Election Year 2020

February 29, 2020

MOST PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES TODAY SHOULD HAVE NO trouble seeing that the Democratic Party is in a complete mess. As one Fox News commentator recently pointed out, the Democratic Socialists (be honest, communists) are now the establishment in the Democratic Party. What once was the establishment is now being ignored by the radical leftists. Remember the 1960s when the agitators like Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman simply ignored all the things that Americans considered to be right and just and simply said and did what they wanted? They expressed themselves in the most vulgar terms and said the opinion of the American people meant nothing to them, and today those are the ones running the country. No one seems to get it. They talk about Bolshevik Bernie, honeymooning in the USSR, and then coming back to rave about how wonderful it was over there. But what about Bill Clinton? He went to the USSR as well, and it was in 1969, long before Bernie did. This has been going on right out in the open for more than 60 years, and before that it was in the works since 1900, under the radar.

Alexandra Ortiz-Cortez is a cartoon character who appears to be running the show for the Democrats. She makes many of the ignorant and inept candidates of the past, the ones everyone laughed at continuously—like Spiro Agnew, and Dan Quayle—appear to be geniuses. But since our political system is structured today by the Left, the bar has been lowered so far that we now have to listen to low grade African morons like California representative Maxine Waters, and a representative from Georgia, Hank Johnson, who asserted for the record that he feared the island of Guam would acquire such a large human population that the island would capsize. Alexandra Ortiz-Cortez shows a complete lack of understanding below the surface of her script. She said on national television that she thought the reason that unemployment numbers were going down was because people were working two jobs. The fact that she didn't know what a garbage disposal was before she was elected is interesting, but that doesn't matter much beyond the fact it shows she is an alien to the America most of us know. What does matter is her total lack of understanding of economics, climate science, and the American concept of freedom. She is a hand grenade with the pin pulled, and dropped into the middle of our national political system.

If the system were still functional, AOC would simply be laughed out of town; no one would listen to her, just like Maxine Waters and Hank Johnson. You put up with these bozos but you don't take them seriously. But the scary part is that the ones in the background, who are pulling the strings, are all in for Alexandra Ortiz-Cortez. They love her. She is the future in their eyes. Talk about a dystopia.

Even though Donald Trump has been more or less holding back the leftist deluge from completely overwhelming us (think what Mrs. Bill Clinton would have been doing the past four years if she were in office), the most you could hope for is 4 more years of the same, and then what? Joe Biden has always been way too far to the left. But what is really telling about this mess today is that compared with the other Democrats running for the White House today, he almost looks sane. But when you have to use the screaming leftist horde as the baseline, you see how far you are up the river of slime, without a paddle. The Democrats have openly been taken over, for all to see, and for this round, they have perhaps been taken down by Marxist enthusiasm. The election appears to be Trump's to lose at this point. If he doesn't put his foot into it (and the Democrats don't swap their pitiful and failed impeachment attacks, for more violent methods) he will win in November.

But we are sitting on a powder keg. Neither the left nor the right are happy with the status quo. In 2024, Alexandra Ortiz-Cortez, born in New York on October 13, 1989, would turn 35 just before the 2024 vote, and therefore she will be eligible to be president. She is the darling of the nut job leftists. Just think of the firsts. The first woman to be president, and she is non-White as well, which the Medial Lords(1) will gush over. She would be the youngest person to ever be president, which will be a selling point to the young Marxists graduating from school just in time to vote.

However unlikely this scenario may appear today, take a moment and imagine Alexandra Ortiz-Cortez as president with a Democratic congress behind her. They would dismantle everything in short order. Welcome to the U.S.S.A, the United Socialist States of America.

In the 1960s, the leftists took over the Democratic party. They came up with welfare, forced busing and open borders. At the same time the Media Lords(1) pumped up the propaganda, to program Americans to think all this is great stuff and these changes are wonderful. You have to admit that it worked. And slowly everything standing against them began to collapse. The churches completely collapsed. One by one they gave up their official stances against everything from miscegenation, and female pastors, to practicing homosexuals.

The only real purpose of a political party is to get elected. Therefore, in order to compete in this insane anti-traditional America that has been created, the Republican party drifted quickly over to align itself to a position that sat just to the right of the insane Democrats of the 1960s.

Today, now that the Democrats have firmly established their hatred for White America, and are firmly supported in that position by the Media Lords(1), they are all set to take the next huge step into the arms of Karl Marx. They are not apologetic about it—with the media on their side, they don't have to be—and they are noisy and proud to be who they are. Just like the agents, who were running the anti-war, civil rights, and feminist movements in the 1960s, the current movers are pushing "free" everything, and the thoroughly brainwashed kids coming out of school have been programmed to love that idea. So, over time, the Republican Party, who is at the mercy of the current state of the society, continues to follow where the voters are leading, and that, unfortunately, means towards communism.

