Is Eight Enough?

How many kids do you have? How many kids do you think your kids will have? If you are like the average White American you are going to have two or less children. Your kids will no doubt have even less. You will be lucky to get more than one grandkid out of each of your children. Then what? End of the line for your family? Multiply that by the 170 million or so White folks across the nation and you get a pretty clear picture of where we are heading. Even if no other race on earth existed, if that trend continued, we would still become extinct. The fact is that each White couple must have, on average 2.1 children just to break even. (Some of our children will sadly die even before they can reproduce, and some of our offspring will be unable to have children themselves for one reason or another.)That number of 2.1 children, includes in it the assumption that no White women mate with Nonwhite men. This helps bring in a very clear picture of our reality, and it is ugly.

Now, move back in time and ask yourself, how many kids did your parents have? How many children did your grandparents have? As you move backward in time you find that large White American families were normal. My mother was one of six children, and my father was one of seven children. My grandparents produced a total of 13 children between them. Move down one generation, and the 6 girls, Mom and her 5 sisters, produced together with their husbands, on average only 1.8 children. That is, these 12 people produced 11 offspring. A net loss of 1 person in my generation. In the next generation of my family, of the 11 cousins, the average birthrate is even lower, and because of it more losses will be felt by our people. This is going on all across the nation. This is how our people are slowing disappearing from planet Earth.

The enemies of our people point to the 11 children born to the 12 parents and say, "See the White race is in no danger! They are reproducing." Over time, such "reproducing" will undisputedly lead to extinction. Are our enemies too stupid to see this? No, they are not. It is much more sinister than that. They not only understand the situation but they applaud it. They are eagerly looking forward to the day when we will be no more. They fill their newspapers with stories which praise the diversity of America, even though they know it is death to our race. That is an example of true hatred!

How did this diversity come about, that our enemies love so much? Through Whites being convinced to stop reproducing, and through immigration policies that allow 90% Nonwhite immigration to occur continually. There is no reason for anyone who loves America, as it traditionally was, to welcome diversity, and it is clear that our enemies are not among America's friends. They are doing all that they can to promote the destruction of traditional America and the White race.

It is clear that you must expect your real enemies to hate you, and to even wish to destroy you. This is an unfortunate fact of life. It is part of the filtering action of nature. Those who strive to survive, and who have the skills to survive, will survive. Those who do not have the skills, or who fail to strive, will not survive. There is no doubt whatsoever that our skills are at least equal to any race in the area of survival. Our only problem is our willingness to strive for that worthy goal. We have allowed ourselves to be talked into giving up. Not one White in a hundred has given any real thought to the danger our race is in. They listen to, and believe, the liars at the ADL, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, who say that all concern for the White race is "hate." HATE! It is like a mother with a baby at her breast being accused of hate. Pointing out legitimate danger is not hate!

A man who calls himself George, signed my guest book and therein made the point that the solution to our problem is not through the voting booth but "through the bedroom." That got me to thinking. There is little that our enemies could do if we merely started reproducing at a high level. It is an interesting point. What if each White family had say eight children on average, that went on to have 8 children of their own? I am not sure what the exact number is, but say there are 10 million White folks of childbearing age in the USA. Now if they coupled up with each other, that would make 5 million families. If each of them had 8 fertile children that survived, in the next generation there would be 40 million adults ready to do it again. Now, 20 million families will produce 160 million offspring. One more time, would do the trick. With 80 million families doing their duty for their race, we would have 640 million White folks running around inside the USA. With our technology and our creativity we could feed them too! At 177 people per square mile, our density would be far less than China's is today at over 315 per square mile. That would give us 3.6 acres apiece. Politically it would leave us too strong to oppose, and we could deal with our enemies as we saw fit at that time.

This is something that even timid White folks can do. They would not have to march, or pass out literature. They would not have to join a group or do any of the things that so many of our people are either afraid of, or not drawn to do. Here is a positive way to work The Plan, contribute to the future of our people, and help yourself out in ways that you never dreamed possible. The folks I know with large families are happy people. They are people who never find themselves in a rut or at a loss as to how they will spend their evenings. As the family matures and grows, there is a built-in support network for every member of the family. The older kids naturally take on some of the responsibility for the younger ones, and even for part of the financial support for the family.

