Are You A Fool?

November 30, 2021

IF YOU ARE NOT A FOOL,  you are a rare breed in the United States of America. Let's look at two issues that the Marxists are whipping us with today. Americans are fools because they watch the media news(1) and think it is real. They see a millionaire talking head telling them what to think about, and how to think about it. They let their focus be directed by what the media tells them to be concerned about. Thinking is for the media moguls but not for the masses. Only a fool would let this happen to himself.

Let's look at the number one absurd topic running the sheep into their pens today: Covid-19. This topic has the advantage of at least being real, unlike the other item I will discuss. There is an actual virus causing an actual disease. However, for anyone under the age of 60 it is less dangerous than the flu. Think about that. We have had our faces masked up and our lives and businesses destroyed for something less dangerous than the flu to the vast majority of the workforce. For the schools it is even worse, because kids with a healthy immune system don't get the disease, and they don't transmit the disease. If they get infected, they can test positive, but they don't get sick. And the flip-flopping government lackey, Dr. Fauci, stated for the record that asymptomatic cases are not going to be the prime spreader of the virus.

The Center for Disease Control, right through the year 2019, consistently recommended against wearing masks to prevent virus spread. They knew that masks do very little to stop the spread of a virus. The simple fact is that once a virus gets into the general community there is nothing that can be done to stop the spread. Nothing!

They did a bait and switch on us, but the fools never figured that out. They came up with this really bad idea that they could just slow the virus down a bit to let hospitals catch up. They called this joke, "flattening the curve." Do you see any flat spots in this curve? Covid Deaths

The novel Coronavirus is like the flu virus, it moves around as it will. Places that locked down and masked up, found they had as many cases and deaths as the places that didn't. Nothing they did came close to stopping the spread of the virus. But rather than giving up this absurd violation of your rights, they doubled down on it and pushed harder. The fools just kneeled down and whimpered in fear over something that most of them had better than a 99.99 percent chance of surviving. And the truly demented useful idiots went on the war path screaming at people who had enough sense to ignore this boogieman.

Take a moment and think about this. Back in the early days of this pandemic, the experts were not even suggesting that we could stop the spread of the virus. They knew we couldn't do that once it was in the general community. What they suggested was to slow it down so that our hospitals could deal with it. Now, if the government wanted to spend trillions of dollars doing something useful, rather than paying people to set on their fat behinds doing nothing, they could have built massive Covid-19 wings on every hospital in the country. We could have amazing medical procedures, the best possible treatment and easily take care of all possible cases of Covid-19 as they arose.

Why? Why did the government not do that, but did what it did instead? Because it does not care about your health at all. It doesn't care about your financial future—AT ALL! It cares about your obedience and your compliance with all edicts from on high. It wants you to bend the knee, always. You will comply, or you will be punished. You didn't see any mention of protecting your freedom in there did you? Your freedom, your liberty, is a problem for the government to solve. It solves it with masks, lockdowns and jabs. They win, you lose.

And that idiot Donald Trump gave us the most recent monster to fight against, with his "Operation Warp Drive." After blathering on about how "the cure can't be worse than the disease" he proceeded to create that very problem. He cut out all the protections for the people that forced vaccines to be tested thoroughly before being distributed. In 2020, all the experts said that there couldn't be any safe vaccine for years. In less than a year from then, we are hit with three rushed vaccines. Nobody blinked an eye. Stupidity runs deep.

Now we have professional athletes getting vaxxed and then dropping on the field with heart attacks. Bell's Palsy and outright death have come with the vaccines and do they pull them from the market? Not at all. The sheep do not care about that. Meanwhile, the government clowns doubled down and started mandating the vaccines, even though the same lying scoundrels (Biden, Pelosi, etc.) a few months ago said they wouldn't, and legally couldn't, mandate them.

The worst part of that is they are forcing children to get the vaccine. This is assault with intent to do bodily harm. It is child abuse. A child is literally thousands of times more likely to be harmed by the vaccine than by the virus. And we have parents running out to get their children stuck. Fools to be sure.

