TONIGHT, NOVEMBER 12, 1998, HANNITY & COLMES on Fox News had a black female guest, who was called a "Criminal Defense Attorney" who went by the name, Mary Cox. The show's discussion topic was whether or not O. J. Simpson should keep the custody of his children. After creating half breed children, killing their mother in a very brutal way, leaving her lying in a pool of her own blood where the children could easily have found her, one wonders what a man must do to be classified as an unfit parent? However, that is not the topic of this article.

During the discussion Mary Cox came up with the following claim and she never backed down from it or qualified it in any way later in the show: "Thank God for black grand mothers." Later she was asked for the clarification of whether or not she was saying that black grandmothers are superior to white grandmothers. She replied that they absolutely are.

It was an interesting time to watch this show. First there were two white females who were grandmothers also, and they were outraged, in a reserved sort of way. They called the remark, "racist" and declared that white grandmothers loved their grandkids too. One of them hit the nail on the head when she said that if she had made that comment in reverse, she would have been thrown off the show and the set would have been closed down. The truth of that assessment made the whole scene that much more alive and sharp!

Alan Colmes, the token liberal on the show just sat there a long time. He just didn't know what to say. Here was a woman with a big smile on her face, a smile which never left, making a clearly racist statement. But the woman was black. He, as a liberal, believes that racism is bad, but black people are good. Here was an "inherently good" person doing something "inherently bad." What to do? It reminded me of an old Isaac Asimov story I read once, where a robot got trapped in a zone where conflicting commands just balanced out and the robot could neither proceed or retreat, permanently stuck. Colmes finally was able to free himself from his dilemma right at the end of the segment and did finally quietly state for the record that it was a "racist" comment but he did not go any farther.

Shan Hannity was the most vocal of the group. He is the conservative regular on the show and he was zeroing in with disbelief. He asked Mary Cox several times if she really meant to say that black grandmothers were better than white grandmothers. He wanted to know specifically, and generally. He wanted to make sure that she did not mean something else. He pointed out that the statement was racist, as if that was going to mean something to Mary Cox. She just continued to smile and stand by her statement. Hannity was shocked, disbelieving, and not sure what to do when a black woman was declaring on national television, with a clear and unmistakable assurance that she was a black supremacist, at least as far as grandmothers were concerned.

And all these white people, the liberal, the feminist, the attorney, the conservative, were bowled over by the fact that black people do not have to play by the same rules as white people. They could not understand that a black woman can be as racist as any member of the Klan, straight up and smiling on the very medium that gave us Archie Bunker and other race-numbing shows, knowing full well that there would be no repercussions whatsoever for her stance. I found it quite refreshing to watch those who have been taken in by the big lie, having it flaunted so completely in their faces. Unfortunately they will all forget the lesson by tomorrow but hopefully you will not!

In America it has been arranged so that white people who built this country from the ground up cannot safely defend that country from the invasion of other races. If you, as a white man, decide that you want to live around, work with and/or send your children to a school populated by, white people only, you can and will be sued, fined or jailed. Did you get that? Without ever burning a cross or lynching a non-white, you are treated as if you did. You can never join with your own people legally in your own country. You cannot even officially call this country yours, even though the white man conquered and populated this land. Whites created the constitution without any help from the races of color. America is a white nation but in spite of that fact, whites are walking around with verbal shackles on. They cannot speak the truth about race. They must sit quietly while all other races speak loudly about race, telling us all how wonderful color is and how horrible whiteness is. Do you enjoy your restraints? Do you wear them without grumbling? Do you like being told that your people are racists, when they are the only race that makes any attempt whatsoever not to be?

What Mary Cox said was true! For blacks, like Simpson's half breed children, black grandmothers are best. For white kids, white grandmothers are best. In fact it goes much farther than that. For any race, the best person is a person of the same race to fill the role of: spouse, (step-) mother, (step-) father, (step-) son, (step-) daughter, (step-) grandmother, (step-) grandfather, uncle, aunt, teacher, principle, best friend, date, classmate, pastor, policeman, fireman, postman, and even garbage collector. You will be happiest living amongst those of your own race. That is pure common sense and has been proven throughout history to be true. It is also true that when many races are living together, trouble is soon to join the gathering. Do not be fooled as those poor white folks on the Hannity and Colmes show were. There is no one except white people who really buy that exceptionally poor quality of drivel which states that racism is bad, or abnormal or to be avoided.

Violence is bad. Hurting others for no reason is bad. Being aware of race, and the consequences of race is not bad. In fact it is very good. Putting different races together in an integrated neighborhood will create violence (Bad!) and will be hurting all concerned. (Bad!) It is bad to be an integrationist and good to be a caring segregationist. The way to the greatest happiness for all races, is to keep them apart from each other in their own lands.

Mary Cox was saying this very thing tonight on national television. I wonder how many people understood what she really said?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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