Education... Sort of

I WANT MY KIDS, AND THE OTHER KIDS IN THE USA, to have the very best possible education. Why do I want this? What are the advantages of having a well educated citizenry? When everyone is well educated, businesses will be far more productive. American industry can compete very well with other countries only if it educates its workers to the same or higher degree as the competitive nations educate their workers. Also, a democratic government will be a far better operating machine if it has well informed voters who control it. People who are better educated tend to make more money, and also tend to be far less likely to participate in violent crime. I find all of these positive things stemming from high quality education quite laudable.

Since I want my kids and your kids to have the best quality education possible, I find anything which stands in the way of the best possible education for our kids, to be an obstacle at which the finger of treason could be correctly pointed. Anything that causes our standards to be lowered in our schools is a loathsome thing to be rid of as quickly as possible! Anything that is occurring at our schools which causes the students to be distracted away from their normal studies, and thereby causing valuable knowledge to be missed, should be removed from the school immediately.

With this as my starting point I would like to discuss the selling out of our schools, and therefore our country! The United States school system in the 1950’s took a back seat to nobody. It was the best school system on the planet and if you graduated from an American school you knew you had a good education. That is the standard by which I judge our school system today and the comparison shows today's schools to be revoltingly bad!

In the area of standards, the teachers are no longer permitted to fail students as they were in the 1950’s. If a student does not learn an adequate (a term that represents a good deal less today, than it did in the 1950’s) amount of material, he will often still be passed on to the the next level just as if he had learned it. Where is the motivation to apply yourself to the field of learning if you have no negative consequences when you do not learn?

What is at the root of this problem? From whence came this horrible decline in our school system? What lowered the standards? In a word, egalitarianism. Here is how. The people who believed that the role of schools was not to give students the best possible education, but was rather to make all people end up at the same acedemic place at the end of school, were responsible for changing the entire school system. These little monsters, with their puffed up chests and arrogant condensation, decided that first and foremost, non-whites and non-males must be allowed to posses degrees. These egalitarianists did not want anyone to be confused into thinking that they wanted these special cases to earn degrees, but only to posses degrees. In order for that to happen... Well just look at your school system and you will see what they did to make that happen!

People with the equivalent of a fourth grade education suddenly started showing up at colleges and universities by court order. To fail them was called racist. If Americans had stood up and objected at that point and had thrown these pointed headed anti-whites out right then and there, our school system would have been saved. Instead, they stood and watched while schools found a way to cope with an impossible situation. The new arrivals achieved failing scores, but the professors were still not allowed to fail them. Grades and tests were suddenly attacked as being racist. IQ tests were ridiculed as culturally unfair. What was left was a shell of the old school system. They now spoon- feed intellectual mush, where before a hearty intellectual meal was delivered. The great authors of western literature, are derogatorily referred to as, “Dead white men.” Their written works are studied now  only to identify their failings when measured against the PC yardstick.

It is time to straighten out the mess. It is time to save our children’s future by reinstating a set of high standards for our school system. Contrary to what our president says, these standards do not need to be provided by our federal government. That government was what inflicted the lack of standards in the first place! The most important thing is to stop the egalitarian infested government from controlling  our schools, and return control of the school system to the communities which actually care about the kids that are attending their schools. We are no longer impressed by the twisted, socialist egalitarian pipe dream that has already destroyed the best school system in the world!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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