YESTERDAY I LISTENED TO A SPEECH by a man who was flogging his audience because they have not yet pulled down the government of the United States of America. I found myself nodding my head. It is true that our corrupt government is guilty of some terrible things. We have bombed innocent people, killing thousands, when we were not even at war with them. People who had not attacked us, attacked one of our allies or even attacked something which could be construed or misconstrued as being associated with our national interest. We are slaughtering people for no other reason than our Marxist president does not like their politics. This is an outrage, and those in charge do deserve to be pulled down, and like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette have their height decreased by a few inches. All of this is true.

Yet, we must understand that we have a natal process going on. In order to bring forth a new, great, and White nation, we must be able to grow into it, just as a child is given time to grow into the trauma of the actual birth, our people must grow into readiness for the trauma of revolution. Why do we not take a child from the womb after 4 months of gestation? Because the child will die. Do we want our new White nation to die from complications from a premature birth? I do not!

If you study the repetitious and sickening revolutions of our neighbors to the south of us, you must realize that revolution, by itself is worse than useless. You chew up your resources, kill your citizens, and for what? So some petty tyrant can live a life of luxury with plenty of wine, women and song, until the next revolt. Is that what we want for America's future? I do not!

Today we are in the prenatal phase of our new White nation. Today, the Media Lords and their trolls, the White liberals, are trying their best to abort the child. They try to cut off the blood supply to it, through hate crime legislation. They use their media to restrict flow of the materials it needs in order to grow into a viable nation. Yet still, all the while the child continues to grow. We have punched into place a new umbilical cord, called the Internet, which is allowing the life blood of information to flow out to the people who have to join us to make this child live. Now it is up to us to provide all that is required to make it grow strong and ready!

Whether we use The Plan or not, we must go out and shake the sleeping Whites into a wakeful condition. We must help these others to become aware that this child will be slain if they do not help make it live. The abortionist's hook of Nonwhite immigration is drawing ever nearer to terminating this child. We must join together and stop it! Each time you find another White who is convinced to join the White cause, it is like a cell reproduced in the new child. The early prenatal period is filled cell reproduction. Cells begin to specialize but reproduction is the number one goal.

Since we are not ready, it would be suicide to try and revolt today, causing much harm to innocent people, with no gain whatsoever. But that does not mean our hands are tied. It is just the opposite. Today we have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us. We have to go out and win converts. I recommend that we do not repel future converts by insulting the other races, through name calling. Instead we need to create an understanding of the great White accomplishments of the past and present. If a White man cannot find at least a small spark of pride for what Sir Isaac Newton did, or what the Wright brothers did or what Neil Armstrong and the whole White crew behind him did, then he is a dead man already.

Most Whites are already on our side in the area of concern for what is happening to America today. Most of them see inequality (against their own race) in the way the races are treated today, but far too many of them justify it thinking that Blacks had it bad in the past. They do not realize that today there are as many Nonwhites who are not Black, collecting on a debt that was never owed to them, and their numbers are growing very rapidly. The Blacks whose ancestors legitimately lived in this country before have been paid back with money, privilege and citizenship in the greatest nation that has ever existed. In the face of these great offerings they merely demand more. Our debt to them is now paid, and the far greater number of Nonwhite interlopers who today are immigrating in and dishonestly trying to cash in on that paid debt will be the bacteria that will carry the fatal plague to our people if we do not fight it immediately.

Most Whites today hate what is happening to our neighborhoods and schools. They do not know who is to blame but they hate what is happening. We must tell them who is making it happen! We must have the facts at our fingertips. The facts like those contained on many White web pages. (Click here for one example.) It is as precise as a mathematical function which clearly indicates that an increase in Nonwhites will produce an increase in crime. We must be able to point out who owns the media and what they are up to. (See Who Rules America.) The clearest and easiest example to get across is Disney. Before I became awakened I had heard dozens of White Americans complain about what has happened to Disney. Yet I will bet not one of them realizes that the change occurred when Disney was sold to a Media Lord!

