Anti-Euro Hate

IF YOU MENTION THE FACT that Jewish people, who are less than 4% of the US population, own more than their share of banks, or that they own or control virtually all of our mass media outlets, or that they are over represented in the top earnings bracket in this and all other countries where they reside, or that they were instrumental in the design and implementation of communism, the single most evil political movement that has ever existed, (one which happens to make the worst that Hitler is accused of doing look like a humanitarian charity program) you of course know that you would be accused of anti-Semitism. Why?

If these things are false, fine. You then would be guilty of lying and your credibility would be forfeited. All that is required to lay such straight forward comments to rest is to prove them clearly wrong. Instead, the attempt is made to create silence on the issue. Hate speech laws have been passed in many countries in Europe in order to shut the mouth of anyone trying to pass information along. There is no question or discussion as to whether or not what is being said is true or false, only whether or not it is "anti-Semitic." What is it that makes the Jews better than anyone else? Why is their reputation the only one on earth which can never be tarnished with the facts?

I think it is time that we demand equal treatment. From now on it seems that it is only fair that all mention of white racism should be labeled hate speech and anti-Euro. Any mention of past slavery by whites in the USA should be condemned as anti-Euro hate activity. Desecration of our religious holidays like Christmas, with the forced removal of nativity scenes and religious Christmas carols should be classified as anti-Euro hate and stopped immediately. It is high time that white pride be protected under the banner of ethnic pride, and all hateful statements towards whites that are made by Nonwhite politicians be attacked as anti-Euro, with the same vigor that all white politicians have received when they say something even slightly Politically Incorrect.

In fact it should go much farther than that. Anyone who stands up and says something positive about the white race deserves to be heard and to be applauded. To deny Americans of European decent that honor is anti-Euro racism. Promotion of the culture and the race of the Europeans is a basic right which must not be denied to us. In school the teachers must call out specifically when any contribution to society was made by a white man. All white inventions which are mentioned in the classroom, inventions which changed society, must include the fact that it was a white man who was responsible. All political ideas which came from white people like the Greeks must be specifically called out as being a contribution of the white race.

For too long anti-Euro racism has run rampant in America and it must come to an end. Anti-Euro hate speech has become part of our language and our daily news broadcasts. Thousands of whites are slaughtered every year in anti-Euro hate crimes with no national coverage at all. This is outrageous and must be addressed. In a land with a president who is so outspoken against racism, it is a travesty that the Americans of European descent have to tolerate such racial abuse from the citizens and the government of this country. Where was our president and the national "racially minded" news media for the Philadelphia victim, Aimee Willard?

A Black man by the name of Arthur Bomar purposefully drove his car into the car driven by a White university student named Aimee Willard. This 22 year old girl, got out to investigate the damage Bomar had inflicted on her vehicle, and suddenly found herself in the last dreadful minutes of her life. In a violent and angry hate crime, Bomar fastened upon the helpless girl and started beating on her with a tire iron. He then ripped off her clothes and raped the now dead corpse and threw her into an empty lot. There was no national coverage of this hate crime. There was no phone call from the president to the grieving parents of this poor victim. This is out and out anti-Euro racism from our president.

We are living in a sea of racism in this country. The USA has the largest population of white race haters in the world. The anti-Euro flood of hate is found saturating our schools, our courtrooms and our entertainment media. There is no place where you can turn and find pro-White information freely distributed. There are no pro-White television shows being made today. There are no pro-White news stories. As in the case of poor Aimee Willard, there is not even any national news coverage of the hate crimes which are committed against us every day. Another victim was Brandy Duvall, whom you only heard of if you lived in the Denver area or if you listened to Dr. Pierce of the National Alliance.

Brandy was a 14 year old white girl who was taken from a bus stop by a Hispanic gang to a house, where they gang raped her, tortured her for several hours, while she begged for her life, and then brutally they killed her. The details of this are particularly disgusting, beyond what I will put on this page. Rest assurd that no human should have to go through what Brandy Duvall did. This was another vicious anti-Euro hate crime which was swept under the media rug. (By way of comparison, it just so happened that the trial for Danny Martinez, one of the perpetrators of this foul hate crime, began the very same week as the murder trial for John King in Jasper, Texas, which I am sure you heard all about. The anti-Euro racist media establishment covers the small number of white on black crimes but ignores the large number of anti-Euro hate crimes.)

The stench is overwhelming. You can smell the hate for Whites everywhere you turn. Anti-Euro racism is destroying the white race. It is a genuine genocide of the Caucasian people. Our numbers are dwindling while all other races are growing in number. All of our countries are being populated by Nonwhites, while Nonwhite countries remain homogeneous. We Americans of European descent have spent millions and millions of dollars in charity, and we have distributed food, medical supplies and attention, all to help the peoples of the third world beat starvation and disease, only to be thanked by those people attempting to steal our country from us. (As their numbers increase here, our standard of living goes down and a point will be reached in the future when we will be have a third world standard of living in this country, and there will be no other nation, similar to what the USA is today, which will feed us, or our children. Then the Whites and the Nonwhites will all starve together.) If it had not been for us and our generosity, the population of the third world would never have reached the level it is today. Yet anti-Euro racism will never let that fact rise to the level of national awareness. Instead their vile hatred of the White race, continues in its never ending spewing out of venomous anti-Euroism.

It is long past time that we do something about this. Have you called your congressman lately? Have you written him a letter? Have you made your feelings known? Some of you have, because I have seen copies of the letters you have sent off. I hope we can all join together and stamp out this blight on the face of this great nation. It is time that we end this racism. It is time to finish off this anti-Euro hatred once and for all.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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