The 2020 Revolution

Commie Joe Biden

December 14, 2020

IF YOU DON'T HAVE JUSTICE, YOU DON'T HAVE A COUNTRY. Nothing in this country can stand without justice. All businesses rely on the just implementation of contracts. If a contract is not followed, and the court doesn't care, at least one party of the contract has been wronged, and ultimately, businesses will drop like flies as a result. (Yes, I know they have been dropping like flies because of the government's actions this year anyway—we haven't lost a single business to Covid-19, but we have lost well over 100,000 businesses thanks to the government shutting them down.)

You can't be safe in your home without justice. Thugs, protestors, or rioters can freely burn down your home and rape your wife and string you up by your neck at any time without penalty, if law enforcement, and the courts do not provide justice. And anyone who has seen Black and Marxist agitators at work, know that they will do just that.

Remember, in South Africa, as happened in Rhodesia when it became Zimbabwe, when the Blacks took over law enforcement, Johannesburg became the rape and murder capital of the world. Also, the Black gangs started targeting residential blocks. A block would be surrounded, and the perpetrators had "a block party," which consisted of invading the homes, and raping every woman on that block. Indeed, justice left South Africa at the same time Apartheid did.

And if you were paying attention, you also noticed that the mass media suddenly lost all interest in reporting news from South Africa once their political pressure had destroyed it. And in case you have forgotten the non-stop hate propaganda directed at South Africa by the media, every Christmas you can be reminded when the movie Scrooged comes back around, and you can see "Free South Africa" posters posted everywhere in the movie. However, since South Africa fell into that pit, there isn't a whisper about all the horrors that campaign created. The Left won, the White people were crushed, so all is well, no matter how many people continue to suffer horribly as a result.

Justice is not always pleasant for everyone. Bad guys hate it. Even good guys sometimes make a mistake and get burned by justice. But without it, the entire civilization will collapse into chaos, spawning warlords, and ultimately it will be taken over by a strong man or group, claiming and using total power. America hangs in the balance this year, because justice has been evaporating over the past 60 years. Unjust laws and rulings abound. Roe vs Wade, Affirmative Action, Forced integration, anti-Discrimination suits and laws, laws supporting feminism, and so on.

But in this year of 2020AD, the level of justice has sunk lower than at any time since the foundation of America. And it was done in a way that highlighted how weak the forces of good are in the United States. We started off with a blatant violation of our constitutional rights that are clearly stated in the First Amendment.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

If 2020 finishes up the way it has gone so far, Biden will have stolen the election, and we will never even get back to the messed up society we had in 2019. The Democrats will attempt to pack the Supreme Court to override the brief temporary conservative majority. They will try to bring in the city of Washington DC as a full state. And do the same thing with Puerto Rico. If they are successful, they will have packed the Senate as well as the Supreme Court, with Marxists. They will give citizenship to the Mexican invaders who are here illegally, adding millions of additional Democrat voters instantly. Once these things have been done, there will be no coming back from that. We will be looking at a 100% (utterly undemocratic) Democrat future, a one-party system, a communist oriented and dominated system.

Yes, I know. We have been on that road for a very long time. Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal," was socialist. His Social Security program is socialist. With each passing year the level of socialism has been growing. There have been quantum leaps as well, as when Lyndon B. Johnson undermined our country with his welfare program. We have been moving towards communism steadily for a century. Remember that the Bolsheviks were financed in part by New York bankers. They have never stopped pushing us in that same direction.

As a serious look at the 1960s will show, American justice took a huge hit in that era, a fatal hit. We have been utterly doomed from that time, the way a man is doomed when he finds out he has terminal, untreatable cancer. He is not dead yet, but he will surely be dead when the cancer runs its course. When we let that charlatan Martin Luther King, Jr. overturn our cities and schools, and let Teddy Kennedy open the Mexican floodgates allowing a brown invasion to start we created a terminal demographic change. When we listened to Gloria Steinem, and her comrades, it destroyed our traditional sex roles, and therefore, American families, while at the same time legalizing the mass murder of millions of babies. Once we put our feet upon that path, there was no turning back from disaster. The 1960s' Anti-American Revolution was the iceberg that rammed a lethal hole into the hull of the good ship America, and sadly, we have been on the way down ever since.

But this year the entire country shuddered, and new and major bulkheads broke down, letting the water run freely into formerly dry spaces. The "loss of buoyancy" for this country was vastly increased in 2020. The stealing of the election will open the door to the end. We are at that point. From here on in, if that fraud stands, life in this country will be utterly different from what came before.

There are two likely paths in our future:

  1. People will reach the point of having had enough, and a civil War will break out, causing frightening amounts of death and misery. It may end up splitting up the country into racially or politically homogenous pieces. Or...

  2. The lazy good for nothing masses in America today will just bend the knee to tyranny, and continue to go down without a fight, as they have been doing since Brown vs Board of Education.

Neither option is desirable but it will come down to one or the other. There is no path out of this mess that doesn't include a lot of suffering for the general population.


Only you can
prevent extinction!

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