"Child" Online Protection Act?

June 29, 2004

I FOUND A VERY INTERESTING BIT OF READING in Ashcroft v. ACLU, 03-218. In this document we find listed an attempt by the government to censor web sites. It ostensibly is directed at pornographic sites, but it continually uses the term harmful to children to describe what the government wants to punish in its “Child Online Protection Act” (COPA).

This document claims that the new government censorship law, severely restricts what is being criminalized to only sexually explicit material that would be harmful to children. It would allow for $50,000 fines to be imposed on commercial web site operators who are making material that is harmful to children available to those under age 18.

Under the Clinton administration the Communications Decency Act of 1996 (CDA) was passed, which “prohibited the knowing transmission of “indecent” messages over the Internet to persons under the age of 18.” The Supreme Court overturned that law as violating the First Amendment. So, naturally the ones who are terrified of free speech came back again with COPA. It also has been overturned but, as you should know by now, they will never quit, because their very lives depend on shutting down the truth.

These people do not care at all whether or not your children are saturated in pornographic images. The movie houses supply a steady stream of movies that are explicitly sexual in nature, and children watch them all the time. The DVD shelves are lined with movies that would have nearly all been banned a few decades ago as being pornographic in content. And the same ones who are driving this attempt at censorship are the ones who are creating those movies. So, what is going on?

Anyone who has dealt with filtering software, which was the first attempt by these people to shut out the truth, will find that pornography is not the only thing that is not allowed through, and pornography certainly is not what is really intended to be blocked. The primary reason that filtering software exists, rather than “saving the children from porn,” is to keep White kids (and adults) from the truth! The sites that would awaken any sort of racial pride in White kids are all blocked. I have tried to access my web site on many computers with filtering software installed, and they have all blocked access to my webpage.

But even that is not enough you see, because even if children's filtering software is installed on a computer, it can be bypassed by adults, and of course, not everyone has filtering software on his computer. It is therefore an imperfect solution for our masters. The people may grow aware, and they may revolt against the oligarchy!

So, enter the censorship laws. As with many of the Media Lord(1) attacks, this one is put forward in the name of the children. They pretend to care what happens to the poor children, who otherwise would grow up sweet and innocent, if only they weren’t being exposed to pornography on the Internet. “We are from the government and we are here to help you. Trust us!”

In order to get around the Supreme Court, they backed COPA down a few notches from CDA, and they tried to redefine the target web sites sufficiently narrowly. They specifically were only targeting commercial porn sites and no one else. And they were not trying to take them down, they were only trying to limit their viewing audience to adults. Who wouldn’t agree with that?

This is the heart of the problem with these people. They have been deceitful for so long they could never come at a problem straight on. Once they have decided what their personal aim is, they then knock it around among themselves for a bit and find a way to dress up their aim, and make it appear like it is our aim. They want to turn off the information flow coming from the Internet that is exposing their racket. If White Americans ever get wise to what is going on, there will be a revolt and it will not end well for the Media Lords. So, what can they do? There is that hated First Amendment in the way, but they are slippery enough to get around that.

The First step is to ban unacceptable speech (i.e. break down the wall of the First Amendment). Once that has been done, the definition of "unacceptable speech" can be massaged to suit their purpose, banning any comment at all about what they are doing.

How is unacceptable speech defined? If they were honest, they would admit that to them the only speech that they find unacceptable is speech that exposes the truth about their activities, but they are far from honest. They started off by pretending that their definition of "unacceptable speech" is something that the White people of America would agree with. Someday, if these criminals get their way, that won’t matter anymore, because there won’t be enough White Americans left to worry about. But today Whites still form a political majority, and they pose a significant threat, should they revolt. So, for now, the porn vehicle is used as the container for carrying their real cargo. They get White Americans so worked up over Internet porn, that they will do anything to save their kids from it. Anything includes overturning their most precious legal right: the right to free speech.

Why is the First Amendment the most precious right White Americans have? All other rights come from that one. If you can’t speak up about things that are wrong, you can’t fix things that are wrong. If you don’t have the right to free speech, you are living in a totalitarian state, and your rights are either gone, or departing on the next train out of town.

The Media Lords know this, and that is why they are constantly beating the drum on issues like pornography control (even though their own people are the biggest producers of pornography), and banning “hate speech.” If they push that propaganda enough, the American people will back down from holding onto their freedom of speech, just like they have backed down on their right to freedom of association, and the right to raising their children as they see fit. The acceptance of all major destructive issues that have been forced upon Whites since the 1950s were accomplished this very way. The courts nudged the laws, and the media ran a propaganda blitz to blanket any complaints. Over and over again, day after day, year after year. And today, America has moved from 90% White to 70% White, and in another 45 years or less, it will be a non-White majority.

When it was first introduced into America, White Americans wanted no part of racial integration, but now they are stuck with it. It is important to note that this happened in what was once thought of as a democratic republic. Today Whites don’t have the freedom to say that they don’t like diversity in general conversation. The controlled government has created an atmosphere where a company cannot tolerate freedom of speech by its employees on that issue, or it will suffer dire consequences. While millions of Americans are dissatisfied with diversity, they are too terrified to put bumper stickers against it on their cars, or to do anything else that would make themselves appear out of step with what the government is promoting as the party line. Until they can speak up about their true feelings, they cannot solve this problem. It will continue to grow until it overwhelms them. Up until recently, the Media Lords had us right where they wanted us.

