown vs. the Board of Education. This 1954 court case set us on the path we have followed ever since, the path to destruction of our society, and ultimately of our entire civilization. America, as it was in 1950 was changed, weakened, and today we can see the end goal they had in mind.

In 1950, the Blacks were living in their own parts of town, and going to their own schools, away from Whites. They had a much lower crime rate than they do today, and their illegitimacy rate was at 25%, only slightly higher than for Whites of the same era. Today, according to the Washington Examiner, it has risen to over 77%. Whites were safe from Black violence, and even Blacks were far safer from Black violence. They were also better educated at that time. There were no race riots, and our nation seemed to be perfectly solid. But then came Brown vs. the Board of Education, and everything changed.

Why did it change? Of course the driving force were the Media Lords, but the results that this stupid and dangerous ruling produced are right out there for anyone to see. Just a look at the IQ Bell Curve for Blacks and Whites will tell you all that you need to know.

For years, experts knew that Blacks were less intelligent than Whites, and Asians. Testing had been going on for decades before 1950, and it was common knowledge among professionals who did the testing. Whites and eastern Asians average nearly identical in IQ (Asian mean IQ is 103 and Whites 101 to 102).1 In the United States, Black IQ's consistently average around 85. This has remained constant over the decades of testing, and does not change with the type of test used. Any legitimate IQ test (even a culturally leveled one)2 will give the same results. In Africa, where the Black racial lines are pure, it is far worse, with the mean IQ being a mere 70.3

It was not ignorance and wishful thinking that drove the Media Lords to force Blacks into our schools. They knew what would happen. It was not an experiment, it was sabotage, like pouring soda into your gas tank; the results were entirely predictable.

Tucker Carlson pointed out, as if it were a good thing, that the federal government moved in the, now federalized National Guard, in order to militarily force governors to comply with this insane court ruling. He applauded this misuse of federal power, and used that as an example of how we should act today.

Of course, as always happens with the Marxists, when you give them something they are demanding, they do not cheer and say, "Thank you," but instead they only ramp up new demands. They were not the least bit interested in helping Black students; in fact what had been done in 1954 was guarantied to be bad for Blacks.

What happens if you put someone who is mentally slow into a classroom of bright kids? The slow student will be the butt of jokes, he will never stay with the other students, and he will always be way behind. It will feel terrible for him. So, how will he respond? He will become angry and disruptive, just like has happened all across America as Black students were forced into White schools. This was no surprise to the ones who orchestrated this; it was just what they wanted.

By the 1960s, the Media Lords felt confident that they were ready to start their Bolshevik Revolution Part 2: the American edition. The assassination of John F. Kennedy was the open door they walked through. The door was opened by another Marxist tool, Lee Harvey Oswald, and it put Lyndon Johnson in the White House, a man whom both John and Bobby Kennedy had privately agreed would be a complete loser as a president. They laughed about the idea, but no one is laughing about it today.

Johnson ramped up the small Vietnam War into a blazing inferno, while at the same time setting the rules for the military to make sure that they could never win. He created a demilitarized zone, keeping North Vietnam safe from being overthrown, and it was only years later that Richard Nixon finally mined Hanoi harbor to force the Viet Cong to the negotiation table. In hindsight, it appears that the war was intended to be a distractor, a catalyst for all that happened in the 1960s.

The USA never intended to win that war; it would have been impossible to do so, with the rules that the White House set for it. So, what was the purpose of sending our men over there to fight? Just look at the newspapers from that time, and you will see that the real war was being fought right here in America. The war was used by the Media Lords to create a huge Marxist anti-war movement, and with that crowd of young, brainwashed, and willing supporters, they launched their plans in earnest.

Marches and violence broke out, much as it has in 2020, and the older generation was left confused and uncertain about what to do, just like today. Suddenly, the leftists were demanding that young men burn their draft cards in defiance of the law. Hate was everywhere, as American flags were burned and vile statements about how oppressive life in America was, even though it was the freest nation that had ever existed.

