Blond Jokes

RACIAL JOKES were very common years ago. They were flying around like crazy, and they highlighted how stupid members of certain races were. These jokes were suddenly condemned by our PC thought police and today you do not hear them in public anymore. I do not know about you, but I never receive emails loaded with Nonwhite racial jokes. However, hardly a day passes that I do not receive a White-race joke. It is called a Blond Joke or a Redneck Joke but guess which race is naturally blond? Guess which race can have its neck sunburned red?

It is amazing how Black jokes that are decades old are now rejuvenated and redirected towards White women who have blond hair, and nobody seems to object. The fact is that the average natural blond woman has an IQ that is well above the average Black man or woman. It is above the average Hispanic man or woman, and it is comparable to the average Oriental man or woman. How is it that this person of relatively high IQ is singled out as the stupidest creature on earth?

It is a symptom of our societal decay as we are quickly merging into the twenty-first century. America has officially turned its back on its founding race, its founding culture and thereby, on its future. White Americans go about laughingly telling jokes about people who have blond hair, as they forget that Alexander the Great had blond hair. The list of great blond historical figures stretches out before us as we continue to point the finger of ridicule at them by our jokes. At the same time we meticulously avoid ridiculing through humor, the intelligence of those who have tested out to have an IQ on average 15 points less than the average natural blond. This does not make sense to me.

The duplicity of the liberal PC mind is once again evident. They are outraged by Black jokes, but not by Blond jokes. You can be fired from your job for telling a joke which pokes fun at a minority or at women in general, but if you tell a Blond joke, which only pokes fun at White women, then it is just fine with nearly everybody. Liberals do not care about White women. It is clear that a group that professes such sensitivity to women and their feelings, can in no way be ignorant about what blond jokes are all about. Blond jokes are intended to ridicule and demean White women. All White women should be offended by Blond jokes, and if White men are men at all, they should be outraged when their women are demeaned in this fashion.

Picture if you will, the telling of such a joke to a Viking warrior, with his blond hair hanging to his powerful shoulders. The teller would not outlive the sound of the punch line echoing off the walls. The Normans were descendants of the Vikings, as are many people of Northern Europe. Much of their blood is in the people of England and America today. I am left to wonder where is the fighting spirit of those once great warriors. How do their descendents sit quietly by as their history and their race is so clearly and repeatedly maligned?

What is the most common image that is captured upon film for feminine beauty? Is it not a blond female? As the old song says, "Gentlemen prefer blondes." The blond woman has been the prize of men for centuries and they represent the White race in the most exquisitely lovely fashion. For thousands of years, including in the Roman Empire, brunette women have wanted to be blond and have bleached their hair to appear as if they really were one of these special creatures.

Think about what our society is saying about blondes today. Blond (White) women are jokingly referred to as being the stupidest beings on earth. They are said to have no morals and that they would all be prostitutes but for the fact that they are too stupid to realize that they could charge money for what they are freely giving away. That is what blond jokes are all about. Does that outrage you? It certainly does me.

I let people know when they send me a Blond joke that it angers me. I am sick of hearing those jokes and I no longer tolerate them. It is time for White people to start drawing some lines that they will no longer cross. Just for starters, they should no longer tolerate:

The list could go on and on but even those few items were eradicated it would work wonders in our country. The important thing is for Whites to stop laying down and taking it. Even little people, using tiny threads can tie down a great giant if given enough time to do it. The great White race is currently sleeping, and the little people are running madly about with their strings, tying their knots and hoping that we will not awaken before they are finished immobilizing our strength. Each new Nonwhite immigrant is another thread about our wrists or our neck. As time passes those threads will form a rope too strong to break!

What is the activity that our enemies are most enthusiastically engaged in? They are most vigorously attacking all calls for Whites to awaken. Every such call is labeled, "Hate Speech." Our enemies are only interested in silencing any alarms quickly, before those alarms can awaken the giant. Look at the vast array of people, and the tremendous selection of media outlets available through which to promote them, who are eager to lambaste and lampoon any who would suggest that: 1) There is indeed a real racial problem, with real racial hatred, in all White countries, and 2) The real victims of the racial hatred are the members of the White race! After these Media Lord lackeys are finished with a man trying to spread the truth, the rest of the White race hardly stirs in its sleep. "Did you hear something Kathy?" "No dear, go back to sleep."

