The Art of Lying

ONLY SOMEONE WITH A COMPLETE LACK OF HONOR, and complete disregard for the truth could have done it. They did it in Russia, tried to do it in Germany, and are in the final stages of pulling it off in the United States. Whether you call them communists, leftists, the Media Lords, or Jewish Supremacists, their ability to tell lies is unsurpassed in all of history.

In the United States one of their biggest lies is their claim that they actually care about Women, Blacks, minorities, tolerance, diversity or any of the other tools and weapons they have wielded against our society. They have show a complete disregard for each of these groups or ideas when it suits their purpose. The only time that they pretend to care about them is when it will further their political agenda. When any of these things would hamper their agenda they are willing to sacrifice any and all of them, cold-bloodily and quickly.

The goal of these people is to disrupt our society; and that is the only significant result of all their activities here. They promoted feminism, not because they care about women, but because they always knew that American society was founded upon solid White families, which would produce the future generations of White Americans to perpetuate the society that our forefathers created. By disrupting those once strong families, they have managed to create single mother families, who are significantly inferior in the role of producing future highly productive members of society. While a small handful of women have benefited by the change, becoming "big wheels" in companies, the vast majority of women have been left with lives that are completely inferior to the lives the White wives and mothers of the 1950s led. They are living alone with their children, or with a step-father to their children, neither of which is even close to being as healthy for most children as growing up in a household containing both of their own biological parents. These Leftist cursed children are many times more likely to have real trouble in school, and in life in general, as were the children of the 1950s. And as if to reinforce the point, most working mothers spend a good deal of their free time at work talking about the kids they have had to abandon to daycare or sitters so they can live the feminist "dream."

If the disrupters really cared about women, rather that simple disruption, they would have promoted things that the average heterosexual woman was interested in, rather than the agenda of the power hungry lesbian element of the Left. No stable society can be built upon lesbianism, and they know it. The average White woman doesn't want to live a "macho lesbian" lifestyle, trying to live as a man. But they are programmed to think that is what they want by leftist propaganda nearly from the day they are born. Starting in cartoons, and then continuing in other television programming, and later followed up in a big way in school, they are programmed to think in ways that will weaken their family. They are molded to think that the lesbian dream is their dream. It is so effectively done that they will defend that dream, even when all the evidence shows them that their lives have been trashed by pursuit of that ridiculous "ideal."

The Leftist liars who promoted feminism to our children don't believe in it themselves at all. They do believe in disrupting our society and that is what they have done, and continue to do.

Blacks are dying in record numbers today thanks to the "Civil Rights" movement. They are killing each other at a rate that is shocking. Each year there are more Blacks killed by Blacks than all of the Blacks lynched by the Klan in all of its history. The numbers of Blacks who are criminals, involved with drugs, have AIDS, or die from gunshot wounds is staggering. Before the Civil Right movement, all of these numbers were far lower. The vast majority of Black children are illegitimate. They do poorly in school and they form a huge segment of the criminal element in America today. Our murder rate has been doubled by the Black population which only makes up 12% of the total. In societies where Blacks are completely in control, like Haiti, and most African nations, the Black people are clamoring to come to America where they will have a better life. Yet in America, wherever there are large population centers of Blacks, life approaches closer to the African jungle, or Haiti than it does White middle class society.

It can be effectively argued that, for the average Black, the Civil Rights movement made his life worse. However, even if it had made Black lives better, there can be no argument that the Civil Rights movement has made the lives of White Americans worse; the same White Americans who made up 90% of the population of the USA when the Civil Rights movement started doing its damage.

The Leftists did not care about Blacks, they merely cared about disruption. They did not campaign for better schools for Blacks, because they knew that would be a waste of time. It would not disrupt the backbone of our society and the Blacks would not produce excellence in academics no matter what they were taught in school.

In fact, they did not campaign at all. They short-circuited our system of government, and completely bypassed the will of 90% of the population (White Americans) and used the Supreme Court to start writing legislation. They did not attempt to create great Black schools. Instead, they forced Blacks into White schools, not to help Blacks, but to disrupt our White ones. Desegregation was a weapon that the Leftists used to break up our society. Our world-class schools were destroyed in the process, and our relatively crime-free neighborhoods were dismantled.

Do we hear from the Leftists, one bit of sorrow for the horrors that they have inflicted upon us, and upon our children? No, instead we continue to hear more hateful lies from them, and a continuing campaign to create even more disruption in our society.

If you look at Israel, where many of the Leftists have their real allegiance firmly attached, you will see what they really think of diversity and tolerance. They have zero use for either of them when it come to their own society. They don't want anyone else in their nation and they have no problem with exterminating any group or race that gets in their way. They are guilty of all of the same things that they have spent 50 years whining about the Nazis doing. An honest man would ask himself, "Why is it okay for Jews to do it in Israel, but not for White Gentiles to do it in Germany?" How is it that we are daily exposed to propaganda telling us how bad the Nazis were, by the same hypocrites who are practicing the same techniques in Israel?

