The Holy Church
of the Pious PC

WHAT IS THE GREATEST RELIGION IN THE USA TODAY? The religion of Political Correctness. If you want to find out just how much persecution you can receive in the US today just promote any truth that has been declared to be heresy by the Holy Church of the Liberal. Are women the equal of men? If you say no, you can be sued, fired or jailed, depending on the circumstances upon which you declared this truth! If you support maintaining a large white majority in the US you will be instantly ostracized from academic circles, thrown from political office and declared a hate monger.

The holy order of the PC Church have sacraments, such as the feminist sacrifice of humans upon the altar of the abortionist’s table. If you do not support these sacraments, or even worse point out the real evil contained within them, you are subject to attack of the most hostile form. The members of this evil order also, like the church of the Middle Ages, place their treasured doctrine into the laws of the land. The courts persecute any heretics who wander from the holy path of the PC, and the legislators, fearing for their political lives, put anything that the PC Church demands into the law books. We are living in a PC theocracy and there is no opposition allowed to the total control held by the Church in the areas of media, entertainment, and especially education.

It is obvious to anyone with a working brain that the school system of America has gone into the toilet. Knowing this, the first rational response is: close down the dysfunctional public schools and change over to the very functional private school system. (The major advantage of the private school system is that it is free of government control and so, it can play by sane rules. Students attend class to learn and act in a civilized manner or they are thrown out of school. The system works very well!) What is the reaction from the holy order? “Sacrilege!” They are ready to break out the stake and the faggot bundles to burn the heretics immediately.

Now, look at this one example. Why would anyone support the public school system which has proven itself to be a failure? Is it because children would get an education of lesser value in a private school? Not hardly! Since it is not education that is driving the hostility from the holy order, what is it? Well, as you shall see, that is quite clear. What does the public school have to do that private schools do not? They have to be PC! Yes, public schools have to fully participate in Black History Month, while teaching the holy doctrine of the oppressive white race. Feminism, anti-white racism, anti-Americanism, pro-socialism, and support for the Big Daddy Government vision of the final PC utopia on earth, all must be taught by public schools.

Face it head on: the public school is nothing but the federal church school system for the church of the Pious PC. That is why they go crazy every time anyone attacks the public school system or suggests an alternate solution to the public schools. Their anger does not appear rational, unless you understand where they are coming from! Of course they are ready to kill you if you attack the public schools, because you are attacking the very heart of their religious propaganda machine. The public school is where all the little non-liberals are properly programmed into becoming good little liberals. If you ask a question of almost any little third or fourth grader, you will certainly get a PC response to your question. If you probe deeper, they have no idea what they are talking about, beyond the feeling that what they are defending is “good.” Why? Because the clergy of the PC Church, their very own teachers have told them so. Each morning in class the children might sing a new version of ‘Jesus Loves Me.” The new song goes like this:

Clinton loves me this I know, for the teacher tells me so.
To the state do we belong, we are weak but it is strong!
Yes, Clinton loves me.
Yes, Clinton loves me.
Yes Clinton loves me,
My teacher tells me so.

If they actually sang the song, some parents might object. So, instead the theme of the song is incorporated into the daily curriculum and spread over their reading assignments, their Current Events class discussions, and especially their history lessons. A hundred opportunities a day are presented to the pious academic priest or priestess of the Holy Order of the PC. Each opportunity is religiously taken and used to its fullest.

In the land where the constitution declares that no state religion shall be allowed to exist, we have a strong, dominating, and persecuting religion whose seat of power is in Washington DC. It is a state religion, unconstitutional and growing daily. Every time you turn on your TV set you are listening to the PC sermon of the day, telling you that feminism is good, and white history is bad. The sermon will pound its point into your numbed mind that “all-white” anything is a mortal sin. Every time you mouth a PC platitude (like ‘women can do any job a man can do,’ or ‘celebrate diversity’) you are saying your PC Rosary.

For all those heretics who have strayed from the Holy Order, there are names which are heaped like coals of burning fire upon them. Names like: sexist, bigot, homophobe and pig. The names strike with great force today because you can lose your job, or be sued out of your life’s possessions for being tried in the religious court for a high crime against the dogma of the Church. Beware heretic!



Only you can
prevent extinction!

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