Saving the Children

BILL CLINTON ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT CHILDREN. He and his, seldom called adorable wife Hilary, are always talking about the welfare of the little ones. They sound so concerned about the children, that you would think they really cared about the little next generation. However, if they really liked children they would probably have had more than one, but lets set that aside for the moment. We have the concerned First Couple loving children so much that they are willing to take even more of your money, though you are already giving half to the government by way of taxes and fees. They want to improve our educational system even more than they have already over the last 30 years. They are willing to take away your legal right to smoke tobacco, just to save the children. They are willing to take away your right to drive a car without using your seat belt. They are willing to take away your right to discipline your children the same way that American children have always been disciplined. In fact there is no length to which these two will not go to save the children, including removing all of your rights and independence. It just makes you well up with pride to know that our leaders care about the children so much. (You may now take a moment to deal with the nausea you must be feeling at this moment.)

While our government is using the children for an excuse to dismantle our freedoms wholesale, it is time for white Americans to start taking at least a passing interest in their own offspring. Slow down from the rat race and take a pause. What are you doing to train your child for the future? What part of your culture are you passing on? What values have you given to those who will hold your legacy after you are gone? Let me point out a few items which white people have completely dropped the ball on for two generations at least:

What is needed is for white parents to raise their children with an understanding of the world which is hostile to their race, and the simple techniques that are required to protect our race from extinction. The children need to learn how to be good citizens, and to work hard to support their families. Doing what the Founding Fathers did would be a good start towards promoting a good, healthy and strong America. Since the PC crowd finds the Founding Fathers to be un-American, that proves their position is not in support of America in any way. They are out to destroy America and the race which created her. If we do not train our children to defend against these vicious attacks upon them, all will be lost in almost no time.

Save the children. Save them from the liberal onslaught of hate and malice. Save them from extinction at the hands of the white race haters. Save them from losing their heritage: their country built by their forefathers. Hand them the tools and weapons that they need to survive. Act with love and act now to save your children!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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