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French call for 'controlled' immigration

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France's Interior Minister, Jean-Pierre Chevenement says that Europe, a land of immigration, will become a place where racial mixing occurs and public opinion needs to be enlightened and convinced.

France has told its European partners that Europe should be prepared to take in millions of migrants in the next 50 years to offset population decline.
BBC NEWS Friday, 28 July, 2000, 17:23 GMT 18:23 UK French call for 'controlled' immigration

Nothing has put the goals of the Left more out in the open than that topic of immigration. For years they have proclaimed that White nations needed to cut back on our birth rate. We were told that all we had to do was have small families and our way of life would not only be preserved but it would improve. Our scientific discoveries and technological marvels would make life easier and the dawn of a golden American age would be upon us. Even today there are Leftist who are promoted by the media who are telling White folks that having even 2 children is too many! When you recall that a replacement level birthrate is more than 2, you see that what these Leftists are saying is that White folks should go into racial suicide by refusing to reproduce.

Once they had the White birth rate in decline, they moved to the next step. As is the case with France's public and unvarnished statement above, they tell us that our population is in decline and therefore we must accept huge numbers of Nonwhite immigrants in order to keep our population numbers up. They do not say, "Hey, all you White folks need to start having more babies!" Instead they continue to tell us to have smaller and smaller families, while saying we need Nonwhite immigrants to keep up our numbers.

And the real point of this whole process is clearly stated by Jean-Pierre Chevenement when he tells us that, "that Europe, a land of immigration, will become a place where racial mixing occurs." Even a brain-dead television-watching moron should be able to see through this ploy:

The easiest solution to the "problem" of the decline in population, would be to promote larger White families, with tax breaks for having more children, and a call for more children through the media, and the education of our children in school of the need for them to have large families when they marry. The problem would be quickly solved, and all of the resulting, newly created American, British, German, etc. citizens would be native born, patriotic, White people who would mesh effortlessly into their White societies. There would be no huge increase in social services required to deal with all of the problems that always accompany Nonwhite immigrants. Language, cultural, and other differences would never been an issue. The population would be larger but like a crystal lattice structure that has grown, the whole society would still be as homogenous as it ever was.

One is left in stunned disbelief that this charade has been allowed to continue by our people. It is so openly false and easily detected as so, that we are left standing in shock, seeing White folks swallowing it as if it were legitimate. If we need more people in our society, we need to have larger White families. If we need to have smaller families, we do not need more people. Where is the difficulty in seeing this, clear and unambiguous fact? It is clear that there is really only one goal behind the Leftist push to put this lying scheme over on our people: the destruction of the White race by destroying the breeding grounds for White people - White nations.

I defy anyone to present any other logical and valid reason for the actions of the Left. There is no other possible excuse for what is happening. The final result of low White birth rates, and high numbers of Nonwhite immigrants, coupled with (no pun intended) the avid and continual promotion of miscegenation can produce no result other than the elimination of White countries from the face of the earth. If you look at the facts, and analyze them at all, you would have to be of subnormal intelligence not to understand this.

I think back to the all of the propaganda that I have seen put out by the Left in the past, telling White Americans that if they only would hold their population down, by having smaller families, America would grow into a paradise, with roads that were free from crowding, cities with plenty of elbow room and a very high standard of living. How wonderful things would be if only we would limit our family size. So, we did. White Americans, hoping for this wonderful future for their children, held down their family size. They even dropped to the point where they would actually decrease the population.

However, instead of reaping the promised rewards, the same Leftist villains who promoted the low birthrate idea, maneuvered to eliminate the immigration restrictions for our nation. Suddenly, we were receiving extremely large numbers of immigrants, and they were 90% Nonwhite. Our streets were becoming more crowded and certain areas of society were no longer speaking English. White Americans were grumbling at a low level, because they knew something was going wrong. Then the Left kicked their propaganda campaign into high gear, and started promoting the idea that if you do not like diversity, there is something very wrong with you. You are an evil hater. Wishing to maintain your White country, which is an honorable and intelligent wish, was painted as being racist, and wrong. From every side the lying words and images impacted upon the White Americans. And, over time, they succumbed.

