Why Can We Not
Talk About Race?

WHY IS RACE A TABOO SUBJECT? Oh, we can mention how badly America is handling the race issue, even though no country on earth, with multiple races, has ever handled the race issue as delicately as America has. That is not talking about race but rather the liberal’s perception of America. Each of the major media uses the word “race” over and over again but they never talk about race. What they talk about is their personal opinions on how America would be so much better if only it were more liberal and PC. “Race” in media-speak means, “the bad, racist America.”

When you use the term “apples,” you are speaking of a fruit. You can discuss its skin color, red or green, its taste and sweetness. You can discuss how the inside turns brown once exposed to air. The discussion can include all aspects of the apple, including the tree and its roots. When you speak of “race” however, it is immediately filtered through the liberal mindset and suddenly you are talking about burning crosses and lynchings. There is no way to communicate on the subject of race in America today.

Most white Americans, including myself, do not burn crosses or lynch people, or know anyone personally who ever has. Most white Americans, including myself, do not support anyone who does that. So, why is it whenever a white American brings up the subject of race, burning crosses and lynchings are discussed instead? If these items are to be discussed, do not call them a discussion of race. They are activities, not races. Races are categories of people. Activities are things that people do. Any questions class?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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