You Don't Have to Like Bush
to Love America.

THOSE WHO ARE IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT OF AMERICAN control have a very nauseating habit of plastering the bumpers, and rear paint surfaces of their cars with their anti-American and anti-White drivel in the form of "bumper stickers." One recent one that I have seen, and that incidentally I agree with wholeheartedly, is a real no-brainer: "You don't have to like Bush to love America." Of course you don't have to like Bush, Gore, Clinton, or any other politician in order to love America. When you have a controlled two party system, it means that the sheep can like one party's offering and not like the other party's offering for office and still be well within the boundaries set by our masters for defining love of one's own country. But let's go a step further and state a few more facts, which you will unfortunately not see on bumper stickers.

You Don't Have to Like Martin Luther King Jr.
to Love America.

Now that would be a bumper sticker to turn some heads. It is every bit as true as the Leftist inspired anti-Bush bumper sticker, and yet you will probably never see this bumper sticker while you are driving around town. Martin Luther King Jr. was intent on destroying the America of the 1950s and unfortunately, with a great deal of help from the Media Lords(1), succeeded. As racial turmoil grows more pronounced each year, thanks to the Civil Rights movement that King was such a big part of, anyone who really loves America would hate what King has done to this land.

You Don't Have to Like Diversity
to Love America.

Also true, and right to the point of what is going to destroy this country, as well as the White race the race that created it. If you really loved the America of our historical roots, you would naturally hate diversity. If you love diversity, you automatically hate the racially homogeneous America that I was born into, for the two are mutually exclusive.

You Don't Have to Like Israel
to Love America.

Israel draws off billions of our tax dollars every year, and uses them to oppress the Palestinians, and to stockpile weapons of mass destruction. Israel has continually spied on us and transferred our secrets to our enemies. Israel has no love for America, other than the love any parasite has for its host. There is no reason for Americans to like, or support Israel in any way. In fact there is far more reason for America to attack Israel than there was for it to attack Iraq. Sharon, its leader, and incidentally a mass murderer, has demonstrated that he is at least as evil as Saddam Hussein ever was, and Israel has continually ignored far more UN resolutions than Iraq did, and it has stolen land that did not belong to it. Israel is not our friend, and because of our support of it, we now have many very strong enemies in the Middle East.

Here are a few additional thought provoking bumper stickers that I would love to see White people put on their cars:


is better than being WRONG!

America was strong for 200 Years
Why does she Need it Now?


A Nation of   White   Immigrants

An Idea Whose Time Has Come



1.    Who Rules America?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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