Our Civilization's End?

"For civilization is not something inborn or imperishable; it must be acquired anew by every generation, and any serious interruption in its financing or its transmission may bring it to an end. Man differs from the beast only by education, which may be defined as the technique of transmitting civilization.

"Civilizations are the generations of the racial soul. As family-rearing, and then writing, bound the generations together, handing down the lore of the dying to the young, so print and commerce and thousand ways of communication may bind the civilizations together, and persevere for future cultures all that is of value for them in our own. Let us, before we die, gather up our heritage, and offer it to our children." (1) - Will Durant

WILL DURANT IS THE AUTHOR OF THE 11 VOLUME SET: The Story of Civilization that you will find in any library around the country. He is a world renown expert on civilizations. While he is a staple in the Leftist world of academia, he still makes some points here that I think all civilized men should contemplate.

1. Civilization is not hearty. It is fragile and hangs upon the thread of transmission. In order to survive it must be intentionally, and effectively passed on to the next generation.

Any sane man who looks about himself today, will see that the process of communicating our civilization to our young has been under severe attack for 40 years. The last White generation that was effectively trained in the heritage of our country is now populated with grandparents. Look at the children of today and see how they have been disconnected from our civilization. Where is the pride in their people that their great grandparents had? Where is their understanding of the work ethic, moral values, and the European culture that was America? They dress like other people. They listen to the "music" of other people. They idolize other people and have forgotten who they themselves are. They have forgotten that they are the people of Neil Armstrong who first walked on the moon. They have forgotten that they are the people who invented technology that has dominated the entire world. Perhaps more than anything else, they have forgotten the European concept of respecting, and honoring those who are their elders. In fact the 1960s motto, "Never trust anyone over thirty" has been taken fully to heart. The youth of today will cast any idea aside instantly if it can be categorized as being "old." There can be no attribute that is more destructive to a civilization than that.

2. Anything that creates a blockage to the transmission of civilization from one generation to the next is going to kill that civilization.

Communication is to civilization as the life blood is to the body. If the communication is cut off, the civilization dies. In our society today we find many things which are attempting to choke the communication of our culture to our children. First of all look at what is happening to you as an adult:

You, as an adult, are driven into numbness by the constant barage of propaganda against our civilization, but look at what our kids must go through:

As you can see from this. Our civilization is being actively suppressed and an alien civilization is being promoted to our next generation. The flow of communication from one generation to the next has been effectively cutoff.

3. Education is defined as the "technique of transmitting civilization." Anything else is not education.

How much "education" is going on today in school? How effectively is our White culture, our White heritage, or our White civilization being promoted to the children? What we have today is "anti-education!" We have the intentional destruction of any possible sympathy for our civilization in our children today. There is no attempt to transmit our civilization to our children. All the efforts in school are directed at condemning our heritage and in promoting alien heritages as if it were the children's own. And they are doing this with our tax dollars!

Do you honestly think this could have happened by accident? Only a fool would think so. Especially when you think about what happens anytime someone speaks out about what is going on. The same groups of people always are right there to condemn and ridicule anyone speaking out. It is no wonder that, when you look in the historical records, you find that these same groups were in the forefront of creating the problem in the first place. If you want a detailed record and documentation of these groups I recommend that you read David Duke's book, My Awakening.

So we are left with generation after generation of our children who are uneducated. Even in the areas of math and science our children are being robbed of their rightful, and paid for, education. But in the most important aspect of education, the transmitting of our civilization to them, they have been completely raped.

4. Civilization is the generation of the racial soul.

From this it follows that to change the race inside a civilization will change the soul of that civilization and therefore the civilization will die and be replaced by a new civilization. This is happening right now before our eyes! We have politicians like the inhuman Bill Clinton, promoting that very thing and bragging about it. Think of what that means. Our "racial soul" has been condemned by these fiends as being evil and it is going to be replaced and destroyed. And they put bumper stickers on their cars demanding that we "Celebrate Diversity!"

