WHEN I WAS BORN, AMERICA WAS THE STRONGEST nation on earth. Americans were proud of who they were, at times even arrogant about it. Well, nobody's perfect. America's schools were as good or better than schools anywhere on earth. Our productivity was the highest, and the term Yankee Ingenuity was used in all seriousness. We were creative, and had the inventions to prove it. We built cars, hi-fi's, televisions, radios, motorcycles, and just about anything else you could think of, and we built them all with quality.

Then all at once, like a magician waving his wand, it all disappeared. Just like with a magician's illusion, the whole thing happened in the mind, not in reality. It was not until the mind was altered that the physical reality was allowed to be changed to match the mental confusion produced by the Anti-American Revolution of the 1960s.

How is it that the White man, who was so proud, even arrogant, in the 1950s suddenly became a spineless wimp, who wouldn't defend his own race if his life depended on it? How did the nation of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson decay into the nation of Bill Clinton and George Bush? Such a change is truly incredible.

America was populated by people who were willing to go to war, sacrificing everything that they had in order to be free to do what they wanted. They rebelled over taxation that was far smaller than what we pay today, and over lack of representation that was far less than the lack we are suffering under right now. Why did they have the guts to stand up and change things when we do not?

They didn't have the controlled mass media pumping out its propaganda then. They didn't have their wits stunted by long hours of watching ethics-free programming designed to remove their backbone and their pride in the accomplishments of their own people. Instead, they had to work for a living, long and hard hours. They had to be self-sufficient and they liked it that way. They didn't want the government taking care of them like a daddy, because they were not children.

Today America is gone. I mean that literally. The country that I was born into no longer exists. The proud White people who made up 90% of America have become cowards and weak. They have let other people invade their land and have done absolutely nothing to stop it. They actually vote for candidates, nearly 100% of the time, who openly support and promote the increase of non-Whites in our land, knowing full well that it will destroy it. They are more afraid of being labeled a racist than they are of their daughters being raped by a non-White. They would rather have non-White grandchildren than to be identified as being intolerant. They intentionally put their own children in front of the television, which promotes the destruction of White America as being a good thing.

But that is not enough for our suicidal people. No, not only have they sacrificed the future of their own children and of their own people by sitting quietly by as their land is being rapidly invaded by non-Whites, but they have sacrificed their own nearly immediate future by electing the politicians who have promoted the cancer of diversity, and thereby the genocide of the White race, and also allowed the process of American industrial genocide to proceed at pace that is nothing short of magic.

To say that American industry has fallen off, is like saying that the Twin Towers are a bit shorter today than they were before 9/11. How many American companies make televisions? How about radios? Computers? Cars? Motorcycles?

The fact is that where we once produced nearly everything in large numbers, we now are down to an economy that is only 25% production, and even that is falling fast! The 75% of our economy that is based on services and information is now also being moved overseas at an increasing rate.

When you buy a computer made in Asia you pay less than you would pay for one made in the USA. So, Americans have all run out and purchased Asian made computers. The result? All American made home computers have gone out of business. Those jobs are gone forever.

When you buy a product made by Americans, you pay a higher price, because the Americans who make that product get a higher wage than the people in Asia do. The computer companies have their computers built overseas with the equivalent of slave labor, and then ship them into the USA for peanuts. They sell them to you and me. The companies get rich, the Asians get their tiny wage, and we get to dig our own economic grave a little deeper.

This has happened in nearly every industry that America used to have. One by one they have all been moving their factories overseas, or south of the border. The vast majority of them are already gone. What is left is moving out fast. Not only are the production facilities moving out, but so are the white collar jobs. Everything from engineers to medical transcribers are now being hired in India and other third world countries, where they don't mind working for nearly nothing compared to Americans. What is left of our economy is mostly smoke and mirrors, that will be blown away, never to return, with the first stiff wind of a depression passing through.

As the third world is invading our land in hordes, our industries are moving to the third world at about the same rate. At some point, very possibly within the next decade, our economy will collapse and we will be indistinguishable from the rest of the third world, which we will be joining.

White Americans have demonstrated an amazing ability to pretend that black is white, and that wrong is right, over the last 40 years. However, if they wish to have any hope of retaining anything of the heritage handed down to them by their White forefathers, they will have to act very soon, and with great vigor. Otherwise, we will be looking to countries like Brazil with envy very soon.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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