Just Too Late

JUST IN TIME. THAT IS WHAT THEY CALL IT. However, if you have worked with the Just In Time (JIT) stocking system you know that it often should be called the Just Too Late (JTL) system. When you need a part, it will be across the country somewhere and you will have to wait a day, or at least many hours to receive it. The advantage of the JTL system is that it reduces the amount of inventory that any one site has to maintain. It transfers the cost of inventory to the customer in the form of down time when the correct part is not available. Service providers love this because it increases their profits. Customers have to tolerate it.

It reminds me of another area where the customers have to tolerate it. Today the majority members of the United States must stand by for JTL justice, only the commodity is not just located across the country, and on the way. JTL justice pushes the delivery time into the eternity of non-delivery.

A rich man carves up his ex-wife and her new boyfriend with a large cutting utensil. They die in their own respective spreading pools of blood. The rich man goes to trial and JTL justice lets him walk away a free man. On a delayed delivery, a monitory fee is levied against him but no further criminal proceedings are possible. What are the implications of this? What lessons must be learned?

In what position are the two recipients of the 'Thanksgiving Day turkey treatment,' as regards to the JTL justice system? They are dead. Before they died they suffered great pain and fear. Now they lie in their graves and always will. Nothing can be done for them. The man who put them there has not been punished by the criminal system of justice. Any questions?

There are two critical points that must be understood, two morals to this story which it is urgent for us to take with us. The first is that nothing can be done to restore life to the dead. A broken glass of milk is a total loss forever of both the glass and the milk. Some things can never be undone. The second critical point is that one cannot rely on the JTL system of justice to handle all issues in an acceptable manner. Until these two things are understood, believed, and lived by the majority members of the United States the direction that this country is taking will never be changed and the collapse which has already begun, will proceed until its completion is reached, and the chaos of being a third world country will be upon us all.

Think about what is going on in the United States right now. We have a constant decrease in the white population and increase in the non-white population. As if a knife's incision has been made, the white majority status in the United States is bleeding away rapidly. Now, if nothing is done, and the process continues, as President Clinton has stated publicly that he eagerly wishes for it to, what will be the results? Once a certain critical point is reached, the rapid breeding of the minority races, and the interbreeding between the majority and minority races will push the majority race into non-existence. We will have a mixed bag of various shades of color. Even someone who is as hateful as President Clinton is towards the white race must admit, that we will have then reached the point of the broken glass of milk, or the dead corpse. It will be a situation that can never be reversed. The damage will then be done and will not be able to be undone. Like the two murder victims in the story above, there will be nothing left but to lay the memory of the great United States of America in the grave.

The next step would be to look at what sort of legal repercussions there will be for the perpetrators of this murder. There will be none! The people, at that time populating the Degenerate Disunited States of America, will be in no mood for attacking the slime who caused the destruction of the once greatest nation on earth. Instead, just like India did, we will have slipped into a mixed race, overpopulated, poor, starving nation, where once we had fed the world and lived in the richest nation on earth.

It is clear from all of this that only one course of action lies open to us. We must stop the bleeding now before it becomes fatal. We must stop non-white immigration today. We must stop celebrating diversity and start celebrating America's historical greatness and the greatness of the white contribution to this nation. We must pass laws, and enforce them, that hold the decline of the white race's percentage of the total population in check and ultimately restore its historically normal position to no less than 80%.

If your son or daughter were lying on the floor bleeding to death, would you just stand there? If your mother, father, or wife were being attacked would you just throw up your hands and say, "What can I do?" This is your country we are discussing here. This is the land of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. They risked their lives to create this country. Your fathers, grandfathers and theirs before them put their lives on the line for this country. Are you better than they? Is your life and livelihood more valuable than theirs? Do you feel that you are owed the cushy life you have today or are you awed just a little at how great you have it because others were willing to sacrifice everything to give it to you? What of your children, and theirs? Shall they look at you in the future as a great contributor to their freedom, while they are living in a great nation, or will they think of you as a leach who just lived off the milk and honey residue of the past while the liberals worked right under your nose destroying it all, and leaving your descendants nothing but misery?

We are in a political war right now. Get up and defend yourself with your voice and your vote. It is too late for quiet sneaking to the ballet box and dropping in your selection. It is time for aggressively stating your view, even if it costs your job. Challenge the liberals at every turn. Let people know that our nation is bleeding and the liberals are turning the knife in our nation's back, which they have been inserting this entire century. Stand up and fight, or face the tears of your children's children because they will never see the land of greatness that you were freely given!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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