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THE BILL OF RACIAL RIGHTS is really a list of rights for any people, including White people. The reason I have specifically called out White people in this document is that White people have been under an intensive and effect propaganda attack which has attempted to obliterate an awareness of these natural rights from their minds in the USA, and all around the world.

No one in the media today has attempted to say that these very rights do not apply to Asian countries for Asian people. No one has attempted to say that African people do not have these rights. In fact there has been a great deal of effort spent in creating political and economic pressure upon African countries because they did not grant these rights to Blacks. So, this is not a statement of special rights for Whites, but rather universal rights for any race and people. The point is that these rights do apply to White people, and that forgotten fact needs to be stated clearly for the record!

There is no such thing as an inherent right, or a right that is unquestionably granted because it is simply self-evidently right. All rights have to be earned through blood, sweat, and grief. The American nation did not come by its original Bill of Rights except by warfare, and a great deal of suffering and dying. Those rights were earned with the blood of our forefathers. They are now being taken from us, and White folks are not lifting a finger to stop it from happening. That is a grievous wrong, because it means that future blood will have to be spilt in order to repair the damage that is being done today without serious opposition from those who most need to oppose it.

Simple political opposition, by way of the vote, could have stopped the process dead in its tracks early on. However, now we have passed that point. White people have lost their racial consciousness and are splitting their votes along ideological lines, while non-Whites vote as a block for their own cause. This process has effectively removed the White voice from our system of government, and is bringing our land, as we know it to an end.

The Bill of Racial Rights is a statement of what every man on earth should naturally understand as true and valid. The Asians in China are not being pressured to give up these rights. The Africans, or Arabs (other than the Palestinians) are not being denied these rights. Only White people, in every White land are being told that they do not have these rights. That must stop before it is too late.

America was not created by "celebrating diversity." America could never have been built by celebrating diversity. Racial diversity precludes any great or powerful nation ever coming into existence, because the very pieces of the society that create diversity always also create dissention. There is always contention between the various racial factions. It is only homogeneity that can create greatness; whether it is the homogenous Asian people of Japan or the homogenous White people of the United States.

There are two foundational rights underlying all of the rights in this list:

1. The right of EXISTENCE for the White race.

I am sure that you have noticed that there are laws now in place to protect the existence of any known endanger animal, but it is up to a people itself to protect its own existence. White people will only continue to exist if they are willing to fight for this basic right.

2. The right TO FLOURISH as a people.

The White race can only grow and reach its potential if it is left alone, without having other people hanging on its back and gnawing at its heals. If we constantly have to fight the fight of diversity within our lands, we will never be able to reach our potential. For an example of what I am referring to: if we have to give half of what we produce to pay to feed the illegitimate children of other races, while we cannot afford to feed our own families, we are doomed to wallow in slavery and ultimately poverty. We have a right to be free of such tyranny upon us, so that we can grow into the greatness that we are capable of.

Ultimately, if we are planning to exist and to flourish as a people, The Bill of Racial Rights is foundational to that goal. If we give up these rights, as we appear to be doing, we give up both our future as a great people, and our very existence.

Right #1: White People have a right to exist as a distinct and separate people.

This is axiomatic. If White people are not allowed to exist in areas separate from others, they cannot possibly create, or maintain their own cultures or political systems as they have in the past. Their every action will be countered and questioned by the members of other races. In a democratic society, the presences of other people will increasing overwhelm the ideas and desires of the White people living there, as the other races become more prevalent.

In California they are learning that English is optional these days, making communication much more difficult for the different races in that State. This has created two warring camps, with the balance of power rapidly shifting against the White English speaking people. As this process continues, White people will cease to have a voice in that State, and will be absorbed, or driven out by the other races living there.

The racial makeup of every state in the Union is today being altered in a similar way as has happened in California. Some states are nearly as bad off as California already, and others still have a long ways to go, but all of them are moving in that same direction.

All of the White people who lived and died, spending their efforts and their blood in building the United States of America, will have all of their efforts wiped out completely by what is going on today, if we do not stop it. Either we rise up and return America to a White nation as it still was in 1960, or we cease to exist as a people at some point in the not too distant future.

