The Taking of the Good 
Ship America

THE GOOD SHIP AMERICA rocked ever so gently, as the sea of life whipped around her. She was big and she was sturdy, and her passengers were happy and secure. Looking across the waves one could see other ships who were having a difficult time. They were rolling severely in the heavy seas. Many of them capsized. But the good ship America steamed safely along.

Then one day, as she crossed the 63rd parallel, a group of passengers, who had been taken on later than most, decided that they didn't like the way the ship was built. It had a White keel, and the bulkheads were White as well. The watertight hatches and the engines were all White. These newcomers said that this was terrible. What could the builders of this ship be thinking of? They set to making "repairs".

These newcomers were interesting folks. They wanted to be accepted by everybody, but they accepted nobody into their inner circle. They had a great mass of wealth which they had brought with them from other ships upon which they had sailed. They used some of that wealth to purchase all rights for usage of the ship's newspaper, and its PA system. They knew that if they were to have a free hand in implementing their plans for the ship, they would have to be able to control what information went out to the passengers. They started making daily announcements on the PA system that things were "a-changing" and they made it sound like this was a very good thing. The passengers began to be programmed into thinking that "change" was synonymous with "good".

After a while, these pirates - for that is what they were - had the passengers safely brainwashed into believing that change, no matter what it consisted of, was good. They also hammered home the message that anyone who stood in the way of change was 1) stupid; 2) old fashioned; 3) bigoted; 4) incestuous; and most importantly 5) to be completely ignored at the cost of your very soul! This propaganda campaign set the stage for the complete takeover of the ship.

Once in power the pirates went to work with a vengeance. The cabins were rearranged. The White passengers, who were law abiding and intelligent had to start living with Nonwhites who were far more likely to be criminals and on average, less intelligent. As a result all the finest cabins started to deteriorate and fewer and fewer passageways onboard existed where one could safely walk. The descendants of the shipbuilders, who loved the design of the ship were suddenly forced, for the safety of their families, to leave their cabins and move to another part of the ship. There were a few who publicly noted that each area of the ship that the Whites were forced to leave, almost immediately became permanently desolate, dirty, crime ridden, and certain to never to rise to the pristine condition that it was before. They were quickly and loudly labeled bigots and racists by the pirates. The PA announcements continued and so did the changes.

The engine of the ship, which had always been the healthy White pride tightly coupled with a love of White heritage, was first starved of fuel and then shut down completely by the pirates. The PA announcements said that the engine had been a bad thing. In fact they daily demanded that that engine must be removed altogether from the ship. That particular engine, with its nearly unlimited horsepower, was called disgusting and the pirates claimed that it would never drive this ship anywhere useful. Those who pointed out that it had already driven the ship a long ways, for a long time, and far better than any other ship on the ocean, were silenced by the PA, and saddest of all, by those Whites that the PA propaganda controlled. The point had long since been reached where most of the passengers used the information from the PA to decide what they should think, and that made it very safe for the pirates.

The pirates next issued oars to the descendants of the shipbuilders and told them that it was the fault of the Whites that the ship was in such a bad state. The pirates called the oars "income taxes" and the PA announcements said that all White folks should dip their oars into the water and start moving the ship along again.

Of course the ship slowed down considerably from what it was before but still it was moving. The White descendants were a hearty bunch and they pulled hard at the oars, because they believed that the PA announcements were telling the truth and that they owed it to the other passengers to give them a free ride. Every day, the number of passengers increased but there were less and less White rowers! This was true simply because more and more of the Nonwhite freeloaders were coming onboard from the other ships.

The good ship America was slowing down, and now the single minded pirates were starting to remove the rivets in the hull. It would not be long and the ship would founder. The pirates never had in mind to create a big beautiful ship which they could master, but they only wanted to sink the America, because it was better than anything they could hope to build themselves. Their only goal was to remove the ship from the seas and cast the passengers out to sea, to find some third world boat to live on.

There were some onboard the ship that became wise to what was going on. They disconnected the speakers in their cabins, and refused to listen to the PA announcements anymore. They used their own minds to think rather than let the pirates tell them what to think. They realized what the pirates were and what they were trying to do. They started talking to the other White passengers. The pirates got wind of this. They realized that if these people ever got the engine going again, the ship would be able to right itself and the pirates would be sent overboard to swim for their lives. So, they came up with a counter stroke.

The pirates used their control of the PA system to hourly promote the idea that the pirates were poor picked on people who had traveled from ship to ship. Each ship upon which they had lived was filled with horrible people who hated pirates. (Of course they did not use the name pirates but accuracy demands the correct nomenclature be used here.) These bad people who hated pirates, the story continued, were the worst people on earth. The idea was promoted very successfully, that to oppose anything that the pirates wanted was to be filled with hate and to be one of the bad people.

The pirates even created a new religion for the ship. It centered around one other White ship that had been powerful enough to rock the world before the pirates were able to sink her. In fact the pirates got the America to put the final and most important shells into the ship known as the Germany, and send her to the bottom. The religion focused upon how bad the passengers on the Germany had treated the pirates. No one on earth had ever suffered as much as the pirates had at the hands of the crew of the Germany. In fact it was so terrible, said the pirates, that at least once an hour the passengers on the America had to be again told about the ordeal, lest they forget. Over and over again the story was told. There was much weeping and wailing. Still it was not enough.

The religion was very effective. It killed every attempt that the few wise passengers made to wake up the other Whites on the ship. Having the passengers completely programmed into rejecting anything bad said about pirates, made revolt against the pirates nearly impossible.

Looking from the outside, it appeared that the original owners and their legitimate heirs had been enslaved by the pirates, who were taking the riches from the ship for their own benefit, and then attempting to scuttle the good ship America. The pirates clearly were the enemies of the rightful owners of the ship. They did not care about the rightful owners, and they did not care about the ship itself. Instead they were only concerned with transferring wealth from the America to their own small ship (a ship they had stolen from others), and with sinking all other ships which could be competitors with their own ship.

In the meantime the White passengers continue to row their oars, while Nonwhites are climbing up the sides of the ship, using ladders that the pirates lowered for them, and into the America. The ship grows continually more crowded, but not with White faces. The oars are getting heavy and they are moving the ship ever slower. The end is in sight, and yet, instead of looking at the clear signs, the passengers keep listening to the PA announcements and believing every lying word that they say.

Do you hear that hammering sound? That is another metal panel being knocked out of the hull of YOUR ship. They are now one step closer to putting her on the bottom. Do we let the pirates win? Will we just sit here and pull on our oars, like good little galley slaves, until our ship goes down?

Well, what do you say?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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