Diversity Anonymous

1. We admitted that we were members of the White race--that racelessness is a fraud.

Race is as basic as humanity itself. When a child is born, he looks for others like himself instinctively. In school, children wish to fit in and to be the same as everyone else. If they wear glasses they want to know others who wear glasses. If they are left-handed they want to know others who are left handed. But race goes even beyond this.

If you have paid attention at all to what has gone on in the entertainment media you will remember that for years the Nonwhites complained because they did not see members of their own race in the media. Why would that be important? The only way that can be important is if race is an important aspect of human existence. If we were all just people, and race didn't matter, then seeing only White people on the screen would be no different than having the mess that is on television today. The very fact that a stink was made by the Nonwhites, proves that race matters, and that racelessness, or "color blindness" is a fraud, created by those who wish to undermine the position of the Whites in our society.

Other examples which demonstrate that race matters are all of the organizations which promote Nonwhites in America. If race is unimportant, why would an organization even exist that promotes a single race? How can we justify a Negro college fund if there is no difference between Negroes and Caucasians? In fact, if races are all the same, then an all-White business would be the same as an all-Black business or a business which was filled with all the races of man.

If you travel from the East Coast to the West, you will see the same phenomena all the way across in the businesses of America. Stick your head in and take a look at the lunch rooms of the "equal opportunity employers." Everywhere, you will see groups of Whites sitting together and groups of Blacks sitting together. At night they go their separate ways for the most part. People naturally tend to segregate themselves. If race has no meaning and is unimportant, why is that? The answer of course is that race matters very much.

Throughout history men have fought for their race. The only man who today in America has his birthday celebrated as a national holiday, is a Black man who fought for his race and was killed for his trouble. If race does not matter, then Martin Luther King, Jr. was fighting for nothing.

Following along with that line of reasoning, we are left with no choice but to accept that it is a hero's role to fight for his own race and ensure that it survives and flourishes. With this in mind, it is impossible to defend the concepts of racelessness, or "color blindness." That is why - We admitted that we were members of the White race - that racelessness is a fraud.

2. Came to believe that by working together with others of our race, we could create a safe environment for perpetuating our race and a better existence for ourselves.

It is as firm a concept as is Mount Rushmore, that White societies are safer, more stable and superior places to live than are multicultural societies. It is clear, and completely documented that the United States of America in the 1950s, had cities that were significantly safer, schools that were significantly more effective in training students, and had people that were far more confident that their elected leaders were interested in their needs, while the freedom from government interference in the average citizen's life was significantly greater.

Since a White society will be safe, stable and well defended, against outside attack, not only are the individual members of the society going to be safe and secure, but the future of the White race itself will be secure. Each generation will produce new members of the White race to perpetuate both the race and the society where it resides. This is how it has worked for millennia. If we reestablish the conditions of a White society then our race, and our way of life will be perpetuated.

Instead, today we have infused massive numbers of Nonwhites into our society. The effect has been to increase our crime rate dramatically, lower the efficiency of our school system to the point where today American companies cannot find enough Whites qualified to fill their employment needs, and to nearly wipe out the pride that Americans have had in being White and American. The safe society is fast slipping from our hands. The stability of our society is undermined to a greater and greater extent by the Nonwhites. This has led to a general weakening of our ability to defend ourselves over the long haul.

While this is going on, we also have a more insidious demon in our midst. We have people in charge of our media and of our government, who are promoting miscegenation. We have kids growing up who are being trained to kill their race by mixing with other races. They are not taught the facts of life that when a race breeds with another race, the original race dies through attrition. Only by maintaining a strong taboo against miscegenation can the White race guarantee its own survival.

Looking at history it is clear that the White man did conquer this continent and then he populated it. Since it has already been done once there is no doubt, that by working together with others of our race, we can create a safe environment for perpetuating our race, and a better existence for ourselves.

3. Made a decision to place preservation and promotion of our race alongside that of family, as our number one concern.

What is the saddest event for a family? When the end of the line is reached. When the last living member of a family name, and family history, is dying, he knows that no more of his family will ever walk the face of the earth again. It is a tragedy worse than personal death. And yet as sad as that event it, it is mitigated by the fact that others of the same race are still going to be here. Those of his race are all distant relatives. They carry on many of the traditions and much of the genetic history that his family did. His people go on.

There is a time approaching that will find us facing a far worse fate than the end of the line for a single family. When the day arrives when the last remaining member of the White race is dying, we will have reached the most dreadful day for our people. And it draws ever nearer. In the United States, there is a trend towards the death of the White race.

