Differences Cause Conflict

RACE EXISTS! Man has, by whatever process, and for whatever reason, been divided up into categories that we call races. The races are different. It is clear that skin color, hair and even skeletal differences exist just from observing from the exterior. Other differences have been documented but the thought police will not allow general distribution of that information. It is attacked, not with better, more scientific data, but with anger and intolerance for the truth. That is not the sign of a healthy, free society!

One of the clearest facts in history is that differences cause conflict. The greater the differences, the greater the conflict. Race is just such a point of difference. Where multiple races exist side by side, there will be conflict. It may be held in check for a while but it will bubble up to the surface sooner or later. Also, if the two or more races are not sharing a common culture and common value system the differences will be made far worse and another point of conflict will arise. We have many examples in history where those of even the same race have slaughtered each other because of cultural difference.

Today in America we are creating a situation that will lead to the mother of all civil wars, based upon cultural differences and painted with racial overtones. Look at the things that our educators and our legislators are doing to create that war:

We are headed for a very destructive future conflict, all because the left wing has decided that America, the greatest, and freest land on earth needed to be “improved.” They have created a chaos zone within large sections of all our major cities with their programs. They have removed our pride and our history. They have attacked the founders of this country and the race that those founding fathers were members of. They are the greatest enemies that America has ever had. The next civil war will be on their heads and America may very well not survive it!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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