The Content of Character

I WAS LISTENING TO A CHRISTMAS SONG today, the last Christmas Eve of the 1900s, on the radio, by the Jewish artist Kenny G. Considering the source, it seems obvious that the "Christmas" album from whence this song came must have been a purely mercenary effort on his part. However, this particular song was not, because it was loaded with news cuts from the Media Lords' archives. There was a piece of a radio recording from World War Two patched into the propaganda mosaic, that ended with, "...the extermination of the Jews." There were other liberal treats to be heard but one particular item caught my attention. It was a cut from a speech presented by "Dr." "Martin Luther" King Jr. which stated that he was looking forward to the day when "a man will not be judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character." I thought, if only we could make that happen!

What would be the result if we truly judged the Black man by the "content of his character" instead of the "color of his skin"? Where would he be? It is a fact, brought out in the book "The Bell Curve" (and it is amazing that this wonderful book ever made it to press) that "character" in the sense of being a law-abiding, productive member of society is directly connected to intelligence. The higher the intelligence of an individual, the more likely he will be to be a moral asset to his community. Or put another way, stupid people are more likely to be criminals. If we then connect the dots to the IQ data for members of the different races, we find, also in the Bell Curve, that Blacks have a median IQ of 85, which is 15 points lower than the White median value. When comparing the graphs between the IQ levels of members of the Black race and those of the White race, it becomes clear that a very small percentage of Blacks reach the 100 level, which is average for Whites. In other words, over half of all Whites are significantly more intelligent than the vast majority of Blacks.

In "The Bell Curve" it is estimated that the number of Blacks who are at the 120 or higher IQ level (which is the median IQ for doctors) is almost identical to the number of Blacks who today are in the professional fields, such as doctors or lawyers. The smart Blacks are not being held back in our society at all! The down side of this is that Blacks with an IQ at 120 or above, make up an incredibly small percentage of the Black population. By contrast, Whites with IQ's over 120 are far more common, as a percentage of all Whites. Following this to where it must lead, we go in the other direction and find that the lower IQ levels of Black folks do indeed lead to an increased crime rate for them, as was stated to be true in The Bell Curve. All across the board, Blacks have a tremendously higher crime rate than White folks, and this tracks at about the same rate as their IQ's are lower than Whites.

So, if Mr. King got his wish, and we judged people by the "content of their character" we would be left with a country where Black people on average would be judged very harshly, at least as harshly, if not more harshly, than they ever were for the color of their skin. Fortunately for the Blacks in America, Mr. King's statement is treated like the foolish rhetoric that it was intended to be, by the speech writer who wrote it for him. There is no intent of ever judging a Black man by his character, as is clearly demonstrated by all the liberals complaining about the "racism" of the criminal justice system which actually has the gall to prosecute Black men who rape, rob, and kill other people of all races. They do not wish for Blacks to be judged by anything at all. They instead want Blacks to reap all rewards that the White man has earned for himself in his own country, but without having to work for it. They want Blacks to be able to live their lives as if they were in the jungle, but be rewarded as if they were productive White folks.

It is incredibly embarrassing to have to admit that my people are being exterminated by such juvenile and absurd tricks. Lies that are simple to see through are accepted as truth. Hateful and false assertions against the White race are accepted as valid. The birthright of every White man and woman in America has not been sold for a bowl of beans, but simply stolen for nothing! While the white members of society are living within the law of the land today, still paying their taxes and trying to be civilized assets to their society, that same society is being overrun by law breaking Nonwhites. These Nonwhites are not judged by the old American standard, but by the new lower standard, that allows Nonwhites to murder, rape and rob at will and almost never worry about being executed for it, as did all White murderers of the past. No, now if you commit a crime, no matter how disgusting it is, barring killing a Nonwhite if you have the misfortune of being a White criminal, you can be fairly sure that you will be out within a short number of years to repeat your acts.

As an example of what I am saying here, just try and think of the last time the media came out in force to try and hang a Black criminal. I'll bet the closest you can come to it, is OJ Simpson, but you must admit that the case was national news for only one reason: Simpson was a celebrity and so his trial was news. Even so, you did not see the news every night show you pictures of the bloody ground, and decry the racism of this Black man for killing both a White woman and her boyfriend. You did not see the news anchormen on location during the trial promoting the idea that this man should receive the death penalty. They did not try to demonize him to the same degree that they did for the men in Jasper, Texas, demonstrated by the fact that he walked away a free man. If he had not been a celebrity you never would have heard about it at all.

So, have you been able to come up with another national news story of a Nonwhite being demonized by the news? You might remember the Black shooter in the New York Subway years ago, because it was a mass terrorist type of attack on innocent people. Any others? Considering that Blacks kill Whites at a hugely disproportionate rate, compared with Whites killing Blacks, it makes no sense at all that news shows are focused on "hate crimes" where only Whites can possibly participate. By their definition, the vast majority of cross-racial crimes can never even be considered as a "hate crimes," because they are not committed by Whites! No matter what a Nonwhite does to a White, it will never be a "hate crime."

Now, keep in mind that for every Black that a White kills, there are several Whites killed by Blacks. Also keep in mind that even though the Blacks make up only 12 percent of the entire US population, they commit half of the murders. With that perspective in mind, and remembering the trouble you had trying to come up with national stories of Black murderers, see if you can think of any recent national stories about White killers. See what I mean? The list runs on and on and on. The general rule of thumb is that the only killers that will make national news are White killers. If a representative sampling of crimes from all races in America were to make the national news, White Americans just might wake up to what is going on, and that is not what the Media Lords want at all.

Just think how quickly we would restore our White nation if all we did was, instead of to prision, we sent all criminals back to their lands of racial origins. How fast would the population of Washington DC be depleted if the criminals were shipped out of this country instead of merely being recycled through the criminal justice system? A significant percentage of the Blacks in this country would be gone the very first year, and it would be only a matter of time before our normal demographic numbers were restored, as more and more Blacks, as well as the Nonwhite Hispanics were removed from our society for good. Of course that is the exact opposite of what the Media Lords wish, so it will never happen on its own.

When you think of these things, it makes it very hard to listen to propaganda devices like this Kenny G song, without becoming angry. Being lied to, in such a way as to insult your people, your history and your culture, knowing that you are being lied to, is enough to make any man ready to fight. The first Americans*, rose up in revolt over oppression and taxes. These are things that we too share with them. We are becoming more and more oppressed in ever more diverse ways. (Pun intended.) We are paying taxes in amounts that the colonists never dreamed of, and contrary to popular opinion, we are less represented than they were! On those grounds we have more cause to revolt than they did. But it gets worse. On top of that, we are being exterminated as a race, through diversity, and government sponsored miscegenation. We are not merely walking into slavery, but extinction.

So, while you celebrate this Christmas, keep in mind what is going on. Those who hate what America once was, and the people who made it what it once was, are very set on your demise. They sell you music albums that claim to be "Christmas" albums but they will contain the Chanukah Song, as did Kenny G's first "Christmas" album, or propaganda bombs like this one from his second "Christmas" album. They make movies that make Whites look evil, for wanting to survive as a race and a nation. They make television shows that laugh at White people and our history. They sponsor news documentaries that depict our history as being selfish and racist. They do not even try to hide it anymore. They think that they have already won. What do you say?

* The first Americans of course were the White men that created the nation of America. The race of men known as the "American Indians" lived on the land that is today called America but they were not Americans. The only part that they played was in providing a challenge to overcome for the White Americans. In reality, America grew as the White man spread out and displaced the Red man.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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