Angry White Males

ANGRY WHITE HETEROSEXUAL MALES. What is going on with them today? It is a question that is being repeatedly asked in the media.

Of course the angry White man is killing far fewer people than the angry Black man kills. When a White man goes off the deep end and kills some people, the Media Lords make sure that the whole world knows about it. The criminal activities of the angry Nonwhite man are kept in the shadows and are ignored for the most part.

What do you suppose is going on with angry White heterosexual males today? It is (falsely) claimed that the men involved in the shooting over the last few months have all been White, male and heterosexual. The "experts in the newspapers" are looking for reasons why these men snapped and started killing people. In a crass and heartless stab at their political enemies, they have dishonestly tried to use these nut cases, who snapped, and cut loose in destructive behavior, as examples of normal White males who are getting fed up with having their society destroyed by Political Correctness. The "experts" use these tragedies to blame those, who happen to be on the same political side of the fence as some of the crazies, for the bloody rampages provided in actuality by their own personal insanity.

I have seen experts complain because the right wing has correctly pointed out that the Founding Fathers spoke only of White rights and that America “as a nation [was only] concerned with the property and personal rights of white males.” They claim that White males have a sense of “failure” because the just entitlement to their rights has been taken away. More correct would have been to say that White men today have a sense of loss, coupled with justifiable indignation at having been robbed. (What is the correct response when your house has been broken into and your possessions have been carted away?)

Can you imagine the gall of such “experts”? These people will use the Founding fathers in a derisive way to justify the ridicule of the idea that White males have any status in this culture at all. Think about it! The complete assembly of normal White males of the 1950s would be labeled nut cases today. The idea that Whites should expect, or be "entitled" to retain their position in our society is considered twisted by such an "expert." He is saying that to agree with the Founding Fathers on the issue of race is the first step towards going on a shooting spree. To try and preserve your culture, your society, and your way of life is merely setting yourself up for frustration, and the next thing you know you will be a mass murderer.

Since these "experts" are using this time of soul searching by the American people to discuss the issue of the legitimately angry heterosexual White male, let us do just that. What could it be that has caused this particular group of people to be angry? Let us focus on what is happening in our society today and see if we can figure out the problem and perhaps a solution to that problem.

Why would being White, make someone angry today? It is clear that any White person who has his eyes open will see that his world is being invaded. The United States of America which was 90 % White in 1960 is fast becoming a Nonwhite country. Nearly all population growth in the United States is from immigration, which is 90% Nonwhite. By no later than the year 2050 the White race will be a minority in their own country. If you extrapolate that out by the year 2099 the Whites will be no more than 10% of the US population.

How do you suppose the people of China would feel if they found out that the Asian race would be only 10% of their population in 2099? Would it make them angry do you suppose? What of Japan, in the land that created the Shinto religion, which teaches that the Japanese people, unlike any other people, descended from gods? Do you think they would smile and happily accept having their race reduced to 10% of the population by the year 2099? Pick a country. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Nigeria or Chile. Tell them that the majority race of the people who are living there now will be replaced by other races to the point where the majority race will only make up 10% of the total population by the year 2099. What will their reaction be?

It is not amazing that there are angry White males who have snapped into insane activities. What is surprising is that more of them have not done so. It is a sign of the natural civility and accepting nature of the White race that it has tolerated the intolerable for as long as it has. To move from a dominate 90% to a mere 72% in total population in 40 years is a big cultural change. Add to that the fact that minorities have been given preferential treatment in a thousand ways. The government has forced landlords to rent to minorities, even when they wished not to. Home owners have been forced to sell to minorities against their own desires. Companies have had to hire less qualified minorities, in place of more qualified Whites. White schools have been forced to accept minorities as students. Because of these government enforced changes our neighborhoods have deteriorated and "White flight" has been the only weapon that most Whites have used to protect their families from this Nonwhite invasion. The schools in the United States have been in continual decline ever since minorities were introduced into them. And still most White males are standing quietly by and doing nothing.

The White composure is like a wooden board. Bending the board will represent the negative social changes which have occurred and which are continuing to occur in our society. As you bend the board it will feel an increasing amount of stress. It will begin to bow. As the pressure is increased, a point will be reached where a few splinters will begin to snap. That is where we are today. The pressure is continuing to build with each new Nonwhite immigrant that is added to our population. The board continues to bend in an ever increasing arc. How long before the whole board snaps into a bloody revolution? That is anybody's guess. But let us not speak of the "angry White male" today, when what we should be speaking of is the composed, restrained, and passive White male.

