Hard Choices

SO, YOU WANT TO BE A DOCTOR? What will that choice mean to the way you are going to lead your life?

  1. Money. You are going to have to earn lots of money, and probably have to borrow even more. Your free time will be taken up with job after job, and your spending habits will have to be frugal.

  2. School. Your grades will have to be good, and there is a lot to learn. So, you will be studying a great deal. What free time that you are not working, you will often be studying.

  3. Social life. You will have a limited social life, as you focus on your studies and your jobs making your dream of becoming a doctor a reality.

It is clear that in order to become a doctor, your life will have to change. You will have to make some choices that are difficult, maybe even painful. In order to reach your goal, you have to make sacrifices and you have to accomplish certain exact things. There are things that you cannot do, and still reach your goal. If you want to go out and party all night, you will either have to give that up, or you will fail to reach your goal. If you want to get married right away, and have lots of kids, you will not have time to study, or have the money to pay for your tuition.

When people live their lives, they must make choices as to how they are going to order things. Are they looking for fun, or accomplishment? Are they focused on others, or only themselves? Are they going to reach for some lofty goal, or settle for whatever they can get? As it is with an individual, so it is with a society.

The American nation is faced with choices today that will determine whether she will live or die. If she is to live, things will have to change drastically. Just like the medical student who longs to be a doctor, our society will have to stop doing things just because they are fun or feel good. Instead, they will have to focus upon that which is important and productive.

Compare, if you will, two people. One is nearing graduation from a fine school, gearing up to enter industry and prepared for quick advancement. He has put his efforts into polishing up his skills, and increasing his knowledge. His attitude is one of determination to succeed. The second man has dropped out of high school, is using drugs, and on the lookout for the next party. He is focused on today, and to blazes with tomorrow.

These two men each have qualities which are espoused by many Americans. One is willing to forego pleasure today, for goals set into tomorrow. The other is taking what he can get today, and unconcerned with tomorrow. One is building for the future, and the other is letting the future take care of itself.

Just going from that information alone, where do you think these two guys will be in 5 years? In 10 years? In retirement? I submit to you that these two men represent the two directions that America can follow. Either we will make the hard choices required to move our nation to the greatness it is capable of, or we will lose our future, to self-serving pleasure seeking today.

For anyone who is going to build a life for himself and his family, self-sacrifice is going to be required. He is going to have to give up some things today to be able to take in a greater harvest later. What America is doing today is eating the seed grain. That which should be planted to grow the future crops with, provided by the harvests of our forefathers, is now being used up rather than being planted. The blood of our forefathers, which was shed for our freedom is being wasted on the undeserving, and the unconcerned. We are refusing to make the hard choices and are letting others choose for us.

Do you think Martin Luther King Jr. had any positive feelings for George Washington? Do you think Jesse Jackson thinks good thoughts about Thomas Jefferson? Do you think that Malcolm X was deeply in love with Western Civilization? Highly unlikely! If not, then what are any of these men doing in positions of honor or respect, in a society that was made possible by the valor of George Washington, the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson and the foundational concepts of Western Civilization? Who is making these kinds of choices for us? And most of all, why are we not making them for ourselves?

We are acting like the drug user looking for his next party. We just want to go on with our lives as if nothing else matters, other than what is on television tonight, who is going to win the Super Bowl, or whether or not we will be able to get that new boat we have been looking at. What we do not ask ourselves is, "What will the lives of our grandkids be like, or the lives of their grandkids?" Americans act as if they have no concern or responsibility to their descendants. Instead of carrying the high ideals of having children who will be good citizens, great marriage partners, and parents themselves, who will make both their parents and their communities proud of them, parents today merely hope that their children are going to be "happy." If their children are bums, and a complete drain on society, but are happy, that is good enough for these thoughtless parents. They forget that happiness, like self-esteem, should be earned through a productive and honorable life.