And all at once the agitated monster that Johnson's ramped up war had created, grew several heads. Jews were leading all of these movement heads. The anti-war movement had Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubin leading the way. The feminist movement had Gloria Steinem, Betty Freidan, and Bella Abzug. The civil rights movement was funded and supported from behind, by the same ones who were funding the other movements. They needed a Black to be the useful idiot tool in the front of the movement, and they found him in the person of Martin Luther King, Jr. Much has been written about the many flaws this communist had, but he would have accomplished nothing, without the direction and support from the media. His handler and speechwriter was Stanley Levison.

The same method was applied for all these movements; the money came from Media Lord's banks, the supporting propaganda was provided in all of the areas that the Media Lords controlled, and any opposition was attacked in that same media cesspool. News shows promoted the disruptive agitators, as being right-minded, and all opposition to them was bigoted, hateful, or simply ignorant.

And to this day, that propaganda has never altered in purpose or direction. As the decades went by, the Media Lords were happy to have a dead Martin Luther King to use as a club to beat White America with. They created a saint out of their useful idiot tool, and no one can argue with a saint. Tucker Carlson seemed to worship the man, as he discussed the mess that King was instrumental in creating.

And today we are living in the world produced by this anti-American revolution that began in the 1960s, but which has never stopped. As the Media Lord controlled candidates were inserted into office, there was no longer any need to keep Americans afraid of the Marxist marches; the marches were put on hold, and instead the people were perpetually fed lies. Bit-by-bit the people were indoctrinated into the Marxist narrative.

White families were destroyed by feminism, but it was even worse for Blacks. Feminism and Civil Rights doubled down on the Black community, unleashing a madness that has never wavered. Johnson's welfare handouts cut loose Black women from needing support from a man, and the men were happy to jump from bed to bed without having to commit to any one woman. Black society has been completely disrupted by the leftist movements of the 1960s. Poverty, violence, illegitimate births, single mothers, often with kids by multiple fathers, and a low average IQ, have today created the movement that Tucker Carlson found so surprising: Black Lives Matter.

Today, Americans are prepared to accept the rule of Karl Marx. Most of the young people think socialism is just wonderful. They have no fear of communism. If a man from 1950 was told this would happen, he would be horrified that such confusion could exist in America. He knew better, but today we do not .

Anyone under the age of 40 today is almost certainly onboard with all the feminist demands of the 1960s. As a result, Whites are having so few babies that we are shrinking in number every year, as the population of the USA is growing by record numbers, thanks to the non-White invasion of high breeding "immigrants." Most kids are raised by either a single mother, or a mother and stepfather. The family, which had been the glue that held our society together for centuries, has been left in ruins. And almost everyone thinks that this is a good thing, and that women are far better off under Marxist feminism, than they were before.

But of all the Marxist monster's heads, race is the most blatant example of the Media Lords' mind control. Whites today are programmed to think that Martin Luther King, Jr. was a hero and what he did was wonderful.

Americans wrongly think that the US Constitution guarantees the right to protest. What that document guarantees is the freedom to assemble, and to speak freely, not to assemble in the streets and thereby disrupt the lives of other citizens. In the 1960s, they called this criminal activity, "civil disobedience," in order to make it sound more palatable, but even that label shows that they knew that they were breaking the law, and breaking the law is not a right to be found in the constitution.

And of course, this love of marching and protesting only applies to Marxist sanctioned causes. In Charlottesville, the White marchers had a permit to do so, and they peacefully marched with no violence at all the first night. And then the next day, they were peacefully marching again—still with a permit, and totally inside the law—and suddenly, in violation of the law, Antifa, the military branch of the Left, shows up with baseball bats and mace and they attacked. The police stood down, and did nothing to protect the lawfully assembled Whites, and so they had to defend themselves. Not surprisingly it got ugly, which is just what Antifa wanted. The media of course spun that around to where the Whites were all a bunch of crazy "White Supremacists" bent on tearing down the city, and poor Antifa was just caught up in the middle of it. The point is, only leftist marching is protected under the US Constitution, as interpreted by the Media Lords.