Any sane White man today KNOWS something is wrong. He sees his society coming apart at the seams, and Nonwhites pouring in over the borders, at the request of those in our own government. He sees his own children dressing like Black ghetto slugs, and listening to the Black ghetto hate rap. And seeing this great wrong, any honest, honorable, and decent man does think that he has a responsibility to his society and his culture. The Media Lords’ “experts” all the while make it sound like it is dirty to take an active part in fixing something going wrong in your society.

The White man is losing his position because he is not standing up to the multiculturalist and the diversity peddler. Instead he is trying to make nice. His schools, neighborhoods and even his entertainment are all being invaded by those who are not of his kind. His world is no longer his own because he has not risen up and put a halt to this outrage yet. Each step back he takes in appeasement costs him a little bit more in safety, dignity, security, and wealth. And for what? So more Nonwhites can come in, ridicule and hate him. Yes, these are grounds for being angry. Yet, here we are. The abused White men, taking it, and still going to work each day, knowing that it will just keep getting worse. And the Media Lords’ "experts" have the gall to heap scorn on the White men who are so tolerant, and blame them for the nut cases who would have snapped in any case.

In addition to the reasons that Whites should be angry, what about being male? Do White males have an especially justified feeling of anger today? Prior to the crazy changes inflicted upon our society by the Media Lords and their puppets, White males took pride in being the head of their households, and supporting their families by "bringing home the bacon." The workplace was a male dominated world and the children were raised by their mothers, not a day care center. In fact, most kids were supervised nearly constantly by a network of mothers in any neighborhood in America. Today the Media Lords have changed all of that. Today men really have no special role at all in the "modern" society. The attempt has been made by the Media Lords to blur any distinction between the sexes as well as the races.

One of the universal things throughout time, in all societies, is having some method of proving the manhood of a male as he matures. Supporting his family was one of the methods used in the USA prior to the Media Lords' feminism overturned the apple cart. The average White male today has not only lost his nation, but he has lost his manhood. The natural reaction is to get both of those things back. Once again, we should speak of the restraint, rather than the anger of the White male today. He has had great provocation and has reacted with great control over his natural tendencies.

It is amazing that even being heterosexual is listed as one of the contributing factors to those who did the shootings. Perhaps we should include being two-legged, or right handed as well. Most White people have demonstrated a very restrained attitude towards homosexuals. As long as White children were safe from being molested by the NAMBLA crowd, and the homosexual did not make advances or strut their perversion in public, the average White has left them alone. In the face of that, there have been marches where homosexuals rub the collective noses of all Americans in the fact that these people are perverted and proud of it. There have been thousands of movies made with a progressively stronger and stronger homosexual presence, and where homosexuality is portrayed as more and more normal. While the homosexual has tried to forcibly push their lifestyle into the mainstream, the White folks have done very little by way of retribution for the impact this has made upon their lives. Angry White heterosexual males? Hardly!

The handful of White males who have gone off the deep end the last few months have been obvious crazies. They picked their targets in a wild and unorganized fashion. They had no real goal. The latest shooter walked into a roomful of kids and opened fire. That is seriously deranged! Bullets spraying everywhere. Only one bullet hit anyone above the waist, and that one was an abdomen shot. Fortunately none of the kids died. Killing kids is not our people's way of doing business.

It is clear that we are not dealing with a huge number of angry White males, at least not yet. So far, it has been guys who were not wrapped too tight and went off in frustration. In each case, even when not applicable, the media hurried to tell us that these shooters were right wing racists. For some of the shooters that was just plain false. For the ones that it is true of, more important things to note than their politics, might be the fact that they went in search of psychiatric help, and were turned down, before they lost it.

It is only the Right who ends up having to pay for what some nut does in their name. The Leftist Bill Clinton bombs thousands of innocent civilians to death and it is okay. He is assisting the KLA in Kosovo in raping Serb women, and ethnically cleansing Serbs from the Kosovo province. Yet we do not talk about angry Leftists who have run amok. Do you know how many Columbines we would have to have, in order to match what we did to Yugoslavian children?