Today, the average White man thinks that an ever-increasing Nonwhite population is natural and unavoidable. It is like a man who owns a boat that has sprung a leak, and who, being told that leaks are good and unavoidable, accepts the lie as true, letting his boat draw in more and more water every time he takes it out, until it finally sinks and drowns him. What would you call a man who is so gullible? A White American, that is what. Our country has every right to remain White, and it has the resources to remain White. It is no more unrealistic for us to retain our White nation, than it would be for a man to patch a hole in the hull of his boat. It is no more evil to protect the integrity of your racial balance in your country than it is to protect the watertight integrity of your boat!

How can we be so stupid as to accept the idea that the good and important goal of maintaining the racial balance of our White country is wrong? The concept of retaining the racial integrity of our land is called, "hate," "evil," "racist," and "loathsome," by the Leftist propaganda, and most White folks have accepted this lie as if it were truth from God Himself. For over forty years our White nation and our White people have been under attack with a propaganda campaign that is unrivaled in all of human history. Without war being declared or an army threatening our borders, we have been "leafleted" with the message that we have already lost the war and we would be wise to surrender.

And our people have accepted the lie without much of a struggle. Our borders stand wide open, and our people have twice elected a president who promotes the idea of a Nonwhite America as his highest goal. We give benefits to illegal aliens, and make their children our citizens. We continue to have small families and we seem to be doing absolutely nothing to stop this process. We are letting our children listen to Nonwhite music, to watch movies and television programs that promote miscegenation, and we have no problem with our children dating and marrying those of other races. The White race appears to have already thrown in the towel, and surrendered unconditionally to the invading army.

Of course, the easiest thing to say about the White folks is that they deserve it. Just like the White people in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa, who are being raped and murdered, having their property taken from them, and who are moving ever closer to being completely exterminated, we are begging for our own destruction by accepting the Leftist lies as if they were true. If, after all of the years of historical examples that we have before us today, we have not yet realized that diversity is death to all nations that embrace it, and that White people who give control of their land to Nonwhites will be destroyed, what is there left that can be done to awaken us?

While all of that is true, and if our White people are exterminated, they certainly have only themselves to blame, I am not satisfied to let that happen, washing my hands of the White folks who are today begging to have their White descendants wiped out. I have also seen in history the fighting spirit of the White race, and their ability to rise to a challenge when they are confronted with it. They have often demonstrated the will and the ability to defeat enemies that have attempted to destroy them. That fire still burns in our race, and I believe that it can be fanned into life for this, the greatest challenge that our people have ever faced.

The challenge we face today, was created by our own hands. We have produced a society where living is easy and information is quickly passed from point to point. We have lives that are luxurious by any standard of any society that has ever existed at any time. We have had many generations pass since we have had to fight a war on our own soil. We are spoiled and many believe that our society is indestructible and not tied to the race that created it at all. So, when the enemies of our race captured all of our mass media for their own use, and began a massive campaign of propaganda, our White people were primed and ready to be deceived. If we were a little closer to reality, and had to face death a little more often as our ancestors did, we would not have been able to be so easily convinced that bringing in massive numbers of foreigners is a benign and useful occupation. But we have lived for so long with a stable society that we cannot conceive of what things will be like in a generation or two, when crime and poverty will swell up to engulf us, and when Whites no longer have any White nations left to call their own.

I happen to think that the White race can be shaken out of its state of confusion in time. Otherwise I would not be spending my time on this web page attempting to wake them up. The facts are so apparent, and the situation is so clearly dangerous that any White man, who is capable of thought at all, can be convinced of the danger, if he will only look at it. It is not time for lying down and giving up. It is instead the time for our greatest activity, and the amassing of all our effort and resources towards the great and noble aim of the Great Awakening of our people. Take advantage of the fact that things are clearly black today, to point out that obvious fact to those who do not yet see it. Since there is no doubt about what is going on, because the evidence is so profound and easy to see today, it makes the job of convincing others of the truth much easier today than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

When the controlled media announces that the White nation of America will be a thing of the past by the year 2050, even a man who is sound asleep must accept that fact. We do not have to use any outside sources at all to produce a leak tight case proving that we are right. The crime stats are provided by the FBI, and the demographic stats are provided by the media. All we have to do is point a sleeping White in the right direction and they will be forced to see what is going on. We have never had a better time for waking our people up, and the Internet is wide open before us to use in this effort.

Do not wait, and do not despair. We are going to win this thing, and your children's children will praise you for what you are going to do to save them and their land!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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