The Correct Answer




  • Very low crime rate
  • Clean, graffiti-free
  • Drug-free
  • No gangs
  • All-White


  • Moderate to high crime rate
  • Litter and graffiti
  • Drugs
  • Gangs
  • Racially diverse


  • Strict rules
  • Crime-free
  • Drug-free
  • Students that are courteous, well mannered, and well dressed.
  • World-class standards
  • Student SAT scores at the very top of the scale.
  • All-White


  • Poorly enforced, lax rules
  • Criminal behavior tolerated
  • Drugs easily available
  • Students that are rude, disruptive, and dressed like gang members.
  • Minimal standards
  • SAT scores which have fallen each year for decades, and are at a
    point that is well below the rest of the industrialized world.
  • Racially diverse


  • People speaking the same native tongue -- easy communication
  • High productivity
  • Zero racial confrontations, lawsuits or even complaints
  • Similar racial and cultural backgrounds allowing a greater number of close personal relationships between co-workers, including leisure time association, creating a greater company team spirit
  • Employees with a similar, and productive, work ethic
  • All-White


  • People speaking different native tongues -- confused communication
  • Spotty productivity, lowered through racial conflict
  • Many problems caused by race, including hurt feelings, anger, racial confrontations, disagreements over fairness, and even law suits
  • A whole department set aside to deal with complaints of racial discrimination
  • Dissimilar racial and cultural backgrounds cause employees to break up into seperate racial groups when they are allowed to choose whom they will associate with (lunchtime, coffee breaks, off time) weakening their team spirit at work
  • Employees with dissimilar expections and work ethic, causing confusion and even anger
  • Racially diverse


  • Citizens with a nearly unanimously agreed upon view of the world
  • Patriotic citizens
  • Law-abiding citizens
  • Americans with no hyphenated nationality
  • One unifying American culture.
  • Citizens similar to each other, who think similarly.
  • Low crime rate
  • Racial riots an impossibility
  • Will naturally consider itself a unified whole
  • Children are instructed in the same civilized behavior
  • All-White


  • Many peoples, each pulling their own way
  • A nation that is virtually at war with itself at all times because the people inside are different and have different cultural wants and needs.
  • Citizens with disregard for the "White man's law," because they are more concerned with their small racial segment of the society.
  • Hyphenated nationalities and allegiances
  • Differing peoples are striving hard to protect their own cultures from the "polluting" influence of American culture.
  • Citizens physically dissimilar to each other, who think very differently.
  • High crime rate
  • Racial riots a continual threat
  • Will never, ever consider itself a unified whole
  • Children of different racial groups are instructed into conflicting approaches to behavior
  • Racially diverse

IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY at the USA of the 1950s and before, you will find a land where the neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and the entire nation, resembled the ones described by the A-Answers above. Throughout the land the crime rate was low, the neighborhoods were safe, and the schools were world class. Our people were patriotic and all loved America. They considered the label, "Law Abiding Citizen" to be very high praise, while at the same time expecting all to be worthy of it, and they were disgusted by people who were not.

If you look at America in the 2000s, you will find that it more closely resembles the society described by the B-Answers. Each day that passes, brings our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and our nation into a more divided condition, more racially diverse, more dangerous, less unified and less likely to thrive as a world power. Our schools produce students each year who know less than those of the previous year. A high school graduate today is far less well educated than the high school graduates of his parents' generation were, and even they were less well educated than those of the previous generation.

While our children learn all about the joy of being overwhelmed with diversity in their classrooms, they are learning far less about how to read, write, and do arithmetic. It is clear that as our society has moved from the A-Answers to the B-Answers, our nation has been weakened. Without well educated children the future generation will not be able to maintain a high standard of living. With law abiding citizens no longer filling our cities, those cities have become hotbeds of crime and danger.

The most amazing thing about this whole process is that White Americans claim that they actually believe that our neighborhoods have been improved by changing them from A-Answer neighborhoods to B-Answer neighborhoods. They also claim that they believe it has been a change for the good to have changed our schools from A-Answer schools to B-Answer schools. The same is true of our workplaces and our nation in general. They watch television shows and movies, which promote B-Answer environments across the board, and they never even think of their lost right to live and work in A-Answer environments.

Of course they realize that truly B-Answer neighborhoods are dangerous. They have no problem with speaking of the "bad part of town" or a "bad neighborhood" but they refuse to think about what they are saying. They have been the recipients of so much propaganda during their lives that the very idea of "Whiteness" is associated with evil. A White organization, no matter how small, or how benign, is immediately categorized as evil the instant that it acts to maintain its Whiteness. A White nation is automatically flawed. It is painted with the various "hate" brushes: "racist," "Nazi," "fascist," and etc., with no attempt at all to consider the possible benefits of such an arrangement. In fact those very benefits are what are so deeply feared, and therefore hated.

Look at the fictional world of the Cleavers of Leave It To Beaver. Here is a 1950s television White family. They did not even mention other races in their conversations. They worried about things like honesty, integrity and living life in an honorable and productive manner. There was not a single aspect of those all-White shows that could be faulted for being "hateful." They promoted American values, culture and people. They lived in an A-Answer world. The mother and father, produced for the next generation two children who would tend to perpetuate an A-Answer society.

Today, that A-Answer world is considered to be the epitome of hatred and evil, but to any thinking man the absurdity of that claim is self-evident. Like the Cleavers were portrayed, the people of the 1950s were focused on making the best possible A-Answer world they could. They were striving to raise children who would be law-abiding citizens, who would perpetuate the best in American culture and society.

What are the powers, who control the propaganda machine, promoting to Americans today? It is of course a B-Answer world, where people like the Cleavers would be swallowed up in gang violence and drugs. The concern for getting good grades in school, and promoting the values of our White culture, would be overwhelmed by the desire to be more "cool" by chasing after Rap music, Black dress, and Black mannerisms. Building a better America, where the White ideals are more closely simulated in our lives, is not even pursued any longer. In fact, such pursuit is now called, "HATE." The only allowable pursuit today is in the direction of rejection of all things that made America the wonderful land it was in the 1950s.

The only goal we are allowed to openly praise today is that of becoming more like South Africa as fast as we possibly can. Once we have Whites being murdered at the same rate as they are murdering them in South Africa, then we will have the Leftist Paradise realized. Once one woman in 3 has been raped by a Black man, as is the case today in Johannesburg, the Leftist Nirvana will have been achieved, or at least approached. The lifestyle of the Cleavers is called "HATE," and the murder and rape of White folks in South Africa is called "freedom" and "glorious." This the mentality of the people who are in control of your schools, your media, and your government. Is it any wonder that these twisted people call I Love White Folks a "HATE SITE"?

If the foundational 1950s society, which the Leave it to Beaver television stories were based upon, was "hate," so must be all things of real value to White folks. The ideals and attitudes that created the schools, and the neighborhoods of that era, were no more the embodiment of hatred than is a mother's love. A mother tries to create the best possible things for her child. Is that not what White Americans were doing in the 1950s? They were striving to create the best possible world for their own children. It was the A-Answer to the question of how to run a society.

When White folks conquered this continent and created this nation, they were not confused on this issue. America exists today because our ancestors understood the question completely, and they gave the A-Answer. You can rest assured that they would react, strongly, and even violently if anyone would have tried to force the B-Answer upon them. They knew then, and deep down inside, we know today that there is a correct answer to the question of what is right for this nation, and that answer is now, has always been, and will always be, the A-Answer.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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