Someday, they will look back and laugh at the naivete of the fools who speak of angry White males today. There will come a day, a sad day, and a bloody day, a day when the angry White male will rise up and truly display his anger. It is a day that could have been so easily avoided with just a little bit of unpleasantness in the past but now it looms up like an incarnation of death, swinging his sickle before him.

Even today the problem could be solved through consolidated action of all White men. The United States could be returned to a 90% White majority by stopping all Nonwhite immigration, returning all Nonwhite aliens, legal and illegal, along with their children to the land of their origins, and reinitiating White immigration from Europe. Blood does not need to be shed to fix this problem. However, the Media Lords love to see White blood shed. They are planning on. In fact they see it every day on the lawless streets which they have created.

One of the most obscene tactics that the Media Lords take is their slimy twisting of reality to make that which is good, right, just and wholesome to appear to be dirty and twisted. They attack the basic concepts that life was based on before the 1960s. (You could see those basic concepts as well in old TV shows like Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best.) A few of the things which they attack are: A mother and a father who married first and then had sex, followed by children, and who remained married throughout their lives; A father who was the breadwinner and the head of the household; A mother who was honored and defended by her husband and sons, and who took a very active part in raising the children; The concepts of law and order, honesty, fair play, respecting your elders, respecting other people's property and an endless list of other Western ideas that were the foundation of American society.

Today we have a whole new list of things which the Media Lords want us to honor: hedonism, dishonesty, miscegenation, emasculated males, masculine females, adultery, divorce, a slick lie, toleration of anything perverse, abhorrence of anything wholesome, any Nonwhite culture, any criticism of Whites or their culture, diversity and above all else, toleration of anything which was intolerable before 1960. And our people daily turn on their electronic brain wash, to have these items of Media Lords' honor embedded into their minds.

As things are collapsing around us, the Media Lords’ experts try to promote the idea that all is well and that Whites still have great opportunities available to them in this country. We are supposed to be glad that all opportunity has not yet disappeared.

Of course opportunity is still there for White folks. Did they think the nonproductive elements of society would be able to draw their free "entitlements" if the White man did not provide the tax money for them? The point is not whether White men can work or not, it is what are they working for? Today, after all the taxes, levies, fines and fees have been removed from the average White paycheck, most of it is already gone! That means that most of a White man's working year is spent working for someone else. So, yes he has opportunity to be an indentured servant for over 6 months out of the year to pay for some Nonwhite who is not working at all, while the government has opened the borders wide to more of the non-producers.

Pressure. It is building. The White man knows that what his country has become is wrong. It is decadent and it is rapidly becoming more so. Driven like wild horses towards a 1000 foot cliff, our society, if it continues on this course, is going to die. Oh, people will squirm around in poverty, suffering and hungry, for an indefinite period of time afterwards, but the great, White, strong and health society we once possessed will be forever gone. The White man can see this and he grows ever more uncomfortable with what is happening.

Discussion of affirmative action is just a smoke screen. While affirmative action is totally unjust, it is a small problem compared with the real issue. It is a clear and undeniable fact that affirmative action, by design, gave jobs, college seats and other benefits to minorities that they were not qualified for, and that they did not earn for themselves. However, the problem today is not that even with affirmative action, minorities are going to outperform Whites. The problem is that Nonwhites are going to engulf Whites and destroy the White race. The Nonwhites have decimated the neighborhoods that they have moved into. They have increased the crime and decreased the security, everywhere they have invaded. And more are always on the way. No monitory buffer for Whites is going to be sufficient to eliminate physical insecurities brought on by the Nonwhite invasion.

Picture if you will, a man who is facing another. His antagonist is talking in a insulting manner. He is hurling indignities in his face. Finally the antagonist reaches out and gives the man a little push. The anger is growing but the man is holding his temper. Next the opponent pushes a little harder. He slaps the man's face. At some point, the man will have had enough, and he will jump with all his might into a battle with his antagonist. Moving from being in control, to full battle attack, is a big jump. But it happens when the insults and abuse finally reaches the point where they just too much to put up with any more.

Right now the White man is in that very position. He is being pushed harder and harder. He is being called names and insults. His heritage and culture have been maligned. He sees his neighborhoods, schools and institutions being taken over by those who hate him. He still holds his temper. For now...

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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