Boxer’s Fate

February 24, 2005

GEORGE ORWELL HAD THE COMMUNISTS PEGGED. In his two most famous works, 1984, and Animal Farm, he showed where Marxism will always lead: to oppression of the people. However, it is not just the openly Marxist who are capable of the atrocities Orwell warns of. Even those who claim to oppose the discredited and deadly creed of Marx, are perfectly capable of using the tactics of his followers.

In Animal Farm, Orwell told of how a farm was taken over by the animals, with the human owners being driven off the land. Aside from the similar sounding conditions of those in Zimbabwe at the current time, this story is unrelated. The humans were not murdered, merely sent away.

The real story was directed at the animals. The animals were attempting to create a perfect communist form of rule, where everyone did his fair share, and reaped the fair rewards for his labors. But as is always the case, the fruits of the hard work of the masses ended up being filtered up to a rich oligarchy—in Animal Farm this was made up of pigs. Their commandment that, “All animals are equal,” was later modified to, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Clearly if people do not hold power over their leaders, those leaders will be free to abuse them. The pigs originally were part of the group, who started directing things due to their superior intelligence. Later they took on the trapping of power, and finally absolute power. The other animals found that life was as hard or harder under their animal taskmasters as it had been under the hated humans.

However, the most poignant part of the story concerned the giant horse Boxer. Boxer was big, and not terribly bright, but he had a true and loyal heart. He worked harder than anyone else; and at times harder than the rest put together. When things got bad, he had a motto, “I will work harder.” It was his answer to every difficulty, and he pulled them through several tough situations. He struggled with his muscles, got up and started working earlier than everyone else, and was utterly dedicated to the cause of making Animal Farm work.

Later, when the pigs took total control, under the head pig Napoleon, Boxer found courage in the second motto, “Napoleon is always right!” Any rule that came down from the pigs was loyally followed by Boxer, because “Napoleon is always right!” When a two-year project of building a windmill was destroyed by sabotage, Boxer drove himself to exhaustion by hauling rock to rebuild. He gave everything to Animal Farm: hard work; loyalty; all of his free time; and utter devotion to the cause.

It reminds me so much of what the White folks of American are doing today. They are working hard and then donating half of their income in taxes, levies, fines, tolls, and other assorted pocket picking methods to a government that cares for them no more than the pigs cared for Boxer. The moneys are used to import non-Whites by the millions, provide housing, food, education, and medical benefits for these invaders, while the White folks are finding it harder and harder to afford the barest of health care insurance. But what do the White folks say? “I will work harder!” And they do. Longer hours, second jobs, even putting their women to work to slave for the tax money that must be paid, and thereby destroying the next generation of White people.

White people can afford to pay taxes and support non-White families that sport many children, while not being able to afford more than a child or two themselves. But they continue to work harder.

White people are seeing their sons being shipped off to war against nations that have never attacked us, while our armies completely ignore the flood of invaders coming across our borders every day. What is their response? “America is always right!” They put up the “Support our troops” ribbons, and they wave the American flag, while their future, and especially the future of their children, is being utterly destroyed. Utterly destroyed!

What happened to Boxer? This is the what we should remember most. One day, in his efforts to make up for a setback in building the windmill, Boxer overextended himself, and he ended up collapsed upon the ground, with blood coming out of his mouth. Even so he declared while lying there that he was content that he had made great progress in the project, and that the other animals could finish up without him. He was old enough, and he was ready to retire, as the pigs had promised that he could.

When the pigs discovered that Boxer could no longer work, they called for a wagon to come and take him away. The pigs declared that the wagon was headed to the veterinary hospital, where Boxer would be treated, and brought back to health. Boxer was loaded on the wagon, but as it was pulling away, one of the other animals read the sign on the side of the wagon. The pigs had sold Boxer to the horse slaughterer, and with the money bought whiskey for a party.

If you can’t see the connection between this and with what is happening in America today, you are going to deserve what happens to you, Boxer.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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