Existence is foundational to all else. If White people give up their entire collection of breeding grounds, they will be absorbed and ultimately eliminated completely from the face of the earth. Where are the future generations of White people going to come from if there are no longer any White lands? If diversity is allowed to ascend to power in all White lands, as it appears to be doing today, there will come a time when there will be no White people at all on the earth. Even if there were a handful of White people here and there, they will not be caretakers of our civilization or of our culture. They will be the last dying remnants of a once proud people, fighting for a few more generations before total annihilation comes.

The only way that White culture and White society can exist is separately. Therefore, we have the right to exist separately, to preserve our people and all that our people have created.

Right #2: White people have the right to retain, and defend their own lands, free from immigration, or habitation by members of other races; which includes the right to live in all-White neighborhoods, and to send their children to all-White schools.

From Right #1 it follows that a place must exist where White people can live separately from other races of people. This does not include the entire planet, but it does include the traditionally White lands of Europe, Canada, and the United States of America. Therefore, Whites have the right to pursue the goal, by whatever means necessary, of restoring and maintaining these lands to their historical White population levels. All racial changes that have been forced upon the Whites of these lands must be reversed. This right is basic to our survival, and to the survival of our culture.

With all of the aforementioned White lands safe from invasion by other races, the White race will be safe from extermination by absorption, as happened to it in India. It will also be free to do, as it has in the past, great works towards helping other races and lands in feeding their hungry and treating their ill. All of that will be forfeit if this basic right to our own lands is denied our people.

How the right to live in all-White neighborhoods and having all-White schools ever came to be questioned is an interesting story in itself. However, it not only became questioned, the United States has made it illegal for White people to enjoy this basic right.

This right is important for several reasons. The primary one falls back to Right #1: the right to exist as a separate people. We have the right to raise our kids in an environment where they can learn how to live like White people live, and to think like White people think. We have the right to raise our children in a place where they will not even be tempted to mate with non-Whites, creating half racial creatures as offspring, which don't fit into any society completely. We have the right to have grandchildren that look like we do!

We have the right to the best schools that we can produce. The all-White schools of the 1950s were the best on earth. The graduates of that era could compete with those of any other school system on earth and do well. We have the right to return to those all-White excellent schools, and be rid of all of the ills and disgusting displays created by the government enforce diversity we see today. What sort of twisted mind would conceive of a system where diversity is more important in a school than a good education is? Who could possibly seriously defend the ridiculous charade that passes for public schools when they do not produce graduates with enough education to drive our high-tech industries, forcing us to import people from other lands?

We have the right to recreate our safe, excellent society that we had before diversity was inflicted upon us. We demand that right!

Right #3: White people have the right to be proud of their history.

It is an outrage today that our children are being taught to be ashamed of their history. The great accomplishments of our White ancestors are belittled and denied, while the works of other races are promoted beyond their actual worth to our children. This breeds self-loathing, and a sick spirit within our young people.

Any people that do not cherish their history are doomed to fall. We have the right, as do any people, to hold our heads up high and be proud of what we have done as a race. Our faults are many, but our accomplishments far outweigh them, and it is basic to our survival as a people that our children realize this. How can our children perpetuate our society if they loath where it come from? It is only pride in one's history that makes a man stand in the face of adversity in order to fight to save his heritage for the future.

By undermining the pride of the White race in our children, our society is committing an atrocity that has the potential of being greater than any in history. Our nation is being systematically destroyed from the inside and because our people have lost their basic pride in their history they are standing by and doing nothing.

Right #4: White people have the right to be proud of their own culture, and to reject entirely within their lands all non-White cultures.

White music, the music of Mozart, Beethoven, and the other great White composers, is distinct and special. Whether you consider it superior or inferior to other music, you must admit it is different in its essence from all other music. Music comes from the soul of a society and of a people. Black music is from the Black soul and White music is from the White soul. They are distinct from each other and all honest people admit the fact.

White art, as seen in museums, and great buildings around the world, is also distinct and different from that created by other races. Again, whether you consider it inferior or superior to other art from other people, it is undeniably different. The Greek statue and the totem pole are obviously not from the same people or the same culture.

