WHO WAS IT THAT CAME ACROSS THE ATLANTIC Ocean in those little wooden ships, and colonized the North American continent? Do you know? Who was it that carved the wilderness into 13 colonies, and made them prosper? Who was it that then fought a war of independence, and through their victory created the opportunity to create a new 13 state nation? Who was it that produced the Constitution of the United States, and with it fabricated the nation which was to become the greatest on earth? Who was it that conquered the wilds and the savages, and extended the lands of the USA to where they stretched from coast to coast?

Who was it that created the radio, the telephone, the television, the airplane and thousands of other miraculous inventions? Are you clear on the correct answer to all of these questions?

The White man did all of these things and more. The United States of America was created and populated by Whites, right from the beginning. The Indians were pushed aside because their numbers and abilities were no match for those of the White man. The Indians stood in the way of America, they did not create it. They could not hold the land and so they lost it. The land now belongs to the White man. And if he does not defend it, it will belong to someone else. That is the law of nature that has ruled the earth for thousands of years. You only keep what you can defend.

Any fair look at that history of the United States of America will highlight clearly that it is the history of the White race in a new land. The War for the freedom of the South was almost entirely fought by White men, for White causes. The Black race is still today practicing slavery in Africa, so it is clear that the concept of having a moral objection to slavery was a White one, not a Black one. The White race obviously made a huge mistake bringing Black slaves to the USA, because as Rome and other great White nations have demonstrated, Nonwhite slaves always lead to the ultimate destruction of the society. Once the slaves are inside your borders, sooner or later they will be freed and mix with the original race. That produces a new race which has little in common with the founders of the society. The end result has been in every case the collapse of the society. Rome will never rise again. Greece is a pitiful shadow of its blond and blue eyed days. The United States is now paying the price for its unfortunate choices of the past.

Today you will hear all sorts of arguments and attempts to refute the truth. If you state the undeniable truth that Whites created the nation of the United States of America, the members of the Left will fall upon you with uncontrolled hatred. They are insane with passion in support of the idea that the USA was always a racially diverse nation. To that we must reply, "Balderdash!"

The Founding Fathers were all White. So were all of the original citizens of this nation. The truth is seldom PC but it remains the truth. The only Nonwhite people within the borders of the original 13 states were slaves and Indians, and none of them were citizens. As time passed, the percentage of the total US population that the White race maintained was always above 80% and it was actually 90% in 1960. Our people and our way of life were all protected by immigration laws that guaranteed the continuation of our people, safely in their own land.

I recommend that you take a look at the newspapers, the school yearbooks, the television shows, the magazines and books of photographs of the era. See how White America was before 1960. Then check on a few more things. Check and see what the crime rates were. Look at the level of education the students were receiving then. Look at the way marriages stayed together. See how a White society conducted itself in the United States of America. No it was not perfect, but you would think so if you compared it with the one we have today!

You have to make a decision for yourself. You have to decide for yourself whether the White folks who originally created America, and who nurtured this marvelous nation until it reached the heights that it now enjoys, have a right to continue to own and operate their own country, or whether they must instead give it away to others. Before you jump to your answer, you must think over a few facts.

  1. Whites created this nation and therefore are its rightful owners. Their children are the only rightful heirs to this land. It is right and just that they should strive to maintain their numbers at a level of at least 80% of the population, or even 100%.

  2. In every case in history where a nation allowed diversity to grow, including the great nation of Rome, that nation was unable to maintain its greatness, and it never again arose from mediocrity once it fell. Therefore, it is completely insane to promote diversity as being something positive. Striving for a homogeneous population is reasonable and good. The greater the differences between members of a society, the greater will be the number of reasons for them to fight each other. This is a basic law of nature. (It is impossible to have racial problems if there is only one race!)

  3. The history of the United States shows that pre-1960 immigration was traditionally from Europe. The immigrants (except for the Jews and some of the Irish(1)) were so happy and proud to be Americans, that they cast off their old languages and attitudes, and exchanged them for English and American attitudes. In one or two generations, you could not tell the immigrants from the natives. That is what was called the "melting pot." It only worked for White folks, it never has, and it never will work for Nonwhites. Many Blacks have been here for hundreds of years and yet they still are Blacks, and aliens in our midst. Asians and Hispanics form their own groups and are pushing our society in different directions than it would have gone otherwise. The culture and heritage that all Americans shared before 1960 is being taken apart and discarded by the massive influx of Nonwhite immigrants.

  4. The very survival of the White race depends upon there being a place where they can reproduce, and raise their young. Such a location must include the feature of a habitat where White males and females will court and date, free from the interference from other races. It must also be a place where White culture and ideals can be inculcated into the next generation, free from contamination of other cultures. This stands in stark contrast to what we have today! Our society is being driven to expunge its White heritage and culture in favor of cultures of other races and peoples. Our society is programming our children to forsake the perpetuation of their own race and instead to amalgamate with other races, producing a confusing mix of genes, and in the long run, exterminating the White race completely.

  5. All of the White nations on earth today are under attack by the promoters of racial diversity. All of them! If you take a trip to England, or France or Germany, you will find that Nonwhite faces are becoming far more numerous than ever before. If the trend continues, the end that will be achieved is clear to anyone with a brain. In order to have a viable White race, you must have White lands in which to breed it. There is no other choice!

To those who assert that racial diversity makes us strong, I have but one answer. To those who insist that the White culture is not good enough for our children, I have the same answer. To those who attempt to press upon us the idea that it is evil for Whites to claim and protect this great White nation for themselves and their children, there is but the same reply: BALDERDASH!

1.  This is in no way meant to disparage anyone who is from Irish descent. The fact is, that some Irish, like the Jews, did not just jump into American life and become immediately assimilated. The Jews of course, if they remain Jews, are never going assimilate and that makes them in a category of their own. The pride in being an American that I am referring to in the article, was a desire to cast off the old roots and traditions in favor of the new American traditions. (It is a level of commitment, giving up the old for the new.) Today, I think that the Irish who held on to their traditions, were the smart ones. I wish my family had hung on to its roots and passed some heritage down to me from Scotland. And I am certainly not here attacking the Irish, since much of my own Scottish ancestry originally immigrated from Ireland to Scotland. 

In The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson, (The Dispossessed Majority - Download ) the author shows how some Irish did not assimilate and tended to act like a minority in this country, voting as a block for Catholic candidates like Teddy Kennedy even after Chappaquiddick. (I lived in New England for a number of years and saw that for myself. I had never seen White Americans before who really were hyphenated Americans.) Today I understand that holding onto your past traditions and heritage is a strength and I hail the Irish for doing so!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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