Cognitive Dissonance

IF THERE IS ONE PHRASE THAT DESCRIBES WHITE FOLKS in America today, it is Cognitive Dissonance. They know in their hearts that Black folks are different than White folks. They will not move their families into a predominantly Black neighborhood, because they know that Black folks are more prone towards criminal behavior. They know that if they move their families into those areas, that their wives and daughters will be raped, their sons will be beaten or killed and their property will be stolen or destroyed. They know this. They understand it completely. Their actions prove that they understand, because not only do they perform the passive act of not moving into Black neighborhoods, they take the active step of moving their families away from neighborhoods where Blacks have started to move in. White folks know that diversity is dangerous. Why else would the Media Lords have to promote the idea so strongly that diversity is a wonderful thing to be celebrated?

If diversity were truly wholesome and wonderful, if diversity were truly worthy of celebration, White folks would be celebrating it spontaneously. They would look at history and cite all the wonderful examples of the great nations of earth that had celebrated diversity and thereby reached the very pinnacle of civilization. They could point to all the happy people who lived in strong, healthy, and diverse nations throughout history. The only problem with that scenario is that there are no such great nations, anywhere in history. In every case where a great nation turned to embrace diversity, it went into a fatal fall never to rise again.

So, we have a clear indication that Whites know diversity is dangerous. We also have clear evidence from history that diversity is death to any great nation. At the same time, we are faced with massive numbers of White Americans who are foaming at the mouth in their rabid support of diversity. They mouth the cliches of the Media Lords as if the propaganda lies were their very own thoughts. This is a classic case of Cognitive Dissonance: the state of mind where an individual holds two contradictory beliefs to be true at the same time.

The human brain finds Cognitive Dissonance to be repugnant. A person wants to feel that he is mentally walking on solid ground. His philosophy of life needs to be perceived as being rooted in reality and fact. So, when it becomes clear that a cherished belief is false, there is one of two possible choices to make. Either a man can reject the belief as false, or he can choose to live in Cognitive Dissonance and hold on to that belief anyway.

For one living in Cognitive Dissonance, the need to feel that he is walking on mentally solid ground has not been done away with. So, what is done? The chief defensive weapon that is used by such a one, is denial. If a fact should present itself that contradicts his chosen belief, he will first attempt to ignore it, and then try to forget that he was ever exposed to it as quickly as possible. If however, that is not possible, he will attack it with all of his vigor. That is why you will see so many White folks going mad with passion against anyone who is pro-White. At a certain level of consciousness, the attackers know that their chosen belief that diversity is a wonderful thing is absurd. However, they have chosen to deny that fact. So, living in Cognitive Dissonance, they pretend that they do not know that which they do know. It is like a spring being compressed and placed into a box, awaiting the time when the lid will be released, in order to spring out causing terror to take hold of the poor confused fool. Witness it for yourself every time that a pro-White individual makes a clear statement about the facts of diversity in a group of "normal" Whites. You can see the terror in their eyes, which is suddenly replaced with anger at the one who tripped the lid on their personal hidden box.

Our task is to somehow get these White people to realize that Cognitive Dissonance is unhealthy. It is far better for them to face reality, than to pretend that reality has no meaning, as they are now doing. They are playing an elaborate game of make-believe, when they accept the Media Lords' contradiction of reality. Somehow we must awaken folks to the fact that they can trust their own perceptions. They can trust their own minds. It is the Media Lords' propaganda that must be ignored, not their own thoughts.

It is the natural tendency of man to defend his own land and his own people. It is completely unnatural to instead turn on his own people and to give his land away to others who will only destroy it. Therefore, there must be a way to override the Media Lords' programming, and to reestablish the natural pattern of thought in the minds of our White folks.

One method is to use propaganda in the other direction. Propaganda can be used to spread the truth just as easily as it can be used to spread lies. If we repeat the truth over and over and over again on Internet forums, and in conversation, it will become accepted by default. This is how the Media Lords have created the near universal acceptance of their lies. They have said, and they say, that Black is White and White is Black. They say that there is no difference between White and Black, and they just repeat it forever, without accepting any debate.

And see how effective it has been! Our people parrot the lies as if they had actually gone out individually, researched the facts on the races, and personally established that there are no significant differences between the races. They act like they believe that all races are the same. At one level they actually do believe it. But at the deepest level, they know otherwise. When they choose the place they wish their families to live, they cast off the Media Lords' lies for a moment and find a safe place to live. Then, once that is done, they retrieve the lies once more from the corner where they threw them, and put them back on their laps like their own favorite little child.

We must say that White is White, Black is Black, Brown is Brown and White does not equal Black or Brown. We must get that message out, over and over again. It must be heard and accepted. It is a thankless task. Those who are hearing the message will initially react with anger. They will not appreciate your attempts to break up their Cognitive Dissonance. They wish to continue to live in denial, believing that they are wonderful people because they are currently accepting of diversity. They must be made to see that they are literally sacrificing the future of their children and their children's children for all generations to come, in order to embrace the cancer of diversity.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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