All aspects of the culture that has been created by White people have their own flavor and that flavor can only exist as long as it is not contaminate with other people inserting their culture into it. In order for a people to be willing to perpetuate their culture, they have to have pride in it; feel that it is worthy of perpetuation. If the entire history of the White people who have lived on planet earth is to have any value, it must be considered to be worthy of respect by the White people of each generation. Cut off a single generation from their culture and that culture dies.

In order for our culture to survive into the future we must not only have pride ourselves in it, but we must pass that pride down to our children. We have that right, and the right to have our children free from exposure to multicultural propaganda polluting their natural pride in the White culture that is rightfully theirs.

If we have the right to love our own culture, it follows that we legitimately have the right to see our culture survive and to flourish. In order to flourish, a culture must exist in tact without being inundated with other cultures. If other cultures are mingled in great amounts with your culture, your culture will be altered and destroyed by that mingling. Therefore, it is a basic right of any people to keep their culture as free and pure from other cultures' contamination as they wish. There is no obligation for White people to accept or honor within their borders any other culture. In fact they have an obligation to their ancestors to avoid dismantling the culture of their inheritance and replacing it with some foreign culture.

Pride in race, history, and culture are fundamental to the survival and the healthy and happy thriving of a people. That does not say other people and cultures are inferior to your own, but it does say that you have no obligation to accept other cultures into your society to replace your own. You have the right to limit your society's culture to that which is produced by your own people, and to reject all others. It is a simple matter of preservation, which is both a right and an obligation.

Right #5: White people have the right to educate their own children in any way they wish, free from government interference.

There is no more basic right than the right to teach your children in a way that you feel is correct. The state has no rightful authority over what your children are taught, or what ideas should be promoted to them. The parent is the final rightful authority in all things concerning his own children.

In our society today, the government has overstepped the lawful, and moral bounds that were set up originally by our Founding Fathers. Those in the government and the school system have taken upon themselves the authority sacred to the parent and pushed the parent aside in the process. Using various wonderful sounding facades as excuses for their actions, the thought tyrants have now put in place one of the greatest brainwashing and propaganda machines that has ever existed, and the minds of our children are its primary targets.

Parents no longer can protect their children from being taught multiculturalism, the promotion of homosexual behavior, Martin Luther King mythology, along with other Afro-centric hokum, and many other things that many White Americans find offensive. The rightful authority of the parent has been illegitimately overruled by the tyranny of our system. The basic right of the parent to educate his child in the way he sees fit has been destroyed. It must be recreated!

Right #6: White people have the right to place their own interests above the interests of any other race or people.

No one questions this right for other races. It is accepted without murmur or comment that Black people vote in such a way as to promote Black interests. It is expected that Mestizo candidates are going to be interested in the wants and wishes of the Hispanic elements of their electorates. Each and every race has its own groups and organizations that are totally unconcerned with any other race than their own. This is a basic right of any race, including the White race!

White people have listened to the media propaganda for so long that the very idea of putting their own racial wants ahead of other races is thought of as being dirty or evil. How absurd! With all the other races fighting for their own issues, White people have at least as much right to have their needs taken care of as do any of the interloper peoples who did not create this country.

If White people do not take care of their own interests, who will? Nobody else will ever do it! Just look at the rhetoric that comes from the Black candidates and other non-White candidates. They complain constantly about White racism, while demanding racially specific goodies be handed out to their people from the public coffers. It is pure hypocrisy of course to pretend that it is evil for White people to look out for their own interests, while it wonderful for other races to look out for their own interests. This right is basic and undeniable. All other people on earth are looking out for their own interests, and White people, if they are going to survive, must do the same.

Right #7: White people have the right to reap the benefits of having a low birth rate.

White people are producing offspring at a rate that is below replacement level. That means, in all the White nations on earth, we should be free from overcrowding. Our freeways should be becoming less and less crowded. Our cities should be shrinking in size and giving us more and more room to spread out our lives into luxury and wealth.

White people are frugal and only have as many children as they can "afford." That frugality should be rewarded. We have that right!

Instead, in the United States, our government has opened the borders, and all of the benefits that we were promised because of our restraint have been completely wiped out. We are having record population growth, caused by the invasion of non-Whites who are having children in large numbers, and not worrying about having to pay for them. They know that White tax dollars will feed their multitude of children.

