The Invisible Backpack

AS I WAS RUMMAGING AROUND in the back rooms of the Internet today, I stumbled across a reference to "Peggy McIntosh's essay 'White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack'" and it brought back the memory of reading through that absurd document a while back. I found "reasoning" in the piece to be so far adrift from reality that I could not imagine anyone finding his way to that location without the use of some very strong drugs.

This woman assumed that she was discovering some deep and "invisible" plot to allow White folks to move, and prosper in American society more readily than members of any other race. It is just a bit like finding a deep, dark, evil, and hidden plot associated with the Jones family having special privilege within the walls of their own home. Just look at the members of the Jones family go into their own house, and nobody else is allowed access to that dwelling without the Jones' permission. Why, that is discrimination! Even the government is involved in promoting that privilege. If someone tries to force their way into the Jones' home, the government will send members of its police force to drive those invaders out. Shall we join our voices together with Peggy McIntosh in celebration of the fact that we have been able to discover and expose this terrible plot of discriminatory privilege in the Jones' household? I think not.

When the White people who created America provided for their descendants to have privilege in this land, it was an honorable attempt to provide a heritage to be passed on from one White generation to the next. Every one of the Founding Fathers, who spoke to the subject, declared that he wanted a one race society. None of them believed the races to be equal and none of them wanted a multiracial society where the different races were living side by side as equals. When America began, White privilege was absolute. It was not some "Invisible Backpack" that was secretly reached into, to sneakily get past other races. Instead it was a fact of law. White folks were the creators of America and therefore had full control of what went on, and of course all of the important, and prestigious positions. (Compare this with the privilege held by Asians in Asia, and Africans in Africa.)

This erroneous idea that White folks are somehow, sneaking in through the back door, into privilege that does not belong to them, is outrageous. When you own a home, you write the rules and anyone who does not like it can stay out. The fabric and structure of American society was created by White people who came from European roots. The American traditions, like Christmas, came from Europe, not Asia, Mexico, or Africa. Our work ethic, and our value system came from our European heritage. It was our White race that peopled and powered the growth of the United States, and all of the important sociological features that made her great. So, is it the least bit surprising that in this land that we built, we should have privilege over and beyond what any other people have? Of course not!

It is high time that we realize that unless we protect our privilege by all means necessary, it will evaporate. If we do not protect our borders from non-White invasion, and our birthright of honest, and honorable privilege -- ours by right of being the rightful heirs to this great nation our forefathers built FOR US and no others -- we will find that we will no longer have either privilege or even a place to live safely into the future. Our inheritance will be forfeited to others by default, because we chose to give it away without thought, or protest.

There was a time when Americans would not have been so free to give away what was theirs. The men who fought in the Revolutionary War, were proud White men who risked all that they had to create and preserve a nation that would carry with it the seeds of greatness. The same type of White men reached out and conquered the entire continent, laying the ground work for the country in which we Americans live into today. Our borders run from coast to coast and north and south in a proud outline of the country created by our White race.

The Indians did not create this nation. They lived on this same land for thousands of years and never crawled out of the stone age. The Black race did not create this nation. They were brought here as property, and served the same role as machinery does today, performing tasks given them by those who planned and determined the direction taken by the this country. (The horse also did hard labor and helped feed the people by pulling plows and delivery wagons, but it did not build this nation either.)

America was a White dream brought to reality by the drive and planning of White folks. Anyone who denies this fact has an agenda that is anti-White at its heart. Our enemies intentionally tell people that the truth is incorrect, because the truth will get in the way of their agenda. They fear the truth about the birth and maturation of the United States of America into the world power that it is today, because it is rooted in the white race. They know that if the truth is known and accepted, it will tend to generate pride in White folks for their people, and a desire to protect their country from invasion.

The ones perpetrating the lie on the other hand, wish to crush all White pride, and all desire to maintain the great White nation of America which has accomplished so much. They wish to promote the lie that all Americans are merely immigrants, and that all immigrants are just the same as all other immigrants. They know that by altering the racial makeup of any nation, they will alter the nation itself. Instead of a strong, unified USA, filled with racially aware White folks, they wish to create a racial hodgepodge, which will continually be at war with itself, as all the different racial groups fight for their own group's piece of the pie.

Anyone with average intelligence, or above, can easily see that by mixing many races together, a society will be set into constant infighting. How much racial infighting did we have in schools in the USA before 1960? Almost zero. Why? Because there was only one significant race in this nation. All other races combined only made up 10% of the population. That condition was a very positive one. Racial disharmony will always exist when more than one race is present in a society, but it will never exist in a racially homogeneous nation. There may be fighting for other reasons, but there will be no racial conflicts.