Replacement level reproduction is that level of reproduction where your population is stable and neither growing nor shrinking. It is calculated to be 2.1 children for each woman. I think that it is important that we note, by definition it is the woman who is tracked here and not the man. If the White race is merely going to maintain current levels, White women must maintain a reproduction rate on average, of 2.1 children. As the rest of the races have populations that are increasing rapidly, just standing still will be suicidal, but we are going one step beyond that. We are not even reaching replacement level.

In the US, the entire population has been below replacement level. Since the Nonwhites have been breeding in great numbers, that means, in order to maintain that figure, the Whites have been well below replacement level! After a few more years of current trends, you will see the bottom fall out on the White population, as its actual, rather than relative, numbers diminish, while massive Nonwhite immigration, and Nonwhite reproduction levels far in surplus of replacement level, combine to slam the significance of the White race into the dirt.

Within one half, to three quarters of a century, the United States will be no more of a White nation than South Africa is today. As the White South Africans are being raped today and exterminated tomorrow, this should give you pause. In fact it should help you make a decision to place preservation and promotion of our race alongside that of family as your number one concern.

4. Made a searching and fearless inventory of all the activities of our society and our government as regards to our race.

Most White Americans today are running along in a haze. They make no real inquiries, and they don't search any deeper than their television sets. They would not know where to begin in creating an inventory of the racial activities of our government. Yet they know something is wrong.

It does not require intimate knowledge of all the details of what is going on, step by step, in Washington. Just looking at the results is enough to make most White American uncomfortable. They see that their cities, and workplaces are growing ever more dark. They see that their schools are deteriorating. They look back to the times of their grandfathers with a bit of longing. They hear things like there will be a White minority in 2050 but they cannot tie that to what is the historical norm for the White population in the USA.

So, you hear bellyaching all over America today. You hear Whites whine about affirmative action but they go no farther. They tell you that integration is not such a good idea in their minds by moving away from it whenever they can. But once again they stop after taking the passive action. If the media was concerned even slightly about the Whites in America and would run a few stories on what is going on today, the Whites would be up in arms and ready to revolt. But that will not happen. Those who control the media are the same ones who started us down the road to extermination of the White race. And the White man takes all his cues from his worst enemies - the Media Lords.

A searching and fearless inventory of all the activities of our society and our government as regards to our race will highlight the fact that we are being attacked. As happened to the pastor in the Scarlet Letter, we have taken our worst enemy into our house and he is working his sick and twisted will upon us. Think of what filth and disgusting ideas are brought into our White living rooms each night. Parents, who are otherwise loving people, expose their own offspring to pollution of the mind that is fearful to even conceive of. Inventory it, searchingly and fearlessly. The White man must mark down what he has allowed his children to behold and then hang his head in shame. Then he must act.

The government has been a great enemy as well. It has been the tool of the media, passing laws and court rulings which have destroyed our White society. This must be understood before corrective action can be taken. How was it that our neighborhoods moved, from the safe and quiet White housing tracts, to the racially diverse cesspools that sent the Whites scurrying like rats from a sinking ship, to the suburbs? It was by court order. The government insisted that our neighborhoods become diverse and thereby too foul for civilized life to exist.

How was it that our world class schools fell into ruin? By court order once again! The courts forced White schools to accept Nonwhites and that created an imbalance in several areas. The Black students were not able to keep pace, that slowed the curriculum down. The Black students had far less self discipline and that disrupted the classrooms, as well as increased the danger level for simply going to school. If that were not enough of a drain on the schools, the government started sending out its mandates. Mandates, which forced things into the schools like deviate sexual education, appreciation of other cultures while trashing American culture (while at the same time insisting that there is no such thing as American culture), and other assorted outrages.

Again, the average White knows something is amiss, and politicians are playing to that with the school "voucher" idea. But they have not done an inventory yet and they do not realize that if the vouchers are issued, there will be strings attached to those vouchers. All White schools will not be allowed to exist. All of the other failings of the public schools will ultimately be enforced by law upon any school that accepts those vouchers. This is the history of the government ever since the leftists came to power. If an inventory is done that will become clear.

In order to have intelligent discussions, and to make intelligent and effective moves, one must understand what is going on. That is why we must make a searching and fearless inventory of all the activities of our society and our government as regards to our race.