We have all the facts on our side. That is why the Media Lords are so intent on shutting us up. They know that we are sure winners if the facts ever become common knowledge. It is our job right now to spread the facts far and wide. Whether we use pamphlets, web pages, emails, face to face conversations with our coworkers, our friends or total strangers, it is all of our jobs to get the word out. You cannot take a pass on this. You cannot sit back and hope to catch the last reel of this movie, because the Media Lords own the movie studio today. You have to change that if you want a happy ending to this story!

As we spread the word to our people, the White nation child will grow and mature. We do not have to call other races names to promote our cause. If you think about it, we will go a lot farther and a lot faster if we do not. We only need to stick to the facts and point out what most White people already know in their hearts to be true. Remember what is holding Whites down right now is the programming that the Media Lords have given them. The sleeping Whites are afraid of appearing racist. If you run up to such a person and use words which shock him immediately, he will not hear what you have to say. You will not make a convert of that person. You just lost a cell for our new White nation.

We have a golden example of what a White America would be like. It is called the 1950s. If you want to terrify and enrage a Media Lord, or one of their trolls, just mention the 1950s. They are very frightened that Whites will wake up and realize what a wonderful nation we had taken from us when the Media Lords brought on the revolution of the 1960s. As soon as you mention the 1950s they trot out a pet list of terrible things about that era. "Why don't you know that they had Joseph McCarthy who hated communists back then?" Yes they did. They had segregation, and anti-communism, and many other things which were each part of our natural, and rightful, societal self defense to maintain our society as it was. What they do not want you to know, is that they also had the best schools in the world, the best standard of living, a very low crime rate and marriages that lasted. Their kids did not shoot up their schools and the members of society were safe, secure and happy for the most part. Now compare that with what we have today. Can you honestly tell me that we did not lose something very, very valuable? Something that all Whites will want back very badly once they understand it? My friends this is an easy sell!

Growth. It is all about growth. As each White is awakened, another cell is added to our baby White nation. It grows stronger, and over time each cell grows stronger too! At first a man will wake up to the fact that his people are important, but over time that awareness will grow into a passion. As he sees the tremendous difference between the art of the White master painters and the bead work of some backward Nonwhite tribe he will be struck with what the White race has done. As he compares the symphonies of Mozart with the drum beat of the Nonwhite music he will be overwhelmed with the difference. As he sees the societies that Whites have been able to build and then compares them with what the Nonwhites have done, he will be strongly and deeply converted to the idea that White people must have a White nation to live in. They will be safer, happier, and more secure in that White society. Their children will grow up safer, and be much better educated in a White society. The entire future of Whites will be better if Whites live in a White society.

The real truth of the matter, the truth that the Media Lords especially try to cover up, is that Nonwhites will be better off if Whites are in White societies too! Whites, you see, unlike the Media Lords, have compassion. Whites will develop things of all sorts and distribute these things to all nations. We have a very long history of supplying medical and educational aid to Nonwhite peoples around the world. If White nations ceased to exist, civilizations everywhere would suffer. This is something that White people must be made to see as well.

As our prenatal White baby nation reaches its time to be born, then will be the time to decide how best to take back our country. Once we are great in numbers, I guarantee that a champion of our people will arise and lead us to victory. Whether it is a bloodless revolution of votes or the bloodiest revolution in history, we will have right on our side and we will win. There is no one on earth that can oppose a White nation which has come full term and is ready to be born. Our goal is to bring the baby to that mature state. Our goal is to draw our people away from the television, that mental programming device of the Media Lords, and into the light of White literature, White art, and most of all, of learning to think for themselves instead of having their brains controlled by someone else.

This is our task! We must go forward with it. Let nothing dissuade you. Our baby White nation is growing every day. We will protect it and we will make it grow. It is clear what we must do. Find no excuse. Look for no escape from your duty. Arise, your destiny awaits you!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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