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HE WAS SENTENCED TO LIFE, THOUGH NO ONE WAS HURT. According to the Associated Press, (1) On Friday September 15, 2000, a White man, Lawrence Lombardi was sentenced in Tallahassee, Florida, to life in prison for setting off a bomb that did not hurt anyone, and caused minimal damage. And here is the kicker! Merely for his thoughts, he received another consecutive sentence of 30 years, and an additional 9 years concurrent sentence.

I don't know if you have noticed, but people who actually are successful at committing murder receive lighter sentences than that. A Black man can beat and rape a White woman, calling her derogatory racial names the whole time, then strangle her to death, and not be charged with a hate crime or be sentenced to as many years as Lombardi received.

First off, let me say that if Lombardi did set off bombs at Florida's A&M University where it could harm people, especially college kids I think that he should be drawn and quartered. I have no sympathy for an animal that would do that. I put him in the same category as Bill Clinton and his henchmen who orchestrated the bombing of Yugoslavia, a country that had never threatened, or harmed Americans, or American interests. People who use terrorism like that should be executed. So, the harshness of the sentence for the bombing is not a serious problem with me. Here are the issues that do bother me:

1. The AP story says that the motivation for the bombing was racial, and "Prosecutor Karen Rhew said, 'the intent of the bombings clearly was to hurt people because of their color, not just to spread fear.' She told the judge that should be factored into the sentence."

What that means is that if Lombardi were another color, or if he were bombing White kids, his sentence would have been significantly less. Does that bother you? It sure should! Since when is killing a White kid less of an offense than killing a Black kid? With all of the empty talk of equality today, one is left to wonder what they are really saying. If setting off a bomb is an offense, it is an offense, no matter why you did it or who you were trying to frighten or kill. It is the frightening and the killing that matters, not the motivation for it. A bomb going off in BYU, USC, or FAMU is unacceptable and why it was done should not be a concern of the court.

This attitude of our court system is an outrage! It makes White people second class citizens in our own country. If a loony Black guy goes off and kills Whites or sets off a bomb in a White school, he is charged only with the actual offense. It is not suggested that his sentence should be lengthened because the court does not like his opinions. It is absolutely beyond belief that Whites are sitting still for this happening to their people. Your rights are infringed every time one of these witch hunt rulings is executed. You must believe what the state demands that you believe, or any mistake that you make, can arbitrarily have the punishment that you receive for it magnified many times over.

Let us be very clear on exactly what this means. You can be prosecuted and sentenced for what you believe. Your thoughts and your beliefs will match the state's dictates, or you walk on thin ice every day of your life. If you happen to look at race differently than the way that the government wants you to, and, for example, you have a road rage incident on the highway, and the other driver happens to be a minority, guess what? You just committed a "hate crime" and your sentence may be doubled or worse. You may not have even noticed the race of the other guy before the incident occurred, but you can bet the court will notice.

The next step is an easy one to picture. All the government has to do to make everyone conform, is to create false incidents, and tack on a "hate crime" issue to it, and they can put you away forever, with the newspapers screaming about how the racist got his just due. Your guilt or innocence does not matter a bit, just the fact that your politically incorrect ideas were properly punished.

Justice is impossible in a society that is run in this fashion. When the government can prosecute for "thought crime," nothing else really matters. The laws on the books are just window dressing, because everyone is terrified that Big Brother will point the finger at them as being criminals for thinking the wrong thoughts. Is that what America is all about now? Yes, it is. But it was not that way until the Leftist invasion in the 1960s. We have lost the reins of this government and now are at its mercy.

2. Over and above the Life Sentence, Lombardi was given 39 years for his opinions and motivations. (A 30 year consecutive sentence which is tacked on to the life sentence and a 9 year sentence that will run concurrently.) This "magic" sentence "materialized" for nothing but pure "thought crime." No additional harm or potential harm was proven, just the fact that he had been convicted of a crime, was sentenced for that crime, AND he did not care for "persons of color."

In fairness we must ask ourselves, if Lombardi did not like White people, (just like our government) and set off bombs in a White school, (just like our president did in Yugoslavia) would he have received the same harsh sentences for the same reasons? Of course not. In fact he probably would have received a lesser sentence even if he had killed a White student with his bomb.

The idea of the government just tacking on 30 years to a criminal sentence for nothing but what a man believes is the most terrifying thing to come out of our government since forced integration. It is in complete disregard of the constitution, fair play, and of course, White people. If any offense can have a toss-in sentence tacked on to the end of it for thought crime, we have already lost our freedom and the thought police are already moving in. This is more than a slippery slope, this is a 1000 foot cliff crumbling away under our feet, with no path of escape.

I was discussing the idea of hate crime with someone a couple of years ago, and he said in passing, as if it were a given, "Of course killing someone for his race is worse than killing him for other reasons." I looked him in the eye and asked, "Why?" He fumbled around for a bit and could not come up with an answer. Of course the only answer is that our controlled government wants you to believe that. It gives them unbelievable, and unconstitutional, power! If you believe that they can legitimately set thought parameters for citizens, you have given up your freedom of speech. For how can you speak freely, if you cannot think freely?

What was it that so appalled each person who read the book 1984 by George Orwell? It was this very thing: Thought crime! The people in that world of oppression were constantly on the lookout to make sure that they did not think thoughts that the government did not approve of. They lived like animals because they were not free to think like men, and to be men. That is what thought crime does to a society, and it has now been officially introduced into ours. Here is a documented case that cannot be ignored of a man receiving a 30 year sentence for a thought crime. If it does not make you feel a little bit like Winston Smith, it should. And you just better be careful what you write in your diary. Remember, Big Brother is watching you.


1. Story Man sentenced to life for FAMU bombings by Lucy Morgan - September 16, 2000

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