But then something came along to throw a monkey wrench into their machinery. Today, White folks can speak up about what they really feel: on the Internet! Today thousands and thousands of people are reading about what the Media Lords are doing. Today, thousands of people are reading important books online, like Jewish Supremacism by David Duke; books that they could not get at their local bookstore. There are millions of words available on hundreds of web pages that are turning the spotlight on the maggot activities that have been eating this country from the inside out for decades. The truth is being exposed and our enemies are scrambling to shut the door on the Internet, and thereby turning off the spotlight that is glaringly painful on them.

While many thousands have finally broken free, most White Americans are still under the mental control of the mass media. They turn on their televisions each day for their brain-washing session, just like they have done all of their lives. They are told that diversity is wonderful, and that anyone who opposes it is evil. But since that message is so completely unnatural, what it works out to in their brains is a conflicting set of beliefs. First of all, inside, they know that the propaganda message is total nonsense. They will fight with all of their might to keep from having to live in a predominately non-White neighborhood, paying exorbitant prices for housing that is located in a place where the number of Blacks and Mexican transplants is small. But then they run up against the propaganda training. They can't openly say that they are running away from diversity, and they can’t openly tolerate anyone else saying it for them. They have to appear like they love diversity, and that they hate anyone who attacks diversity in any way. The net result is just what the Media Lords want: inactivity. The White folks just sit there and take it without revolting against this outrage.

Every book, magazine, newspaper, television show, and movie is saturated with the poisonous propaganda that is holding our people in mental bondage. As long as they have no other source of information, their passive submission to genocide is assured. They will go through their daily lives, working hard to pay the government to destroy their country. They will keep their mouths shut, and spend their money at the mall, and watch the non-Whites play basketball, football, baseball, and yes, now even golf, on TV. They will place their children’s precious little minds in front of the poisonous propaganda box in their living room, and even in the kid’s own rooms, every day and have them stripped of their racial pride and sanity. This is what has been going on for decades in America and it is why America is fast turning into a non-White, and soon to be third-world, country.

The plans have been made, and they have been implemented. All the Media Lords need is time, to finish the job of exterminating White America; time where White folks will continue to be ignorant and entertained, while the non-White horde pours into the land, and takes up its position for total conquest. Each year we have several million more non-Whites added to our population, and the White Americans are told that it is wonderful and they should celebrate the loss of their lands. They should be happy that more and more of their city acreage is off limits to them, and that their school system is being completely overwhelmed by the problems of diversity. “Celebrate Diversity!” we are told, and every day the destruction grows more apparent. If this process is not interfered with, White Americans will be as extinct as the dinosaur in a century or two. All is in place, and all that was needed for the Media Lords to complete the process was for time to pass.

And then along came the Internet. Suddenly there they were -- like a burglar, who is having a great time of it in the dark, and completely unnoticed, rummaging through the family jewelry in the house he has broken into, but who suddenly finds all the lights have come on in the room where he is working -- the Media Lords suddenly were exposed on the Internet for what they are. Quickly, before too many people can see them at their destructive work, they are scrambling to extinguish the Internet light.

Every time you hear a media controlled politician, or talking head, promoting the idea of outlawing "hate speech," you can rest assured that the motivation for what they are saying is the fear felt by these burglars, who are trying to shut off the light. If you look closely at web pages that are listed as “hate sites,” you will see that the prohibitive majority of them are promoting legal dissent against what is going on today. You will find very few sites that are promoting “hate” at all. The only way you can call most of them “hate sites” is if you define the word hate in a way that is completely foreign to the normal English tongue. However, the media and the politicians are strongly promoting the idea of making those sites illegal! Why? There can be only one rational explanation: these are villains who are trying to shut the witnesses up!

When a criminal is working, the one thing that he most wants to avoid is exposure. He wants the lights either off, or pointed in another direction. He wants no attention brought to his activities at all. If you want to know who the criminals are today, just look at who is screaming the loudest to shut down Internet sites. Who is promoting the filtering software that does more than filter pornography from your computer? Who is pressing for laws to limit free speech? Who is pressuring Internet Service Providers to shut down web sites? Who is pressuring even the backbone Internet companies to shut off service to web sites?

It is of course the same people who have Ernst Zündel in prison today. If you know anything at all about Ernst Zündel, you know that he is the gentlest of humans. He has never committed a violent act, incited anyone else to perform a violent act, or condoned a violent act by those around him, in his writings or in his speeches. His only “crime” is his attempt to speak the truth as he understands it, on what has become known recently as “the Holocaust.” He puts out facts and expert opinions, and the Media Lords put him in jail in Canada, as they have done to honest men in Germany and France. Can you imagine someone being put into jail for stating that he did not believe in George Washington? How about for disbelieving in the Revolutionary War? Or how about not believing in Santa Claus? When you start throwing people in jail to back your story, you say a lot more about the weakness of your story, and the dishonesty of yourself, than the one you locked up ever could.

The burglars are hard at work trying to shut down the light that is glaring in their eyes today. With our media-controlled government held firmly in their pocket, it is only a question of time before they succeed, . But can they do it in time? Or will White Americans finally see what is happening, and chase the burglar out of their house?


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