With an entire society that is focused upon the pleasures of today, or at the most their own retirement years, is it any wonder that the Leftists have been able to dupe the American people into giving up the future of their children? In a people who only look at today, it is very difficult to inspire concern over tomorrow. When I say to them that White folks will be essentially gone from the United States by the beginning of next century, they looked dazed and confused, as if the idea of worrying about the future is so alien to them that they cannot process the request through their time locked brains. How can what happens 100 years from now, effect them? They will be dead then, so who cares what happens?

Contrast that with the attitudes of the men who created this nation. George Washington led his troops into the jaws of death. All of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence faced the extremely likely noose of the hangman, and several of them were actually hanged. Many more lost everything that they had in this world. They were heroes who sacrificed their personal pleasure, and their personal wealth for you and me. They were willing to give up everything for the people of the future. They were concerned with whether the White nation they were creating was going to flourish or die. It is hard to view them as even the same species as the Americans today.

How many Americans today do you know that would risk their job to save this nation? How many would give up their lives to oppose tyranny in our land? How many would even give a regular monitory contribution to the cause of preserving White America? They are few and far between.

Yes, a great deal of the problem is the propaganda put out by the media. Yes, the idea that White America is evil is being continually pumped into our people's brains. But even so, White folks know better! They know that non-White neighborhoods are not good places to live. They are smart enough to realize that if a neighborhood is made unlivable by the introduction of other races, then a nation will also be destroyed by that process. It is a simple concept to understand, and 90% of White folks know that they would not put their families in a predominantly Black neighborhood because it would be unsafe. They are fleeing the Mestizo invasion of California in droves. If they know this, then they know, deep in their hearts that the entire nation of the United States will be made unlivable by the introduction of non-Whites to the point where this land will be predominantly non-White.

It is fear of losing personal prestige, and property that stops most Americans from acting to stop the dismantling of their nation. They do not yet see their own lives being impacted too severely, and they are too self-centered to worry about their children's lives. They are like animals, only seeing the present, and blind to the future. In their cowardly, self-focus, they grasp onto the lies they are being told to justify their state. They unthinkingly spout, to any who question their actions, that America was always a "land of immigrants." If you point out that those immigrants came in a wave, slowed to a trickle and were completely absorbed before the next wave hit, and that those immigrants were nearly always White, they grow confused, and angry. They do not want to face up to the fact that what is going on today is different than anything that has gone on before. The changes that are being made are traumatic, and soon to reach the point where they will be irreversible. We stand on the precipice of extinction. Southern California, all the way up to San Francisco is already a lost cause, without a bloody war to reconquer it. Much of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Florida are already in foreign hands. How stupid must a man be to not see that this going to end in disaster for our children?

The willing are easily convinced, and that is what our people are. They are living on the fat of the cow bought, fed, and raised by their forefathers, who cared what happened to their children. Instead of preparing a feast for their own children they are leaving nothing but a scorched earth, inhabited by foreign peoples, who care not for White, Western culture. What is it that they think their kids are going to do in this future world? How would they themselves deal with the nightmare they are preparing for their offspring? Imagine casting yourself into a land where there is third world poverty, and a jumble of races surrounding you, that only have one thing in common: they hate White folks. What would you do? What are our children going to do?

It is time for brave men to step forward and be heard. We have very little time before the crisis reaches a point of no return. Where there are people running around with Celebrate Diversity bumper stickers on their cars (which is the equivalent of someone carrying "Celebrate the Black Death" signs in a plague torn medieval town) it is time for "Diversity Is Death" stickers to appear across this land. Where there is a school that is promoting the cause of the destruction of our race and way of life, there should be a protest loud and strong for our race and way of life.

Will there be an America of quality in the future? It depends completely on what White Americans do today. If they continue to ignore the invasion going on right now, then in a few more decades, there will be a dark, third world nation here where the great White American people once created the grandest country on earth. If on the other hand, they stand up and be counted, risking the pleasures of today for their children's future, then America can be saved. It can return to being a great White nation, and our children's children can live in safety and prosperity. The choice stands before us. What say you patriot?

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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