A SIGN OF THE CONFUSION that has been created in our society, by our controlled mass media, is routinely given by the email I receive. I often read heart-wrenching pleas for directions to the path out of the dismal forest our people are living in today. How can we save our people without appearing to be heartless and cruel? How can we possibly love White folks without hating non-Whites?

I recently was asked if I have any compassion for "people of color." I think when someone reads enough of my page he will realize that I have a great deal of compassion for non-Whites. In spite of the fact that 20,000 White women are raped every year by non-Whites, and thousands more are murdered by the same group, I do not call for violence against non-Whites. There are some very fine non-Whites, and I interface with some of them every day.

I am very upset with the scoundrels who control our media, and therefore our country's government, for creating an environment where BOTH Whites and non-Whites are placed at risk. In order for White people to survive,(1) the non-Whites must be removed from our society. Survival must take the driver's seat in any consideration of the future for any people. While this fact is obvious to anyone who is paying attention, today we have an iron-fisted power, in control of our land, which is promoting more and more non-White immigration. That is nothing but pure hatred, directed at both Whites and non-Whites, because it will come to war eventually. There will be suffering and bloodshed in a land that was nearly free of it before the change was forced upon us all.

It is nothing but pure irony, that someone who calls for a halt to non-White immigration, and for a return to a White America, is called a "hater." I do not hate. I do not want to see a Black man shot and killed in a war, any more than does the most bleeding-hearted liberal. I am trying to do something to stop this insanity, before things explode into a racial civil war, precisely because I actually do care about that Black man, as well as White men and women. Already this year we have seen several racial riots, including one in Seattle and Cincinnati. This sort of thing is only going to increase in frequency of occurrence, as long as the non-White invasion continues. Stopping that invasion and avoiding the, otherwise unavoidable, civil war is the highest form of caring for non-Whites, as well as for Whites.

Psychologists often tell us that it is impossible to love others, until you love yourself. It is just as true of a people. It is impossible to truly love other races, until you truly love your own race. These degenerates who promote the idea that loving non-Whites is good, but loving Whites is hate, are promoting a psychology of death. It is impossible for Whites to really care about Blacks, or Asians until they really care about their own people. By destroying the Whites' capability to love their own people, the Media Lords are destroying the capability White folks have for caring for any people. Anyone who loathes himself, will loathe others. Anyone who has studied psychology knows this to be true.

Having a White land, where White people can continue to reproduce and therefore exist as a people is a basic need that supercedes all other considerations. It is based upon survival, and any people that truly cares about itself, will strive to survive first and foremost. Once that need has been met, then they can proceed on to taking care of other people's needs. The White nation of the United States of America that existed before the 1960s reached out to nearly every nation on earth, regardless of the racial makeup of its population, with food, medicine, dollars and/or supplies of other categories. How much help has Mexico given to the world? Look at the South American countries, and compare what they have done for other peoples around the globe, compared with what the White USA has done. Look at the millions of Blacks in Africa, who have been medically treated, and also fed by Whites of the USA. Now, think about how little we are going to be able to do for these other races once they have moved in with us and destroyed us as a people. Not only will we die, but also so will all of our goodwill contributions to the rest of the world.

By feeding our children the mental poison in school that all people are the same, and at the same time teaching the mutually exclusive concept that other races are somehow more noble than the White race, we are crippling the ability of our kids to properly care for not only their own people, but for all the other people too. The Media Lords are creating emotional cripples, who will have no love for anyone, because they hate themselves. These poor children are taught that all cultures are equal, and therefore equally applicable to themselves, leaving them no culture of their own to cherish and nurture.

Any perceptive person will be aware of this process at work, if he looks closely at it. Certainly that awareness in White Americans is at the root of a great deal of the frustration they are feeling today. They KNOW that what is going on is wrong. They know it is destructive. (I faced that same frustration for years not understanding its source.) But at the same time they are told every day by their television that what is going on is good for them and their country. All of the destructive changes are promoted as being positive, and as being strengthening alterations to our society.

White folks are told that the way things were before the Leftist attack occurred, was very bad. The White neighborhoods were "racist," and therefore the fact that they were infinitely better for White folks who lived in them, is more than ignored, it is buried under a pile of fertilizer, into which Whites are afraid to dig in order to discover the truth. The truth is that White neighborhoods were extremely low in crime. Even though the people were free, and there was no oppressive government activity forcing them to "play nice," White folks naturally were law-abiding, and their culture at the time promoted that form of behavior. Not only that, but also their sons and daughters were only exposed to other members of the White race, and therefore, always married another White, and produced White children. It promoted the continued existence of the White race, and our culture in our society. Anyone who is candid on this subject will admit that this was a very healthy thing for White folks, and White folks made up 90% of the population at that time. In other word, our White nation provided a psychologically healthy environment for 90% of the population. That is an amazing record that has never even been approached anywhere in the world's history, before or since. But we cannot talk about this fact, because the Leftist Media Lords have buried the truth under a pile of nonsense, labeled "hate."

