Affirmative Action

The Official Proclamation of Racial Inferiority

THERE IS ONLY ONE SOLUTION to the differences in the races, and that is separation from each other. Still, for our own understanding, it behooves us to look at the insanity of liberal programs such as affirmative action.

What do we do with the unfortunate children in our schools who are mentally retarded? We treat them differently than the other students. Why? Because they are mentally inferior, and we cannot expect the same things from them as we do the normal students. These unfortunates are given special education classes, they are promoted to the next grade level even though they have not accumulated enough knowledge to compare with a normal student who is several grades behind them.

When they "graduate" our retarded children continue to receive special treatment. They are given "Affirmative Action" type of job placement. They are hired by stores and other businesses to do jobs which could be done much better by others, but out of the kindness of their hearts the store owners give the poor inferior employees a job.

We create special housing for these special people as well. They are not capable of taking care of simple things like buying a house, keeping up the yard and the exterior of the home, and other basic things. So, they have housing built and maintained for them.

For those who are even worse off they are locked up in an institution to protect themselves and society from any harm they might do.

This is how we treat those who are inferior in our society. Today we have many black "leaders" who want the members of their race to be treated just like these unfortunate mentally inferior citizens. They demand that the blacks not have to reach the same levels of achievement as other people do to pass each grade and to be accepted into the next grade level, and even into the top universities of our land. This is a loud and clear proclamation that the black so-called leaders believe their people to be mentally inferior to whites.

These same leaders feel that society must build housing and subsidize the purchase of already existing housing for blacks, just like we do for our retarded citizens. Again this is an attempt to classify blacks as inferior to whites.

When we consider the fact that many people from so many different cultures have come to America and pulled themselves up into the mainstream in a matter of one or two generations, coupled with the fact that America has provided an unbelievable number of incentives, programs of assistance and programs to give a hand up to blacks, it is clear that one of two things is absolutely true: either blacks really are inferior and they will never excel in America no matter what and they will have to be taken care of like our mentally challenged citizens, or the black leaders are directing the blacks in such a way as to hold them down and make it impossible for the blacks to succeed. Which is it?

Do any of the liberals realize what they are saying when they support Affirmative Action? Do they have even an inkling that they are calling black people inferior? I think they do! I think that those black leaders and white liberals think that blacks are not capable of competing with whites and that is why they promote all of these programs which put unqualified blacks into schools and jobs. They assume that blacks will never make it on their own so they should be given paychecks because they are black. It is the same stupid reasoning which created the welfare state, where we gave trillions of dollars to blacks for nothing. A process, by the way, which has completely destroyed the lives of millions of blacks, and condemned generations to poverty and ghetto life filled with danger, drugs and misery.

One of the primary driving concepts the liberals use to try to give legitimacy to affirmative action is the idea that what happened to someone's great-great-grandparents defines what this person of today is capable of.

Now let us study this for a moment. If someone is not capable of excellence in their life because of the self image and mental skills which they are lacking, what possible good will giving a job or a school seat to such a person? Of course some few will excel (and the liberals always trot them out to justify the whole mess they are creating) after being given something which they have not earned, but the vast majority of them will not! That same process will displace others, who will be excluded from what should be their rightful place based upon merit. Of course when the handout recipients fail (a double failure - theirs and the displaced student or worker) it will be, according to the liberal reasoning, because as the stock of slaves, raised in a "racist" nation, they have been mentally programmed to fail. It is clear from this that affirmative action is a useless and destructive idea.

What is the intelligent solution to a problem which is falsely claimed to point to affirmative action as its solution? There is only one thing that can be done and that is to change the mental self image and mental skill set which blacks have. If that were to be accomplished, all further obstacles to employment and education would disappear in the glow of accomplishment and excellence. If this is possible at all, it can only be done when blacks stop wasting their time whining and complaining about white racism and demanding programs from the government, just like a group of people who view themselves as actually inferior. They must instead start improving their own lot like all successful folks have done in America, by focusing on building strong families, ethical behavior and a strong work ethic. If they do that, nothing can stop them. If they do not, nothing can save them in America and it is time for them to leave for a society which better suits their dispositions.

Since slavery is an absurd justification for affirmative action what else can intellectually buttress up this failed program? Another absurd attempt is made by declaring that affirmative action is a method of eliminating or at least neutralizing the effects of racism today. Anyone who has been raised in our society and been involved with the workplace during the last few decades must find this assertion completely ridiculous! What company today would fire a black unnecessarily? Law suits make it very difficult to get rid of a black even when it is fully justifiable. If a black is not treated with special care there are unacceptable repercussions for any company. Blatant racism is already sufficiently deferred by current laws against discrimination.