One other important thing to keep in mind about large families, the kids grow up understanding what it means to share, and be concerned for others. They will not be the selfish, spoiled children that small families often produce. The large healthy family produces kids who are well adjusted folks, who can appreciate the importance of family and race. If Mom and Dad teach their kids the importance to our race of having a large family, in addition to the clear benefits that they will reap for themselves, a movement can be started today that will sweep our racial problems away in a couple of generations.

Just look at what has happened to our children as they have been raised in the one or two child family. They spend all of their time watching the propaganda box, or playing video games. They are only concerned with where the next selfish thrill will come from. They spend a lot of time alone, and get into trouble. They run around with kids that the White parents are strangers to, and probably would object to if they knew them. If you put those same lonely children into a family where they have 7 brothers and sisters, think of the impact on their lives. Suddenly, they would have a hundred things to do besides watching television. They would always have playmates, and playmates that are drug free, and who have been raised by parents whose rules and attitudes you agree with completely.

Nonwhites seem to be able to have large families, regardless of their income level. Are you going to tell me that they can do it but you cannot? I am not going to buy it if you do. Either we are going to take charge of our lives, our country, and the future of our race, or we can just pack up our bags and go home, and schedule an appointment with the mortuary staff to prepay for our coming funeral.

It is important that we develop healthy attitudes for ourselves, and then pass them on to our children. We have been lied to over and over for a very long time. We have been told that having large families is wrong, because the rest of the world is overpopulated. The data is in on that one. The White folks stopped having large families and what have we gotten for it? Not only is the world still overpopulated, but our own lands have continued to grow in population at a record rate. We now can see what the Leftist hate mongers had in mind. We White folks are to stop having children and therefore die off, and pass our lands over to the hordes of Nonwhites who are breeding like insects, filling up their lands and ours.

Does that rock your boat? It better! You have been had. Your White families have been sacrificed for those of the Nonwhites. Now your lands are being taken from you and given to the Nonwhite invaders. Your future is shaky at best. When you peer ahead into that future, to see if you can spot your descendants upon the land, your land, what you see instead is, a land populated by Nonwhites, living in squalor. You may see a lighter skinned Black child running by that may be your great-great-grandchild, but you see no blond haired, blue eyed, White kids. That is what lies ahead for your people, unless you take action and do what you can for our race. Contribute your genes to the pool, before they are completely wiped out!


Table 1 below is a table showing the number of children that would be produced by White couples, if they each have 8 surviving, fertile children at each generation. There are three columns showing three different numbers of couples starting the project. The first column is for a single couple starting this all on their own. (George has already started this one!) The next column is for one thousand couples starting at once. And the last column is if one million couples all started working The Plan in this fashion together.

Each row represents one generation and the numbers shown are the rounded values for the number of children produced in that generation. In table 1, it is assumed that each child will marry someone outside the plan. (See table 2 for numbers showing the worst case scenerio, where only fellow Plan workers are married.)

Working The Plan Biologically
Generation 1 Couple 1000 Couples 1 Million Couples
1 8 8 Thousand 8 Million
2 64 64 Thousand 64 Million
512 Thousand 512 Million
4 4 Thousand 4 Million 4 Billion
5 32 Thousand 32 Million 32 Billion
6 262 Thousand 262 Million 262 Billion
7 2 Million 2 Billion 2 Trillion
8 16 Million 16 Billion 16 trillion
9 134 Million 134 Billion 134 Trillion
10 1 Billion 1 Trillion 1 Quadrillion

Table 2, shows the results if all children only marry the children of other people working the plan. (For column one that would not be feasible for many generations and so for 5 generations I left the numbers the same as table 1 as required to avoid inbreeding.)

Working The Plan Biologically
(No outside help)
Generation 1 Couple 1000 Couples 1 Million Couples
1 8 8 Thousand 8 Million
2 64 32 Thousand 32 Million
128 Thousand 128 Million
4 4 Thousand 512 Thousand 512 Million
5 32 Thousand 2 Million 2 Billion
6 131 Thousand 8 Million 8 Billion
7 524 Thousand 32 Million 32 Billion
8 2 Million 131 Million 131 Billion
9 8 Million 524 Million 524 Billion
10 33 Million 2 Billion 2 Trillion

It is clear that the fastest route requires recruitment, and conversion for marriage partners from those who are not currently awake and working the plan. But even the slowest route will one day arrive at a point where the White folks will be safe and secure in their own White land, with lots of White children happily running around, attending White schools, and having White playmates.

To continue as we are now going, having 1.5 children per family is like putting a gun to our collective heads and pulling the trigger. Wake up folks, or this will be the end!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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