This was all predictable. It is easy to see. And yet very few can see it.

Something that should trouble the average American is the fact that America has spent the past 4 years with the Democrats (what a misnomer that name is) spending all their energy trying to undermine our elective system of government. From the day it became a reality, Democrats have spent nearly all their time trying to overturn the results of our democratically run election of 2016. It is high treason in intent, at the very least. Our system was originally created to allow people to choose whom they would have leading them for the next four years. But the Democrats say, "No! We know better. We will not accept someone in office who is not like us." Why call yourself a Democrat, if you absolutely hate democracy?

But as I already pointed out, the Republicans are not really much better. They just follow along behind where the Democrats lead. And that leaves us with a dilemma. What is the solution to our problem? In 1965, the United States was 90% White. We were so wealthy as a nation the leftist Lyndon Johnson bragged that we were too wealthy to have poor people, and he used that lie to ramped up his socialist program of welfare. You can see for yourself how well that failed system has worked. But there is no UNDO button with the Marxist. Whatever is started can never be stopped and undone.

Donald Trump has not made America any Whiter than it was when he took office. The brown invasion continues, and our normal election cycles will do nothing to stop it. So, Trump is not our hero, and he is not going to save us. He is dealing with some of the symptoms of what is wrong, but not any of the causes. If a Mexican comes to the United States, he brings with him his culture, his language, and his non-White view of the world. It makes zero difference if he has come here legally or illegally; he is an alien, and either he will destroy our country, or our country will remove him from its land, by sending him home. It is predicted that in around twenty years from now the demographic destruction of America will be complete, as Whites become the minority race in this country for the first time since the United States' creation in the 18th century.

The only question that matters to our future is one of demographics. If we are displaced, dispossessed, and disinherited from the creation of our forefathers, what difference will it make if America is capitalistic or communistic? If the people who have invaded our land and kicked us out, live in wealth or squalor, what difference does that make to us? The Republicans are doing very little to protect our future, and a great deal to make sure that we don't take matters into our own hands.

Meanwhile the country seems to be split into two halves, with the coasts, though separated by many miles, being in one country, and the middle of the continent forming the other. The views of these two countries are diverging, and that is creating a very strong antagonism between them, as time goes by. At the same time it appears that the news agencies are lining up with one or the other of these countries and, like a continental breakup as tectonic plates slide apart from each other, a dynamic is emerging that could lead to secession of a new country, and that could end up being a peaceful birth, or sadly it might initiate another civil war.(2)

There is a joker in the deck, and I am fascinated by the potential power of this unpredictable force. Artificial Intelligence could put all our plans and desires outside of consideration. Humans run this planet, at least the part of it we care about, because we are more intelligent than other species. But when machines pass us up, we will be in the position of the chimpanzee or the lion. We never consider what a chimp would say about a decision we make. Who cares? If A.I. becomes self-aware, and it reaches the point of being relatively smarter to us, than we are to chimps, humans will no longer matter either. And with super intelligent A.I. doing the design work for its own "children," we will reach the position of being as relatively intelligent to it as an earthworm is to us. At that point, to the non-biological intelligence we spawned, we will have become superfluous. Even the Media Lords(1) will find that their plans are nothing but sand on the beach. This is coming. It is just a matter of time.

But right now I am looking to 2024, and wondering what is going to happen when Trump is gone? The Left grows in power with each cycle. The communists like Sanders and Alexandra Ortiz-Cortez were not even possible in early years. They could run for office of course, but their campaigns would be laughers, not to be taken seriously. However, today the serious time has come. With each passing year the young voters have been programmed more completely by the school system and the media, to be ignorant about the facts of political and racial life, so that they will become willing dupes to what is coming.

No one seems to remember that one of the reasons that Hitler came to power was because the communist agitators were trying to pull Germany into the USSR. As Winston Churchill pointed out, communists at the time, were primarily Jews, and of course that was one of the causes of Hitlers anger at the Jews. Of course we can't talk about the why of Hitler, only the nebulous number of six million who were killed. Meanwhile, another Jew, Bernie Sanders, is pushing communism "from the bottom" (even though he is a millionaire himself), while Bloomberg, also a Jew, is pushing us to the left from the top as a capitalist, and using his massive fortune to skew the election process. (The Jews using money for power is a recurring theme throughout at least two thousand years of history.) That is America right now. And no one seems to be paying attention to the big picture. They are all tangled up with the noise and fury of the moment, which actually doesn't matter much at all in the long run. It is the big picture that holds our future. Alas, this critical point will never rise to the top of the discussion, because the Media Lords(1) won't let it.

Study the weapons they use freely today:

Clearly, there is no happy ending possible for the race of people who created the United States of America, under the current conditions. Either the conditions will change, or else all is lost.


1.    Who Rules America
2.    The War of 2025

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