Affirmative action goes well beyond this. Instead of rectifying an injustice, it creates one. A fully qualified individual is not hired, or is jumped over for promotion in order for a less qualified black to be installed or promoted. This is not justice! It is an injustice which will not cure racism one little bit. Instead it creates hate and discontent amongst those who were offended by the injustice. They will not soon forget that a black unjustly stole their job or promotion. A man who was not a racist -- or only moderately so - before, will often become a much more pronounced racist afterwards. Net results? Racism is made stronger. If a program increases racism it certainly is absurd or just plain deceitful to claim that affirmative action will eliminate or neutralize the effects of racism.

Any recipient of affirmative action is stigmatized by that fact. They are set apart as someone who could not make it on their own. They are being held up, not by accomplishment, but by racism -- for what else can you truthfully call affirmative action? By treating a group of people as "special" for no reason but that they are members of a particular race, is insulting. Is there any greater insult to a race than to enforce affirmative action in favor of it, and thereby have it officially classified as being retarded by the government, and even by all of those who claim to be in support of the members of that race? One has to wonder why blacks are not outraged by affirmative action. Until they are outraged by it, they will never be equal in the eyes of anyone, especially those of the liberals who use blacks for holding onto their own power!

Liberals try to compare the racist affirmative action preferences with other school preferences like alumni, athletic or veteran's. The federal government does not enforce alumni, or athletic preferences. Obviously such enforcement is not required because the school benefits from those preferences. Affirmative action is a government enforced program which is completely different. Veterans, a group which includes a disproportional number of blacks by the way, have put their lives on the line for the country and I do not see any problem with rewarding that sacrifice! If one wishes to argue that all preferences should be eliminated, I would listen, and possibly agree but pointing out one fault is certainly no excuse for creating another one. Affirmative action is unfair, unjust and destructive for the vast majority of all parties effected by it.

Perhaps the stupidest idea put forward in this debate is the claim that affirmative action is a solution for inferior minority schools. Take a student who has had an inferior education, and throw him into an extremely fast paced curriculum and what will he do? He will fail. Now a new problem is created. What do we do? Throw the failure out? No that would be racist. So we slow the whole program down to allow him to catch up. Everybody suffers.

An alternate scenario might have the failure passed on even though he is not really in possession of the required knowledge to be a real graduate, but he is given the paper anyway and whoever hires him will quickly learn that a diploma no longer means what it used to. Again everybody suffers.

The only solution to an inferior school is to make it a quality school. It does not take money to make a quality school, it takes rules. Students who are not there to learn can do whatever it is that they would rather do somewhere else. This leaves the school free for the ones who want to learn. The next step is to teach with high standards. Discourage Ebonics ghetto talk and teach correct English. Teach reading writing and arithmetic. Run black schools well and they will no longer be inferior. We must remember that a 4.0 grade point average at a school which teaches at the 8th grade level, does not prepare a student for a major university. It is not racist to treat that sort of graduate differently from a student with a 4.0 from a high quality school.

It  is clear that "opportunity" is not a synonym for "results." Affirmative action negates opportunity. It is guaranteed results, regardless of opportunity. It is Christmas for the minority while the white is left to take care of himself as he has always done.

Another of the absurd claims of the liberals is that SAT scores discriminate against blacks, as if schoolwork itself would be just as easy for blacks as for whites but blacks just are not capable of taking a SAT test as well. This is absurd on the face of it. Much of college work is very similar to the skills tested on the SAT tests. Yet that seems to fall on deaf liberal ears. So, here is a statement of the real facts:

Overwhelmingly, the evidence is that the major standardized tests used to help make school and the job decisions do not underpredict black performance, nor does the expert community find any other general or systematic difference in the predictive accuracy of tests for blacks and whites. (1)

There are no real differences in the predictive ability of SAT tests, or other placement tests, when it comes to race. They will predict for whites and blacks equally well. It is patently false to claim that SAT tests will place a black student below his real ability any more than it will misplace a white student. The SAT is as close as you can ever get to real equal opportunity!

It is clear that the liberal has lied to us once again in order to promote his pet cause. That does not surprise me but I am still surprised that anyone will give even a moment's ear to these congenial liars anymore. You know they are lying as soon as their lips move.

With affirmative action, as with all liberal programs, it is clear that a few items do not even enter in to the thinking process. For instance, they do not for a second consider what would be good for whites. In fact they often are anxious to do as much harm as possible to whites, and eagerly wait for the year 2050 AD when whites will no longer be a majority in America. Another item that they do not consider at all is what is good for America. They could care less. They do not study what made her great and then try to duplicate it. Instead they only worry about what Karl Marx would have done with this country, if given a chance, and how to make all things American more Politically Correct, no matter how destructive the process. Affirmative action does not help very many blacks, and it hurts the rest of them by misdirecting their aim in life, sending them off in search of a Big Brother government to take care of them. Just like Winston Smith finally learned to, the blacks and all liberals love Big Brother.

I would highly recommend that you read the Yggdrasil lesson number 1, which deals with what always happens to a multiracial society, including affirmative action types of laws. It is universal and therefore only correctable by racial separation.


1.  The Bell Curve;   Free Press   page 281  
     by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray

    The Bell Curve - Download    
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