And what are we to make of the ever denounced "intolerance" of White Americans? We are forever being scolded for being "intolerant" of others, and any discussion of the 1950s is focused upon the terrible "intolerance" of those terrible Whites living then. Even today the Left continues to point an accusing finger at White Americans, while proclaiming Whites to be "intolerant." Now, think about that. This is one of the biggest lies of all time.

It is the foolish tolerance of the White Americans of the 1950s and after, that allowed this whole process to continue to the point where it is now. If Whites had truly been intolerant, they would have deported or otherwise eliminated all other racial groups within their borders. If they had been truly intolerant they would have risen up and executed the members of the Supreme Court for treason when they began to dismantle our society by writing legislation instead of interpreting it. If our people were really intolerant, they would have thrown President Kennedy out of office (or worse) instantly when he called out the National Guard to enforce the absurd rulings of the wayward court. If we were really intolerant we would have taken the producers of the television and movie propaganda, and have run them out of the country.

Instead, we were tolerant. We did not rise up and defend ourselves, our country, or our children; but instead we let them all be sacrificed upon the alter of misguided tolerance. Even today we are smothered by our own tolerance, as we routinely watch things on television that declare we are evil, that our women are the property of the non-Whites, and that we should be glad that our White society has been taken from us. We send our kids to schools where they are harassed and often beat up by non-Whites, but the school administration's hands are tied because the perpetrators are non-White. If we were really intolerant, one event like that would cause a bloody revolt immediately. Instead we are tolerant to the point of the death for our society, and for our children's future. Still the Leftist liars continue to call us "intolerant."

When White folks are content to accept lies about themselves to the point of committing racial suicide, it makes anyone who is aware of what is going on feel very depressed. How do we wake up our people before it is too late? How can we ever get them to give up their television sets, when the first thing that many of them do when they get home is to turn on the propaganda box and begin their nightly brainwashing session? It may be that we are already too late and doomed to become extinct as a race. We certainly will be if we do not wake up and rise to the occasion soon.

I think the key to survival is for our people to start developing a built in lie detector. When a Leftist talks, assume he is telling a falsehood first, and ask questions later -- you will be right far more often than you will be wrong with that approach. If our people would just start to question things, the problem could be solved very soon. The decade of the 1950s was not one of hate and intolerance. It was instead a decade of strength and progress in many areas. It was a time when children were taught manners and learned useful skills in school, instead of destructive anti-White propaganda. Those students of the 1950s, were the ones who created the computer revolution that we are enjoying today. But their children are having to turn that legacy over to other people, because the Leftists have disrupted our school system so effectively that we no longer produce enough well-trained graduates to maintain what we as a people originally created.

There is a bumper sticker that I have seen that should be on every White American's car. It says, "If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention!" White Americans have not been paying attention for decades now, even though Thomas Jefferson proscribed "eternal vigilance" as mandatory for us centuries ago. Now, Thomas Jefferson is hated as a "White supremacist" and we are left with an untenable situation, with extinction hanging over our heads.

I for one am sick of the lies, and the malignant people who promote them. It is long past time that we should wake up to what they are doing to us, and to take back what they have stolen from us, and from our children. Tolerance is the ability of an organism to establish a temporary means whereby something otherwise lethal can be dealt with. The body can build a tolerance for nicotine, and a man who has developed it, can survive taking in amounts of nicotine every day that would kill a non-smoker. But the tolerance is not absolute, and many smokers die as result of creating and maintaining that tolerance. The same is true of alcohol. The body can build a tolerance for it as well. But if an alcoholic continues to consume levels of alcohol that a non-drinker would find to be fatal, his brain will eventually be damaged, and his liver will ultimately fail. Tolerance is a mechanism that allows you to temporarily survive in the face of something that would otherwise be immediately fatal, but it is not a permanent fix, nor a condition that you should wish to maintain indefinitely.

Just as is true for the smoker, or the alcoholic; the real solution for the terrible problems created by racial diversity is not tolerance, but removal of the toxic item. Once diversity is gone, there are no racial conflicts any longer. Tolerance is not required where no toxic agent is present. We have allowed our tolerance to be used to the point where we are in danger of being displaced and destroyed as a people. If this were a case of smoking, our current condition would be that there is a large mass visible in the x-ray of our lung already, and we must start treatment soon or perish.

What would you tell someone who told you that what you need is more tolerance for nicotine, when a doctor has just detected lung cancer in your body? That is exactly what you should tell the lying Leftist who continues to tell us that we need more tolerance today. Tolerance has nearly killed us, and it is time to undo that damage!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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