Black Mail

There follows an E-mail that I received from a Black gentleman, with my replies to each of his points interspersed between them.

At first glance I was deeply concerned by your site, and after reading your reason for existence as a site my concern grew. I have no problem with you loving being white, I too love my race (I am a natural born American of African heritage; i.e., African-American). But the concern is how you love your race, people think about hate groups when you say things like "white America" because your cruelty as a race is legendary globally.

For some reason, the idea of loving, or even liking White folks is always a point of concern to those on the Left. The idea that White folks should continue to exist as a happy thriving people is something that strikes terror into the hearts of the bravest Nonwhites. If only the White man would just curl up and die, the world would be so much better off. We are said to be cruel. Do we cut off our enemies heads and shrink them and make them keepsakes? No that is the Black race that does that. Do we eat our enemies? No, Nonwhites again are the ones who do that. Do we torture our enemies? On occasion, but you will find that other races today are certainly more likely to use this tactic than we are. What is the primary act of cruelty that White people are guilty of? They keep Nonwhites out of their lands. They attempt to maintain all-White civilizations. They do not welcome diversity. That is terribly cruel! Why? Because other races cannot built the lands that Whites do, and so Whites are viewed as being "privileged" and selfish because other races are left out.

The problem that Nonwhites will never understand, is that as they come into a White nation, they do not find themselves lifted up to the same level as the Whites are in their White neighborhoods. They still find themselves living in conditions that are less. Not because Whites stop them from improving themselves but because they seem not to be able to manage it by themselves. So, through Leftist oppression, Whites have been forced into accepting other races into their once White neighborhoods, only to see those neighborhoods deteriorate just like the Nonwhite neighborhoods did before. It is like a man trying to catch the end of the rainbow. As he thinks he is getting closer, the rainbow moves farther away. As Nonwhites move into a White neighborhood, suddenly they find that the low crime rate disappears, along with the Whites that they have displaced. The crime, the drugs, and the lower standard of living have all traveled with them to this new location. And Whites objecting to this process are called "cruel."

At times the White race has been unthinking about the feelings of other races. When a member of the race of Shakespeare, Newton, and Mozart comes across a people who have never invented a written language, think voodoo is the epitome of science, and who think that beating drums in the jungle is top notch music, they may tend towards feelings of superiority. The way to counter that, of course, would be for those Nonwhite people to produce a Shakespeare, Newton, or Mozart on their own. Instead the reaction is fear, hatred and desire for the extermination of the White race.

Also the tactics that you use to continue to use gain and to hold your position in the world are known to be not only ruthless but just plain evil. Take in consideration your migration into the Americas.

The tactics that we used to gain and hold our position in the world are certainly no worse than the tactics that any African tribe uses to gain and hold its position in the world. Warriors have been celebrated by all races of man, and just because Whites have done it better, and produced more sophisticated ways of doing it, does not make them more ruthless, or evil. Africans are still practicing slavery, when they capture people from other villages. It is completely ridiculous to claim superiority in aim or method of any other race over the White race.

The migration from Europe into the Americas, especially North America, is one of the highest points in all the history of man. From that came the greatest nation that has ever existed on planet Earth: The United States of America, created by White men, and carved from an untamed wilderness. It is a nation that is under great attack today by those who are the ones who are so envious of her greatness.

Which also brings me to another point this isn't your country, there were civilizations here before you. These civilizations were made up of a network of tribal systems which your race saw and destroyed for various reasons.

Oh but it is our country! We made the USA, Indians did not. Yes there were civilizations before us in America, but now there is our civilization. If you study Greece, you will find that there have been several civilizations there. The one that is there now is different, with a different racial population than was there when the ancient Greek civilization (which also had displaced a previous civilization) was the envy of the world. At every point on the globe, different groups ebb and flow over the lands. It is up to a people upon a land to hold the land or to be run off of it. That is why my web page is calling out to White folks to defend their land, because throughout history, those who do not defend their lands, lose them, just like the Indians did.

The "network" of warring Indian tribes, has been overrun without a doubt, but have they been destroyed? Have you noticed the tribal casinos going up all over our land today? Have you noticed all the Indian jewelry shops and art exhibits? The Indians are still here.

There is no reason good enough to justify genocide.

Funny you should say that. The Indian population in the USA today is twice what it was when Columbus came. Funny sort of genocide don't you think? For an exterminated people, they seem to be flourishing pretty well, with numbers twice as great as before the White man came. Imagine that! In other words, in the United States of America, Indians can survive twice as well as they did in on their own before the White man came. Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.

The White race, on the other hand is becoming an ever lesser percentage of our own population. We have descended from 90% in 1960 to 70% today, and will be less than half in a few decades. We are in danger of extinction, and that is GENOCIDE. You say there is no reason good enough to justify genocide, but sound very unconcerned about the one going on before your very eyes, through immigration, miscegenation, and low White birth rates, inspired by Leftist lying propaganda.

Then if that wasn't enough you strip them of there belief systems at gun point and feed them your own brand of MIS- education.

