The Insanity of Aztlan

WE HAVE SOME GREEDY NEIGHBORS TO THE SOUTH of us who have set their eyes on a large segment of our country. They include that area of our country under the label of Aztlan. They feel that are entitled to it, even though it has been part of the USA since long before any of the intending land pirates were born. It is legal property of the USA and as such is constitutionally required to be defended with all the might of the US military against all invasions. Yet these Mexican invaders feel they can steal the land from us. Apart from the obvious difficulties of overcoming an aggressive defense by the USA, why would the high aiming enemies of America even want to take that land?

Take a hard look at the country of Mexico. Why are the Mexican citizens fleeing their native country to illegally enter the United States of America? There is little confusion or disagreement about what the reasons are. The people of Mexico are living in squalor and poverty by comparison with the standard of living consistently achieved by the average illegal immigrant. Life is better in the United States and those living on both sides of the border know it.

Now proceeding from this undeniable fact, we are left with no path upon which we can logically tread that leads to the land of Aztlan. If the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada and any other territory that is lusted over by the Mexican invaders should be allowed to pass into the squatters' hands, and out of the possession of the United States of America, what will become of that land? It will become just like the rest of Mexico, mired in poverty. What then will the loco thieves do? Invade what is left of the United States to get back their welfare benefits and cushy standard of living?

For the United States, it would be a relatively better deal to give away the land the Mexicans desire, if in the process all Mexicans within the remaining borders of the US were actually permanently removed to Aztlan. The welfare payments, crime and gang violence that would depart with them would probably financially make up for the loss of land, while helping to postpone the disastrous dispossession of the white majority from the rest of their land.

While our politicians ineffectually throw up their hands over this issue, instead of taking the measures necessary to correct the problem while we still can without bloodshed, the problem is increased daily with a new influx of illegal aliens crossing our borders in an invasion maneuver. Are you focused enough to do something about it yet? If not you may be too late!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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