5. Identified exactly where our society, and our government, have failed - or actually attacked - our race and its future.

History is a great teacher. As we look back over US history we see that for most of the time our nation has been in existence, it has been very supportive of the White race. It is necessary that we understand what a government is like when it is in support of your people, in order to fully understand where our government has failed the White race, or to even grasp the concept that our government has failed the White race.

As we look at the history of our nation we see that our government had quotas on immigration to maintain the racial balance in our country. That is necessary if our race is to maintain its position in our nation. Our government no longer has those quotas, nor is it aggressively deporting illegal aliens. That is one clear area where our government has failed our race.

In society, we see that our entertainment industry has been indulging in an active campaign of promoting miscegenation. The music of other races and cultures are being promoted to our children as being "American." Advertisements are using Nonwhite actors, and even other languages, to sell products to us. It is a clear effort on the part of those who own the media to destroy our race and unbalance the racial makeup of America.

After your research is competed, you will have identified exactly where our society, and our government, have failed or actually attacked our race and its future.

6. Were entirely ready to do whatever was required to rectify those societal and governmental attacks and failings towards our race and its future.

Knowing what is wrong is not enough. In fact, it is of no real value at all until you are ready to act on that information. Here is where the rubber meets the road. Here is where you move from a bench warmer to a player. Here is where you move from the passive to the active.

No longer will you be able to sit in blissful ignorance about what is happening to your race in your country. You now know what is happening in detail. You can no longer sit idly by, because you have now made the commitment that you are going to do your level best to fix what is wrong.

This step is internal. It requires you to achieve a state of mind. Much like the men did in the Civil War, you must choose what to do. Are you going to fight for your people or are you going to fight for the other side? Are you going to turn tail and run away from any action? You must make this choice. Only you can do it. Until you, of your own free will, make the decision to be an active supporter of your people, fully dedicated to preserving them, and promoting them, you are like driftwood, beautifully White but merely lying on the beach, serving no purpose. It is only with this decision firmly and wholeheartedly made, that you can effectively proceed to the following steps. Do not move past this step. Embrace it. Completely embrace it. Embrace it until you can truly and honestly say, that you are entirely ready to do whatever is required to rectify those societal and governmental attacks and failings towards our race and its future.

7. Dedicated our lives to the task of setting the things right for the members of our race in our country and in the world.

Here we move beyond the mental act of embracing the cause of our race, to the acting out of that mental decision. This is the action which stems from the completion of all of the previous steps.

Now that you know what is wrong, and you have accepted the cause of correcting the problem as your own, you now set out with vigor on the quest of the salvation of the White race.

Dedication is not a one time event. Each day, when you wake up, you are either focused on your cause or you are not. In the morning, as you work this step, you will tell yourself that you will accomplish something postive for your race, today.

Focus. Focus is the difference in Karate between a broken board, and a bruised knuckle on your fist. Focus allows all of your energy to be used constructively. Setting priorities is a form of focus. Always doing the most important things first is a form of focus. When you focus you get things done you never thought possible. Aim your punch one inch beyond the board, and CRACK! You feel the satisfying snap of the board.

All important causes are driven by dedication. If dedication is not there, then the cause dies. Our cause is too important to die. We must be dedicated to the task of setting the things right for the members of our race in our country and in the world.

8. Made a list of all things that we could identify as being an attack on, or a hazard to, the perpetuation of our race, the status of our race in our own lands, and the general happiness of the members of our race.

In order to solve a problem, it is necessary to understand the problem. The better we understand it, the more likely that we will find a solution that is efficient and effective. In completing Step 4, we have made an inventory of what our government is doing in the area of race. In Step 5 we established that our government is attacking our race. Now we must identify actual activities of the government which are working against our race.

Some of the things are easy to spot. Forced integration obviously was not intended to enhance the well-being of the members of the White race. Looking at what happened to our schools and neighborhoods as a result of forced integration, it is clear that this one belongs on the Step 8 list. It is clear that Affirmative Action is neither meant to help the White race, nor is it race neutral. It is specifically designed to hold back the White race from taking its rightful place in the centers of higher learning, and in the workplace. Another item for the list.

Other things must be considered for a time, to determine whether or not they are harmful to our people. An example might be, the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. Here is a day set aside, a paid federal holiday, to celebrate the birthday of a man. At first blush, this looks neutral. What difference can a holiday make? After due consideration of the rest of the calendar, it is determined that White men who were far greater, far more intelligent, and far more important to the vast majority of people in the United States, do not have their birthdays as national holidays. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Robert E. Lee, were all men who stood head and shoulders over the Marxist King. Most people in America do not even know when their birthdays are anymore, let alone get them off as national holidays!