We have the right to both halt this absurd outrage, and to redress it by exporting all of the invading forces back whence they came. We have earned the right to have an uncrowded environment and it is high time that we enforced that right!

Right #8: White people have the right to require that all people within their borders speak the language of the White people who created the country.

In the United States of America, the official language has always been English. All official documents were produced in English right from the start. All immigrant into America knew that before coming here. If they do not wish to speak English, they can retrace the path which they took to get here.

Racial diversity is a plague upon any land where it exists, and linguistic diversity is a similar curse. In Canada today they are in a constant state of tension over the divisive bi-lingual situation created by the French and English speaking factions. For the most part the people are the same race, and still it is dividing the country. It is totally insane for America to tolerate anyone coming to America who refuses to learn English. It is an outrage that immigrant children are being taught any subject whatsoever, in any language other than English. If a child does not speak English, the only thing special that the school system should do for that child is to give him an emersion course in English until he can be steered into the mainstream English speaking classroom. To teach other courses in other languages will only breed pockets of discord that will lead to civil war at some point in the future.

In most cases today, immigrants who refuse to learn English (or who are trying to leave English for Ebonics), are non-White. So, the language dividing line, and the racial dividing line are built together reinforcing the division that will one day erupt into bloody conflict. We have the right to see this process ended, and its results undone.

Right #9: White people have the right to prohibit all forms of miscegenation within their lands.

The reason that you will find no more White people in India is because, in spite of the most restrictive racial separation laws in history, commonly known as the "caste system", racial mixing took place and eliminated White people from the land. Miscegenation is a horror that works over generations to destroy a people completely. Like cancer that starts small, it is a disease that will over time grow large enough to be lethal.

From Right #1 it follows, that if we have the right to exist as a race, we have the right to stop our race from being blurred and ultimately eliminated by racial mixing. We have no obligation to tolerate that which will ultimately destroy us as a people. On the contrary, we have the obligation to bring it to an abrupt and total halt!

The only people who produce White children are two White parents. When there are no more White parents, there will be no more White children. We owe it to both our ancestors and our children's children to maintain a land where the White race can perpetuate itself without being mixed with other races. Survival and common sense demands it!

Right #10: White people have the right to produce, and to consume, entertainment and advertising that is free from mention or depiction of members of other races.

When you watch a movie that was created before the 1960s you will see what America was like before the invasion hit us. There are White faces on the streets and businesses of New York and Los Angeles. You see nicely dressed White women in dresses, and men in suits and hats. If you look at photos taken at random during that era you see that the movies were correct. The streets and parks really looked like that. America was a White land.

There was nothing wrong with living in a White land, or with wishing to live in one now. It is perfectly healthy to wish to live with those of your own race, and to watch members of your own race interact in all the entertainment media you choose to consume.

The evil, and the hostility, are in those who are creating the atmosphere around us that says all things White are evil. If it is completely White, they claim it needs color to make it better. That is not only absurd, it is dangerous to our White society. If we mistakenly think something is evil, we cannot defend it, even if it is actually good and wonderful.

The media is a huge propaganda machine that tells Americans what to think. Unfortunately it works very well. Since that is case, it is our right to have only things on this propaganda machine that are positive and good for our people. That means that we have a right to have our people portrayed in movies and commercials, free from the implication of racial mixing. We have the right to have White societies shown in the positive light they deserve, without the lying propaganda being inserted that White societies are somehow made better through the cancer of racial diversity.

The Bill of Racial Rights goes to the heart of what ails America today. If we are going to ever save our nation from third world squalor for the upcoming centuries, we must restore these rights to our White people. There is nothing here that would be considered outrageous or unfair if it was directed at the Asian race in China or Japan, or at the Black race in Africa. There is nothing about it that is outrageous or unfair as it stands. It is only the brainwashing of over 40 years that White folks have gone through that makes these basic rights seem strange to Whites today. But they are not strange! They were all part of the American way of life 50 years ago. It is long past time that they were reinstated!

If you are not willing to fight for your rights, you don't have any!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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