The one area where Tucker Carlson got it right was that today Americans are sheep who go along with the Media Lords almost unreservedly. The media promote the clearly insane idea of doing away with the police departments across this nation, and people just nod their stupid heads. The media say that there is systemic racism in the police departments, with zero evidence of that being true, and the people nod their heads. The media propaganda has pushed Black people into positions of power, and then people surprisingly wonder why that usually leads to disaster.

Remember, the official narrative says that it is always White people's fault when Black people fail to flourish, are incompetent, are stupid, or are violent. Blacks are never responsible for their own actions, because everyone knows that they are incapable of being so. No one expects Blacks to be as good as Whites in our society, especially the so-called liberals.

I watched a press conference a few days ago, put on by the New York Police union representatives, and it was impressive hearing the different White leaders getting up to the microphones and speaking articulately, and powerfully one after another. But then they put a Black man at the podium, who was the representative for the corrections department, and he couldn't construct a grammatically correct sentence to save his life. You would assume, with him being in charge of such a large part of the justice system that he must be at least average in intelligence, and yet, after centuries of being in this country, most Blacks still cannot speak the language properly.

And, of course, no one expects them to. It is always surprising when you find a Black, and there are many of them, who can speak clearly and intelligently, using correct grammar.

Tucker Carlson did correctly connect the dots between the insanity of the 1960s with the insanity of today, but he made a mistake; he implied that the Black Lives Matter was an aberration, something that came out of nowhere. The fact is that the Blacks have been used right along by the Media Lords to pull our society apart. Blacks have not assimilated. Blacks do not want to assimilate, and they call a Black man or woman who embraces the opportunities they have been given, an Uncle Tom, or an Oreo—Black on the outside but White on the inside. It is considered very bad form for a Black person to live a civilized life in America, and to thrive.

The reason for this is always missed though. It is not Black culture, something that could be fixed by a bit of training, or a will to change; it is a problem that is rooted in racial intelligence, and therefore it is unfixable. The Blacks who do rise to success, are the few intelligent ones, far on the right of the IQ bell curve. They are quite different from the vast majority of Blacks, and therefore they do not fit in with them.

There is a similarity in the way White people with extremely high IQs are vilified in school by the other students. Bright kids are called nerds, or geeks, and they are looked at as being weird. But the difference is, that when they excel, as Elon Musk has, they are rewarded with praise and fame. Adult Whites do not condemn the intelligent Whites for being smarter than they are. They are even happy to work for those high IQ people.

If the Media Lords actually cared about Blacks, and really thought that Black lives truly mattered, what they would promote would be a template that actually worked for Blacks, rather than continuing to drive the square peg into the round hole. If the intelligent Blacks were to be inspired to go to Black neighborhoods, and there create businesses, that provide jobs for the less gifted members of their race, and if those of the less intelligent Black majority were inspired to look up to those who succeed, rather than down on them for seizing opportunity, a segregated solution could be found. The Blacks would live peaceful lives in Black neighborhoods, and the Whites could live peaceful lives in their White neighborhoods, and everyone would be happier.

But of course that would never be allowed, because it does not fit in with the Media Lords' plans. What is desired is a complete takedown of this once great White nation, so the scoundrels can sit on top and run the show, as they did in the Soviet Union, while it lasted. Now, it is our turn to be under the Marxist lash. And thanks to 60 years of Media Lord propaganda, all nicely packaged up as "entertainment" and "news," Americans are finally ready to bend the knee to their masters.

The future is here, and I can assure you, that you are not going to like it: not one bit.

1.    The Bell Curve by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray page 273
2.    Ibid. page 280.
3.    Ibid. page 289; In The End Of Racism, by Dinesh D'souza (Asain-Indian, now American) on page 468 is this: "Lynn contends that Black Africans have IQs virtually at the retarded level: 80 in Uganda and Ghana, 75 in Nigeria, 65 in Zaire, with an African average of about 70."

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