What this says to our children is, if a man has a cause, and he is willing to further that cause at the expense of 90% of the population, he should be a national hero. If instead, a man risks his life and fortune for the entire country, he is not important enough to be considered for a national holiday.

Slightly more subtle is the idea that simply because we finally had a Black man in our society that did something significantly in the field of politics we must hold him up as something very special because Black people are special. The implication is that Blacks are superior to White people. Of course, the opposite could be gleaned from this whole thing if the right angle were taken. If a man who did no more than the Marxist King did, is the best that the Black race has to offer, it is a pitiful statement on the Black race indeed.

As the list of items grows, the picture of what we are up against becomes clearer. It begins to wipe away all the misconceptions that you had about your government. You realize that there is being waged an active and effective war against you and your people. You now know what is wrong, and therefore, what needs to be changed to rectify the harm that has been done.

9. Took positive action towards rectifying each item on the list created in Step 8.

For action to be most effective, it must be organized. So, first comes the planning phase. Using the list created in step 8, you identify real activities that you can perform to assist in removing each item on that list. Make a list of what you can do, like writing letters, creating web pages, making phone calls, handing out pamphlets, writing books, organizing marches, talking with people you know, or those you do not know, writing songs, or any other task that you feel will help. Come up with something for each item, no matter how small. Perhaps you have wanted to write your congressman but have put it off? Now is the time to cast off the habit of putting things off for things concerning your race.

Next comes the doing phase. For each task that you listed, put a date beside it that you expect to have it completed by. Make it a fair date. A date that is reasonable and that you can really work with. (Do not set yourself up for failure by making the date too soon. At the same time, do not set the date out beyond what you need, or you may find you never get around to it.)

You now have a list of tasks that you have set for yourself, and the dates by when you will have these tasks completed. You have a dedication in your heart for your people, which will give you the drive to complete your tasks. You know that when your tasks are completed, no matter how small they may be, your race will be better off for it. You have made a positive contribution to your race. YES!

10. Continued to inventory and identify all things in the society which are harmful to our race, and to take positive action towards correcting each item found.

The 12 steps are never finished. They are worked, and then worked again. Perfection is approached but not actually attained. The subject of race is too deep to ever completely reach total understanding. It is a lifelong series of learning events, as we grow in understanding.

Even when our society is 100% White, we will need to be vigilant to things which the government will do that may be destructive to our race. While our society continues to have a growing population of Nonwhites, the potential for harmful government policies and activities is very high indeed. We must be ever alert. And we must always be proactive. We must meet the threat before it reaches maturity, always. That is the secret to victory.

We can never let down our guard, but we must rather continue to inventory and identify all things in the society which are harmful to our race, and take positive action towards correcting each item found.

11. Sought through daily contemplation, and the study of world events to increase our awareness of what the survival needs of our people are, and the most effective ways of improving their condition in the world.

As we grow older and wiser, we see deeper layers to problems. We see enemy actions with greater experience and knowledge, and therefore greater understanding. We become more effective warriors in the battle for our race. The process of growing wise is accelerated through contemplation and study. Gathering facts and mentally organizing them, adds weapons to our arsenal in the battle for our people. Identifying cause and effect, searching out weaknesses in the enemy, and strengthening the areas in which we are weak, all contribute to our ultimate victory.

We have the great Internet today to assist us in this gathering of knowledge. We must use it! It can give us the knowledge we need to be victorious!

12. Having had a racial awakening as a result of these steps, we carried this message to other members of our race, using our individual talents to ignite a burning desire in all of our people to first insure survival of our race, and then to promote the general welfare of our people.

Why is McDonald's a billion dollar business? Is it because one store sells a billion dollars worth of hamburgers? No, the reason that McDonald's is so big is because the first store was duplicated, and so was the second and so on, until there are now innumerable McDonald's establishments all around the world. Each one of the stores makes a profit but added together, the modest profits of one store are multiplied by thousands and thousands, to create the huge profits of the entire chain.

Here is where the strength of our race must be. We must not be only individuals, here and there, who are racially aware, but we must help others to become aware. In this way we can grow like McDonald's did, from a small movement, to a huge megalith of White people, proud of their race and highly motivated to survive, and thrive as a people.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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