WHEN LEWIS AND CLARK went up the Missouri River to its source, crossed the Rocky Mountains and ultimately went down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean, they stopped along the way at each of the Indian tribes they met and gave the same speech. They told the Indians that the Great White Father wanted them "his Children" not to fight with each other and to treat all traders well. If they did this they would please their "Father" in Washington. This was a people who were to be conquered completely and to be herded up onto relatively small pieces of land called reservations. Their descendents ended up living lives of complete welfare dependence and near uselessness. Their existence was to be controlled by others. They are taken care of just like "children."

Today the white Americans are getting a similar line from their "Great White Father" in Washington. "Children," he says. "I will take care of you. I will provide your medical care. I will provide your education. I will provide all your needs, if only you will give me all that you earn." And the sad part is that, with that approach he has won two elections. We have far less excuse than the Indians did for believing our "Great White Father." We have seen what his type have done in the past. The Bolsheviks wanted to take care of everybody too. After millions had been slaughtered in that country by their "Fathers" in Moscow, they found that, first the price of being taken care of is prohibitively high in the area of freedom, and secondly the security of being taken care of is impossible to maintain for long. It drains a country of all its resources. A productive land becomes a stumbling industrial hulk, stripped bare by the system which does not reward accomplishment and is only in interested in "equality" and "fairness."

Look at what the Soviet Union did to its "children" in the area of education. The parents had no say whatsoever in what was taught to their kids. The party line was the only line to be fed to the students. Parents, who were treated like children, could only pass the whole responsibility of raising their offspring to the state.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? It should! When the twentieth century began, America was a country which insisted that its citizens take care of themselves, and their loved ones. It was a land in which there was no Income Tax at all, and other taxes were kept to a minimum. There were no guarantees from the government, except that citizens would be free to live as they chose. In other words, the citizens of America at the turn of the century were treated as adults, who were responsible for their own well being and support. That is the real difference between our system of government as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, and the one envisioned by the Marxist. The United States of America was created as a land of adults, whereas each communist government is created as a land of children. Adults make their own choices, and take care of themselves. Children must be supervised, as well as being taken care of, and they are told what to think, and are punished, not only for crimes, but for being bad in anyway, such as saying the wrong thing.

If you wonder why there is such a rally of support in the Democratic Party for this Commander in Heat, you must realize that they have absolutely no concern for what he has done. He could have committed murder in the open on video tape, and if the polls said the American people were happy, the Democrats would be supporting him still. In fact all of their arguments in support of leaving him in office would apply to murder just as easily as to perjury. They claim that it is not bribery or treason, therefore it is okay for the president!

We must remember that Bill Clinton is totally unimportant. He is a vapor, like a carnival act whose performers will entertain today and be forgotten tomorrow. The Democrats know that, and so do most of the Republicans. The support Clinton has today is not for himself but for his Marxist agenda. The destruction of the American system of freedom to be adults is what the Democrats wish. (The Republicans are even worse because they claim to want to get away from Marx and move back to what the Founding Fathers wanted, while continuing to support the "Land of the Children" mentality of Social Security, Welfare and Affirmative Action. If those on "our side" are working against us we are truly lost.) The Democrats fear that their "Great White Father" will take their agenda down with him if he falls. That is their only concern.

And what of the American People? What are they thinking today? Like a bunch of little kids they are saying that what Daddy did was wrong but they love him anyway. We have a generation of Americans who are ripe for the conquering! They think that it is right for the government to do for them what they should be doing for themselves! They want the government to supply their retirement plan through Social Security. They want the government to handle their medical care. They want the government to tell them whether or not to smoke or to wear seat belts. They even want companies like McDonalds to pay them big settlements if they cannot operate a cup of coffee. They do not want to be responsible for themselves. They do not care for freedom to spend their own money as they see fit and to choose for themselves where their own charity dollars will be spent. They do not realize or care that in order to have freedom, they must be free to make choices like driving without a seat belt or smoking, even if everyone else thinks those are stupid choices.

Americans no longer understand that to be free they cannot be forced, like indentured servants, to work over half of every year just to pay the glutinous demands of the federal, state and city governments, in the form of taxes, fees and licensing.

These American people today think adolescent pornography is "Adult." If they hear the term "Adult literature" do they think of the works of Shakespeare? Do they envision a deep work of philosophy or literature that a child would not understand? No, they think of dirty pictures which even a fairly young child will get the meaning of. Being able to drink alcohol and view pornography is what they think is adult. The idea of taking total responsibility for your life is not what they think of as being the definition of adult. And that is why the Democrats still confidently support Bill Clinton, the poster boy for the American People's definition of "Adult."

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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