Braveheart II

David Duke the man

THE MOVIE BRAVEHEART HAS MOVED EVERY WHITE SOUL that has watched it, with the power of conviction, bravery and love of freedom that burned in the breast of William Wallace. I submit to you that we have such a one with us today, who is calling out to you to stand up and fight for FREEDOM! Freedom to live your life as you see fit. Freedom to exist among your own people. Freedom for our kin to reach their highest potential and most of all, freedom to survive as a people. That man is David Duke.

As I finished reading the book, My Awakening, I was left with the feeling that I am proud to be of the same race as the author of that book. I saw in his work an undying love for his people and I saw courage in what he has done that could have easily led to his own death at any moment. Whether it was standing face to face with Jerry Ruben with his supporters surrounding him, or marching alone with a pro-White sign right through a group of hostile Blacks, David Duke has stood his ground and promoted our cause no matter what the circumstances.

The things that Mr. Duke had to tolerate when he has run for public office would have driven a lesser man into flight. He faced it all and on occasion even won, in spite of having every media outlet attacking him with both barrels and every politician that was controlled by the Media Lords throwing their support behind his Leftist opponent. (At the time President Bush, Vice President Quayle, and even former President Reagan all came out in open support left wing liberals over David Duke in a local, not even national election!) The forces that our enemies could and did bring to bear against Mr. Duke's campaigns were an interesting list of our country's most powerful people and institutions, and it is a clear example of who in our country really are mere puppets on strings, fully under control. In spite of that, David Duke ran clear to the end of each race, and never quit. That sort of effort, day after day, week after week, clear through a grueling campaign is only put out by a very special kind of man, and we call that particular type of man a HERO!

Most politicians go through some bad publicity when they are running for office, but none of them have to take what David Duke did. No other local election ever had the spending thrown against a single candidate like that. Even national elections have never had such a universally negative press for a candidate. From start to finish, in each case, all across the nation the papers and television news commentators were spending significant amounts of their time and space dishonestly vilifying this great man. They even stooped to threatening the people of his state with financial retribution if they should defy the controlled media and elect David Duke anyway. In spite of that, the majority of White voters still voted for him!

David Duke has faced down hostile crowds, and individuals. He has been harassed by the government, including multiple IRS full-scale audits. He was thrown into jail and locked up in close quarters with Blacks who were aware that he was the hated David Duke. He has always gone "full steam ahead and damn the torpedoes!" Why? Because he loves his people. He wants us to have our own lands where we can reach our highest potential. And contrary to what the White haters claim, he wants the same thing for the other races as well.

I want to point out one other thing that always gets lost along the way. David Duke has never called out for violence from the people in his organizations. He has never even been accused of being violent himself. He is a law abiding citizen who loves his nation and his people. He has been set upon by violence but has worked within the law to further our cause. That sort of level headed approach has drawn many thousands of our people to our cause that otherwise would have been frightened off or disgusted by bombs, guns and clubs. Self control coupled with courage, controlled by intelligence is what makes for a great leader, and that IS David Duke. He is honest, law abiding, he loves our country and our people, and like William Wallace, he is fearless.

In My Awakening, Mr. Duke has written perhaps the most important book of the last 100 years. It is an extremely well documented educational reference library packed between two covers. It is a moving testimonial to the "people of the ice," our race, and to the life of this man who has striven unselfishly for his people. It is a vision for our future, which points to the path which leads to not only our eventual survival as a race, but to the fulfillment of our highest dreams.

David Duke, like William Wallace, is unselfishly putting his entire life on the line for his people. He not only is willing to risk dying for his people, but he is doing something far more difficult: he is living for his people! He spends his time, money and effort in furthering our cause, making life better for you and me. He, like Odysseus, has set upon a quest, the end of which was not in site when begun, but he threw his life and limb into the fray nonetheless. He has continually been attacked by monsters of hate in the form of media slander, and yelling mobs. He is set upon by dark forces like the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith and other Jewish organizations. He has faced them all down and continued to fight on as if they were not even there. We all should be very thankful that we have such a courageous and determined man who is willing to step up and be our champion. Let us not let him stand alone!

In closing I am going to quote the last few paragraphs of Mr. Duke's book because it should be read by every White person on earth!

Like other books that have exposed Jewish Supremacism, this book will be banned in many nations. The ultimate racist will call it racist. The haters will call it a book of hate. It will be burned by censors and suppressors. The great masters of the lie may attack and suppress it, but it will be read, simply because of the power of the truth that is in it. Everyone of our heritage who is awakened and inspired by this book will obtain and disseminate more copies to their family and friends. Thousand of awakened Aryans will include selected chapters of this volume on their websites and links so that the public will find it and read it.

Tens of thousands will email these truths to hundreds of their friends, and millions in turn will spread the word. Many of the newly awakened Aryans will support a fund to get this volume into every public and school library, and also place it in the hands of every European American politician, scientist, actor, singer, businessman, journalist, and opinion leader in America and across the Western World. Once this book is accessible to the people, my notoriety increases the chances that it will be read!

We are in a battle for men's minds, a battle that will determine whether our heritage will survive or be driven to extinction.

The to the best of my ability, I have told the truth. I have surveyed the natural forces that make us as we are, both as individuals and races - and I've also revealed powerful forces in the modern world that are far different than commonly perceived.

Our revolution is not just about prevailing over those who would destroy us. It is far more than simply our longing for freedom and our determination to live in a society that expresses the deepest desires of our soul. It is about the essence of life itself. Our revolution will not only be political, social and cultural. It finds its most fundamental expression in the DNA spiral - upward to a higher mankind. It is a path to a renewed Earth and stairway to the stars -- an evolutionary path our people are destined to take in the Aryan awakening. The path to our destiny begins with the truth and with you.

We speak the truth because it is in our genes to do so.

We speak the truth for our survival. For our freedom. For our way to the heavens.

As George Orwell said, In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Let the revolution begin.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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