The television is the great sedative, which keeps the giant soundly sleeping. Without this device, the little people would be helpless against our might. Every night the members of our race sit down in front of the hypnotic cathode ray, and they are brain-numbed into passivity. They are taught that resistance is not only futile but that it is evil! They are told that they are themselves disgusting racists and that they should be overjoyed at the fact that their country, along with their daughters, is being given to Nonwhites. They are told to "ignore the man behind the curtain" and they are told that they must do as they are commanded.

The clock is ticking. Each day that passes more Nonwhite immigrants are crossing our borders, legally and illegally. The demographics of our nation are a-changing and not for the better.

Table 1
Am. Indian

In the November 2, 1998 issue of Newsweek on page 63, there is a section called "Face of the Nation," where the story is clearly told. (See Table 1 above.) It shows that as we approached the year 2000 the White Race has fallen to 72% of the total US population and the NEWSWEEK projection is that the founding race of this nation will have fallen to 53% of the population by 2050. This is old news to readers of this page, but another point it raises is that in 1900 there were effectively NO HISPANICS. Their total population in the United States in the year 1900 was listed as "na" or less than one percent of the total population. The same is true of the Asians and the American Indians. Effectively the Whites and the blacks had the country to themselves in the year 1900. Today we find that the Blacks make up 12% of the population, but the Hispanics have jumped up to 11% and their segment of the population is expected to more than double to 24% by 2050. Asians are 3% of the population today and expected to more than double that by 2050, when they will be 8%. The American Indians are today at 1% of the total US population, or double the actual number of American Indians that were alive in 1492 when Columbus discovered the New World. In 2050 Hispanics and American Indians combined will make up one quarter of the US population, while Blacks and Asians will jointly make up nearly one quarter and Whites will make up a mere 2 quarters or one half of the population of this, the country that they created.

Imagine if you will, in 1950 what the reaction of the citizens of the USA would have been if a proclamation had been received by a foreign power that it was going to use its military might to force upon the American people the changes which have been put upon us by the Media Lords? Think of what has happened since mid century. We had all White neighborhoods then. We had all White schools then, which just happened to be the best schools in the world. 90% of the population was White then, up due to White immigration, from a low of 81% in 1900. Life was good. Television shows reflected the White society which the vast majority of American citizens lived in. Taxes were much lower, and welfare was unknown. Crime, divorce and door locks were all far less prevalent then. If a foreign power had said that they were determined to force us to move Blacks into our neighborhoods and schools, allow our White daughters to marry Blacks, and force us to pay for all illegitimate black children through federal and state funds, it is clear what would have happened. If that power had threatened that it was going to open our borders to Nonwhite immigration to the point to where all of our real growth in population would be from that immigration, our men would have lined up at the enlistment centers to join the military to go to war against the insane animals who were trying to destroy our country.

We have been conquered by just such a foreign power. We are today living that nightmare which in 1950 would have been impossible to envision. There were no lines at the enlistment centers to oppose this take over. Our military was never called to protect our land from these invaders. Instead the invaders took over the government, the control of our military, and used it against us to force all of these changes upon us. We never really lifted a hand to oppose the Media Lords. They took over and we laid down in surrender.

Today our surrender is complete. We worship nightly before the holy shrine of the anti-White religion, and pay homage by watching its flickering screen and listening to its words. We sit calmly as we see Nonwhite faces selling products to us. We watch Nonwhite men play sports and Nonwhite talking heads read our local "news" to us. We watch Nonwhite "experts" ludicrously discuss how racist the White Americans are, the same docile Whites who are stupidly watching the program! We sit by and watch the box tell us that our country will be overrun to the point of where 50% of the country will be Nonwhite in 50 years and we are not angered, shocked, frightened, or even motivated to turn the station to something less unpleasant. We are brain dead!

So, it is small wonder that the slumbering giant is telling Blond jokes in its sleep. What do you expect from someone who is not yet awake enough to recognize a serious threat to his very existence, going on around him. The facts are out there in the open. The truth is plain to see. The White race is in deep trouble and it still is more afraid of being labeled "racist" than it is in keeping its children White, and it lands safe for those children. So, tomorrow when you get those Blond jokes in your email, do yourself and your people a favor and tell the sender where they can stick their racists jokes.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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