The average age of those who die from Covid-19 is very nearly the same as the average life expectancy in America. I am over seventy myself. The risk for my age group is much higher than for the younger ages. But even so the survival rate is over 95%, even for those 10 years older than I am. I have had Covid-19 and most of my family have had it. Like the flu, it is for everyone. We have to face it and move on.

Also, this vaccine is crap. The studies show that you are as likely to spread the virus to others when you are vaxxed as those who aren't. You are as likely to get sick and you are as likely to die. In fact, based upon the most vaccinated places on Earth, you are slightly more likely to die. (Vermont, etc.) So, why the push to force you to shelter in place, wear a mask, and to get the jab?

You are an utter fool if you think that the government gives a tinker's damn about your health. The government is only interested in one thing, just like O'Brien told Winston Smith in 1984, power. The government wants more power, always. It lusts for power, and it will take power any chance it gets. When you fall on your knees and comply, you are giving the government what it wants, more power. You shelter in place, wear a mask, get the jab, and then the booster jab, and then the next booster jab, ad infinitum, and does the government reward you with more freedom? Do you get to return to your normal lives? No! You just get more of the same. Covid-19 is a godsend for the government. It has more than tripled the government's power over you. If you had described the outrageous violations of your constitutional rights that would exist today to people in 2019 they would not have believed you.

Covid Deaths This foolish cult is sweeping the world. However, you don't drink the Kool Aid, you shoot it up. And with the boosters you can always be looking forward to your next fix. And no one, anywhere, is even trying to predict when the government tyranny will end. Why? Because it won't. The government only takes power, it never relinquishes it willingly.

A relatively benign variation of the coronavirus recently popped up in South Africa. No deaths have been reported for this virus. And what is the world reaction to it? Full blown panic, travel bans and the works. If you don't see a trend here, you are a fool.

I should remind you at this point of how the Marxists operate. In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx wrote:

"In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things."

If it is caustic. If it is destructive. If it is disruptive to the natural order of a society, the communists will back the cause with all of their might. They don't care about the cause. They don't believe in the cause. What they believe in is chaos and horror running wild in the streets, so they can take over.

Covid-19 has been great for them. They got that whole "George the druggie counterfeiter Floyd is a saint" motif going full speed ahead. [Only] Black Lives Matter and Antifa were burning, looting, raping and murdering freely and the marxist controlled government turned a blind eye. Donald Trump sat back and did nothing. No insurrection act, nothing.

They have not forgotten about their fallback cause though: Climate Change. It is amazing how many fools have fallen for that one. Covid-19 is real at least. Climate Change is snake oil pure and simple. Sure the climate changes, but it has always changed. Before man walked this planet, we had much hotter climates and much colder climates.

But what makes people complete buffoons, when they believe the climate alarmists, is that they never fact check. They don't hold up the predictions to scrutiny. If they did the entire thing would be laughed out of existence. In places where there was no ice during the last ice age, sea level hasn't changed at all. The only places that show even a slight change are all still rebounding from the loss of the massive ice sheet covering the land. The ice at the north pole fluctuates due to oscillation of water flows, not global temperatures. The ice today floating on the Arctic Ocean is as thick and as widespread as it has been for a long time. In Antartica the ice has been growing right along. It is gaining new ice constantly. When you see large icebergs calving off, that is a sign of massive ice gains at higher elevations, not warming. The ice gained is pushing the glaciers into the sea, in the same manner as large amounts of rain increase a river's flow rate into the sea. Ice abounds, and there is no catastrophic global warming.

It is rather amusing that the scoundrels had to change the name of their fantasy from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" because the planet was not warming quickly at all. They say they worship science but they only perpetrate fraud.

Why do they do this? Power. They can use fear of the boogieman to get the fools to comply by accepting higher fuel prices, and limiting their lifestyles at the demand of globetrotting, jet flying carbon burning elites who lecture you about climate change. You should remember that they believe in manmade climate change less than I do, and I don't believe in it at all.

Al Gore, right after he made his propaganda movie to indoctrinate our children in school, purchased land at sea level in San Francisco. Barack Obama and Jeff Bezos did similar things in other areas. They know the sea is not rising but they tell you that we are doomed to drown very soon.

Power. It is all about power. Don't be a fool!


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