The Whites are daily being told that their old White schools were "racist," and therefore we cannot speak of the fact that those schools were the best that have ever existed. From those schools came the men who put our people on the moon, invented the transistor, and computers, and who achieved many other outstanding accomplishments. Now, after the invasion, we have to hire technical experts from foreign lands. The truth about what has happened is buried under a pile of propaganda slime and lies, which White folks are afraid to dig into.

Are you getting the picture? Instead of talking about the facts, we spend all of our time talking about the hype and lies put out by the media. Instead of talking about the destructive changes that the Media Lords have put upon us, we spend all of our time discussing their absurd labels and inappropriate categorizations.

Is it any wonder that our people are confused, frustrated, and self-destructive? They cannot even discuss the problem. Their one impotent response that they have is to run away. And even that is ridiculed and labeled "hate" by the media. As is typical of these destructive and hate-filled Media Lords, they have created a particularly scathing term for Whites who are trying to get away from the attack. They have called it "White Flight," and always speak of it as something disgusting, as if they had never seen refuges before, fleeing a battle zone.

The one thing that you can be sure of (and even an ignorant observer should be able to spot the tactic for what it is) is that there will be no discussion of the facts. Any attempt made to discuss the facts of what has happened to America because of the "Civil Rights Movement," and the "Feminist Movement," will be derailed instantly by a barrage of hate filled labels. The one who is bringing the topic up for discussion is attacked, and attacked vigorously. If you mention the fact that there are Jews in control of every one of the major media, you will not have a discussion of the fact, which is of course indisputable (see Who Rules America) but instead you spend all of your time trying to answer the charge that you are "anti-Semitic." (That particular term is absurd anyway, because all of the Arab people are Semitic, as well as are the Jews. Even if you take the side of the Arabs against the Jews you are ironically called anti-Semitic.) How you feel about Jews in general is completely beside the point in actuality. Either there are Jews in control of the media, or there are not. But you cannot discuss that. If you bring up the fact that our society was better off before the military forced integration of our schools, and before integration was forced upon our neighborhoods, you will not have a civilized discussion of the facts. No, what you will have is a healthy helping of being called a "racist" and a "bigot." Try it sometime. You will see that what I am saying here is 100% correct.

The ones who would use such tactics so consistently are people who are perpetrating a fraud upon others. It is a ruse, just like that used by any con man, and nothing more. It is time for Whites to stop being confused, and to dig the truth out from under the lies and false labels that the Media Lords have covered it with. If we are going to be a mentally healthy people, who are going to survive, we are going to have to start thinking for ourselves instead of letting the Media Lords, through their televisions and newspapers, think for us. To modify an old phrase from the invasion era: Tune in (to using your own mind), Turn on (your thinking apparatus) and Drop out (from using the mass media for your education and edification). It is the only hope our people have for survival. And if we do not save our own race, how can we possibly help others?

1. It is inherently implied in the arguments raised by those who are striving to destroy our people, through the destruction of our homelands, that if anyone wants to have a White society, it means that he therefore must hate all other races, and cannot care what happens to them. However, exterminating a people is the sign of true hatred. The one surest way to completely destroy a people, or any animal, is to breed it out of existance.

Does a breeder of German Shepards, hate Doberman Pincers? He may, or he may not. There is nothing in his breeding of German Shepards that says anything at all about his feelings one way or the other about Dobermans. He may actually like Dobermans better. It may be that German Shepards have a better market where he lives, and that is why he is breeding them. However, he will use all is might to keep Dobermans from breeding with his Shepards, because he knows the offspring will not be his breed of dog any longer. It is not hate, it is simple biology.

Since breeding is strictly a genetic thing, it follows that breeding similar types of animals, will produce offspring like the parents. If, on the other hand, you mix breeds, you have lost part of what made up the original breeds. The offspring will not be the same as either parent but will be some mixed animal that is neither Doberman, nor German Shepard. It is a mongrel and nobody pays big money for a mongrel.

I have heard it claimed that mongrels are hybrids that are actually superior to the pure bred animal, but where do you find the proof of this claim? Show me the dog breeder who is asking top dollar for mongrels. The assertion is shown to be absurd on the face of it. People do not pay for the common and the mongrelized. They pay for the real thing. It may be a real Pekinese or a real Great Dane, but it better not be mixed if it is going be worth anything in the dog market. The reason this is true is because only the pure breed dog has all the qualities of the that breed. With the races of man, only a pure breed of White will have all the qualities of the White race. Only a pure breed Asian will have all the qualities of an Asian. By mixing you produce something other than either parent, not fitting in completely with either race.

I do not mean to suggest that people who are of mixed race are not worth anything, but they have been robbed of every man's right to have his own people, his own ancestors who looked just like he does. He is a man without a people, and he will forever be so. It is cruel and unfair that his thoughtless parents did that to him. But they did do it to him, and he will pay the price for his entire life for their mistake. The lesson to be learned is for all of us to do everything we can to stop new mixed race children from being created in the first place. It is not hate to see miscegenation for the disaster that it truly is. What is true hate, is to pretend that miscegenation is not a disaster, and to give your blessing to it.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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