I recently found out from the National Alliance that in Arizona there is a rancher, named Roger Barnett, who over the last 24 months has personally arrested over 3,000 illegal immigrants, and turned them over to the immigration department for deportation. This has caused an outcry from Washington DC. Are they angry that so many illegal, criminal aliens have crossed the border in this one area, so that a single individual could round up 3,000 of them? Do not be silly! The Clinton administration is angry that this patriotic American citizen is protecting his own property and the rights of all American citizens to have a land with protected borders. It is simply one more case where Bill Clinton has been guilty of treason to this country, a trend he started way back in his college days. Today his "Justice" Department is not seeking ways stop this deadly flow of Nonwhites into our nation, but rather it is looking to find ways to prosecute this brave patriot, who has never harmed any of the aliens that he could have justifiably shot as trespassers.

This concept of the "racial soul" is in direct opposition with the political party line that is being put out today to our children and anyone else that is tied into the media propaganda machine. They claim there is no racial soul. In fact they claim there is no such thing as race at all. It is like claiming there is no such thing as the sun, or trees, but they are successfully promoting this lie. When folks believe there is no such thing as race, then destroying the White race is a non-event because there is no White race. Simple, no?

If you want to feel the texture of our racial soul, all you need do is to study the art of our people for the last several thousands of years. Listen to the beautiful works of music by Mozart, Bach and Beethoven and you cannot help but be touched by our racial soul. This soul reaches out and grabs you as you read the works of Shakespeare, Dickens and Poe. You feel its depths as you read Plato. You reach for its breadth as you read Jefferson, Franklin and Paine. This precious racial soul is under full scale attack today and the enemy of our race is taking no prisoners. It is a battle for racial survival, and the survival of our racial soul, nothing less.

5. "Let us, before we die, gather up our heritage, and offer it to our children."

I sit here with tears in my eyes as I think of what has happened to our heritage. I see the White children who should have attended all White schools, with White teachers and principals. I see them walking around with their Black attitudes, and clothes, their hats turned backwards on their heads, just like the ghetto dwellers taught them to. I listen to their stereos with hundreds of Watts of power, rattling all the windows and cars that they pass, cranking out the Black jungle beat of Rap's hatred against our heritage. I hear them speaking in support of the wonders of the death of our race in the form of miscegenation, and diversity.

We have not gathered up our heritage and offered it to our children. Instead we have allowed others to ridicule, defame and destroy our heritage in front of our children. We have allowed our enemies to take over the instruction of our children, and to teach our very offspring to loathe the ways of our fathers, and the race of which they are a part. We permit those who hold our culture and our race in complete disregard, to create movies and television shows that promote the ridicule and even the destruction of our race and our nation, without rising up in anger and in self defense, as our forefathers would have done. Instead of destroying the studios that would dare do such a thing, or at least boycotting them, our people send their children off to watch these disgusting productions without a second thought. They rent these videos for their children, and even give their children their own television sets upon which to watch this filth. That is what the White parents think of their own race, heritage and culture today. What they are doing is not much better than putting a gun to their own children's heads. They turn their children loose into this anti-White alien controlled propaganda cesspool of a society today, and wash their hands of their own obligation to transmit their civilization, their racial soul, to their own children, let alone the children of others.

Our children are our future. That is so basic of a truth, it almost sounds cliché to say it, yet the Whites of America today have forgotten it. If our children are not lovers of our culture, then who will be? Certainly not the Nonwhites who are pouring over our borders today. They have their own culture thank you very much, and they do not need or want ours! It is time to wake up and face the simple facts of life.

We are fighting for the very survival of our people and our culture. What could be more important than that? I offer to you once again what Will Durant said, " Let us, before we die, gather up our heritage, and offer it to our children." And I add to that, "PLEASE!"

1. Our Oriental Heritage; by Will Durant; Simon and Schuster; pg. 4

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