Religion is a tricky business. You have all sorts of people worshiping all sorts of things, and they all think that their thing is the right thing. Whether it is a totem pole, the fire god, or Zeus, a people think they have theological truth on their side. So, naturally the White man tried to convert the savages he conquered to what he thought was truth, trying to save their souls. Such hatred is unbelievable is it not? Trying to arrange an infinity of bliss for those oppressed Indians, how terrible.

At the very least you have to grant that any attempt to convert Indians to Christianity, was at least motivated by good intentions, and not cruelty.

You see, this is why people shudder when they see your site because your race's rally calls have a loooooooooong history of destruction and barbarism to many other races.

That is completely ridiculous. The Whites have attempted to spread their power, just like other races have. They have had the technology to do it better is all. There is no way you can honestly assign any more evil intent or barbarism upon Whites than upon any other race. Whites have had their faults but they have had their good points toward other races as well. There are literally millions of Africans and other Nonwhites alive today because, Whites have taken their hard earned money and given it to charities. There are many thousands of Whites who have taken the food and medicine purchased with that money, to the backward people of Africa and healed their diseases as they alleviated their hunger. We have a loooooooooong history of assisting other races which you too easily forget.

So if you decide to make changes to your site see if you are putting out the kind of "be us or die" vibe that you people are notorious for having.

I have no intention of making any significant changes to my web page. I will of course always strive to make it more presentable, and to make the message clearer, but that will be it.

"Be us or die?" I fear that phrase is not clear to me. Is it Ebonics by chance? The hardest line that I will ever take, is this: "America is for Whites." If that translates to "be us or get out" then so be it. I do not live in joyous expectation of bloodshed or war. I do not wish anyone to be dead. I do not wish anyone to be harmed. The fact is that if we do not return America to a White nation, then Whites will cease to exist within her, and genocide will be the result. Those are serious stakes. To use a dramatic analogy, perhaps you have watched the old Star Trek series on television? Captain Kirk felt about his ship like I do about America for White folks. I wish you no harm, but don't mess with my "ship."

Also the slow decline of the white race is something that is genetically uncontrollable. As any scientist can tell you the genes that control your physical attributes are not dominate genes. This is something that can not be stopped unless you find a way to go against the God himself.

So, the God himself has determined that Whites are doomed and to become extinct huh? That is a new one on me. If Whites mate with Whites, guess what? They produce White children. That is a scientific fact. The only thing that can destroy us is miscegenation, which I am fighting to stop. It certainly can be stopped and I won't have to fight a god or the God to do it. Obviously this White race came upon this Earth. Either God created it on purpose, or it came about by natural causes. In either case, there is nothing that is blocking my race from continuing to exist, except the loss of our lands to diversity. End diversity and you end the threat to my race. Whites are safe, I am happy, and nobody is hurt.

You see in the end all the positioning and fighting you culture has been doing is in vain, because the societies that will exist in the next, let's say, couple hundred years will be reading about this planets true dark ages. They will read about the your culture the way they read about the "Missing link" and will be free of the continuos interference that your race cause the Human race as a whole while we are still growing and evolving.

If my race comes to an end, the future generations of man on Earth will not be reading much of anything. They will be too busy building their corrugated tin buildings, beside their mud huts, as they struggle to fight off the latest attack from the tribe over the next hill. You forget how much of what you take for granted came from the White race, and would disappear if it should disappear.

Take a close look at Africa if you want to read about man's "Dark Ages." Read about South Africa today. See how she has gone from a top flight country to a dung heap, where one third of the women in Johannesburg, a city which had a low crime rate in the age of Aparteid, have now been raped, and the number grows every day.

Or in the USA look at the Dark History of Washington DC, a city that has become nearly White-free with a citizenship of 95% Black. Half of their men are criminals. Murder is committed at a rate 10 times higher than in any peacetime White community ON EARTH! Somehow Blacks always find a way to blame Whites for their own actions, but DC is something you cannot explain away with "White Racism". The only thing you can blame on the White man is the fact that he was dumb enough to bring Blacks to America in the first place, and I will grant you that. I only wish that Lincoln had lived long enough to send all Blacks back to Africa, as he had planned, and the problem would have been solved once and for all. Alas, it was not so.

But don't get me wrong I have no problem with you taking action, as long as that action is one that doesn't hurt others.

I will promise you this, that I will only apply as much force as is required to return America to at least 90% White once more. If anyone gets hurt, it will be their own choice, and because they chose to try and steal this country from the White folks who created her.

I would also pose this question to you "Since your race knows it is becoming extinct, How will you spend your last days, as friend or foe to the rest of humanity? Good luck on your choice.

My race does not know that it is becoming extinct. If it knew that, it would stop the process. It is my goal to alert them to that danger and correct the problem. So, I do not believe that we are in our last days. I expect the White race to spend its last days on trillions of planets in a million different galaxies as the dying stars of the universe turn dark. So, helping other races to annihilate us is not my idea of civilized behavior. Sorry.

Since you brought up luck, if you are gifted with that much sought after quality, you will see the White race recover from its current direction and continue to bless the world with its marvelous musical, literary, technological and medical creations. You and your people will be much better off for it.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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