Think of the Jones family, living in their home. They do not let the Smiths live with them. The Smiths have their own home. We have no trouble understanding the concept of the Jones family having their own home, and the Smiths having their own home. No one condemns the Jones family for being "family supremacists," or more properly, "family separatists," for only letting members of their own family stay in their home. The Jones are very kind to the Smiths. In fact they have often helped out when the Smiths needed a hand with their things at their house. The Smiths have helped the Jones family out to. But they maintain their own homes.

This basic idea is so simple to grasp, that the enemies of the White race are forced to produce huge amounts of propaganda in a myriad of forms to try to counteract it. The idea of White people retaining possession of the nation which they created is fundament to fair play and common sense, just as one would expect the Jones family to retain control of the house which they have purchased. There is no hate involved in the process. It is instead an expression of justice, and of honor. The White race conquered the soil upon which America was later built. It then proceeded to build the American nation. Now it has done that, the reasonable and just thing to do, would be for the members of the White race to fight to retain this land which is theirs. Allowing it to be stolen from them without a fight, with nothing but twisted propaganda being used against them as a weapon is simply ridiculous. It cannot be allowed to happen!

When Mr. Jones goes to his refrigerator and grabs a glass of orange juice, no one questions his right to do so. It is his refrigerator, and his orange juice. If Mr. Smith is visiting, he must rightly ask before he helps himself to some orange juice, because it does not belong to him. If Mr. Jones says no, Mr. Smith will have to do without. Mr. Jones has privilege in his house. It is right and it is just. It is not some invisible backpack that he carries around with him. It is out in the open and he wears it with pride. He is the owner of his house and he has the owner's privilege within it.

Likewise, the White race is the owner of the United States of America, and it has the right to offer any and all privileges to its members. It even has the obligation to do so. It would be (and is!) the grossest injustice to offer greater privilege to a member of any other race. For example, the very process of Affirmative Action is a breach of honor. The premise upon which that travesty of justice is based is openly offensive to the spirit of fair play possessed by any thinking man. How dare anyone suggest that the White race does not have the right to first claim on jobs, or promotions in a land that they built?

If Mr. Jones buys a turkey, should not his family have first claim to eating it? Of course they should! If Mr. Jones should create a business, he just as surely has the right to hire only employees that he chooses to hire. He owns the business. Members of society can patronize or not patronize that business, but it is only Mr. Jones who should have the say as to who should be hired in his business. If he wishes to hire only members of his family, or members of his own race, that should be his choice in this land where freedom is constantly being proclaimed, while being evermore crushed by the government.

The point upon which most Americans are being deceived is this: you can racially discriminate in your business hiring practices, and you can support racial discrimination in your nation's immigration policy, and still be a good man. In fact, you only can be an intelligent, good, and honorable man if you defend your land from invasion by other races. You can only truly love your own heritage and culture if you defend it, and promote it through your daily activities, such as in hiring members of your race at work, and in who you choose to associate with. If you do not refuse to vote for a candidate who tolerates non-White immigration, you are voting to slit the collective throat of your people, and to destroy the high standard of living of your nation. If you go along with the policies which are destroying our nation, and our race, how can you consider yourself an honorable man?

Promoting the White race in America, and establishing a permanent and safe home here for it, is an act of love. Restoring our natural ascendancy in this land is a goal worthy of the most noble among us. Once we have restored America to the great White land that it was once, think of all the wonderful things we can do for the other people on earth. I have pointed out on other occasions that the White race has done more to help other races on earth than any other race has. There are literally millions and millions of Blacks and other non-Whites alive today because of the charity of the White race. It is clear that this charity to other people can only continue as long as there are White people to provide it. It is not only love for White people, but love for all people, to wish to retain White lands for White people. The entire world has been pulled into the modern era by the White race. (One shining example: The Asians in Japan have taken the gift of the White race and done remarkable things with it.) And for our generosity we are condemned and vilified. We are attacked and told that we have no right to exist or retain what we have built.

It is time that we call an absurdity what it is, openly and boldly. It is an absurdity to call the desire for the promotion of our traditional White America, "hate." Instead, it is a twisted, sick and heartless man who does not love his people, and who does not wish for them to retain what they have created with their own hands. Let us no longer accept quietly the absurd lies of our enemies. Let us proclaim justice and honor in this White land once more. Like the members of the Jones family who are living safely in their own home, let the White folks once again proudly live in their own land. It is time to put the lies to rest, and to run the liars "out of town" on a rail, tarred and feathered.

It is time to restore our natural love for our people, and stop trying to suppress it, just because our enemies tell us that it is wrong. Love for your people is as healthy as a mother's love for her child is, and to bury that love is as unnatural as a mother turning her back on her young offspring. It is time to start appreciating the fact that privilege for the White race was earned by right of ownership in America. It also is time to aggressively attack the idea that White privilege, White ownership of this land, and survival of the White race are anything but right, and wonderful. It is absolutely amazing that the lying weasels who are saying otherwise have survived in positions of respect in our society this long. It is time for that to end. Immediately!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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