Our Legacy

THE PLACE IS A DUMP! It crawls with diversity and the inhabitants bounce off of each other as they try to make their way down the street. Our hero is White but, there are few other White faces to be seen on the street. Overall, there is the feel of an Asian open air market about the place, as the camera works its way down the street. You feel lucky that you cannot smell what you are looking at. Sanitation, seems to be nonexistent. The pleasant open sidewalks leading to unimpeded entrances to clean and safe business establishments that are the norm in any all-White business area, were beyond imagining to any who lived in such a disgusting place.

Yet, those clean streets had existed, once upon a time. Back before this particular city was turned over to the Nonwhite hordes. You see this is New York City we are looking at, as it appears in the future. There still are huge and unavoidable signs which display Coca Cola advertisements, but there is little else that would remind you of the way NYC once was, long ago when white faces greeted each other as they passed by, before graffiti, muggings and racial diversity engulfed the Big Apple.

A transportation vehicle takes flight and as you move up with it, you clearly see the pollution, the filth and the decay painting the entire landscape. The name of the movie you are watching is Blade Runner. By putting in that video tape you see where your country is heading. Forget the story line and just look at what the Media Lords have in store for you and your country. Take a good look and then, for a shock, put in an old black and white movie like Miracle on 34th Street, where you can see the clean, open streets of New York City, where White faces were about all that you saw.

Of course you do not have to go into the future to see similar city rot as that portrayed in Blade Runner. It is present, in varying degrees, in our cities today. A trip to the Bay Area in California will present a view very similar to what Blade Runner portrays. Of course they are not yet as overpopulated as the Blade Runner's New York City, but the racial make up is nearly as bad. White faces are getting harder and harder to find. If we do not do something to stop it soon, not only New York City but all of our cities will be like that. It should make your skin crawl. It should keep you up at night.

I recently read a quote, taken from Newsweek, published in another magazine,(1) which was trying to just throw out something entertaining in order to titillate your interest, without really telling you anything useful. It said,

It is estimated that during the next millennium, the annual number of births in the U.S. will rise above those of the two recent baby booms (1945-1965) and (1975-2000), without the drop-offs that followed those booms.

America is going to have a "Baby Boom" that will surpass the one of the 1950s, but this one will not fall off. Guess what? That is the clear unvarnished truth!

We are moving into an era of unprecedented population growth in the United States. What this article forgot to say was that this baby boom is going to be all Nonwhite! Like a flood of water which is backing up behind a weak and crumbling dam, as the rain is pouring down in torrents, the demographic future of America could not possibly look any bleaker. We are residing on the flood plain where the out of control wash of the future Nonwhite deluge will strike with irresistible force. Whites are having extremely small families. (Even the 1975-2000 baby boom did not come from White births!) There is no indication that Whites are going to change that tendency either. Rather than being able to reap the benefits of their self control, (streets that are without traffic jams, lower air pollution, less crime, etc.) Whites have allowed their national territory which their children could have possessed, if only the Whites had produced those children, to be taken over by Nonwhite immigrants. At the same time this disaster is in the making, we have morons running around proclaiming that we should have even smaller families!

Whites are not producing too many children. They do not need to slow down in that area. What we need to do is to protect our lands from the out of control Nonwhite reproduction machines pouring into our country by the millions. Look at Mexico. Look at Africa. Look at China with its teaming masses. Do you want to live like the people do in any of these places? Does any White want to live like that really? If not, why are we just sitting here and letting this happen? Today, most Whites are so frightened of even thinking of this subject, that they give it no thought whatsoever. This must change! It has to, or we will all be swept away into oblivion, along with all the great works of our people.

Walk among your fellow citizens today. Look about you and what do you see? Single Whites who are marrying later and later in life, if at all. You see small, tiny, nearly insignificant White families of 1 or 2 children, walking past the Black male with a White female on his arm. Asian families press by you, along with Hispanics, and you must realize that you are looking at the seeds of Blade Runner's New York City anywhere you are in America today, even in the Whitest areas. All the while, Whites are frightened into inaction. You know what they used to call men who sat cowering in the face of enemy fire?

We live in fear, afraid to stand up and be heard. We hold our tongues rather than state the truth when that might make us look like racists. What will it take to awaken the White man? What will stir him to action? His people are defenseless, they are facing a flood unlike anything they have seen since the Ottoman Turks swarmed upon us. Will he just sit there and watch?

What do you say about a man who will stand by as the women of his race are raped, while his children are pushed into drug use, beaten and killed? What do you say about a man who lets his neighborhood, and his society in general be invaded and taken over completely by members of other races, other races who do not care a bit about White culture or even law and order?

Before you judge this man, you must understand him. Why is it that he does what he does? Is it a deficiency of character, or merely one of knowledge? If it is a fact that the vast majority of our people are deficient in character, then there is no real point in saving them, for they clearly do not deserve it! If, as I believe, our race is not deficient in its character, but merely misinformed, then all that has to be done is to bring the knowledge to our people and they will respond as our people have always responded in the past.

Looking at history, we see how our people will slaughter others of even our own race by the millions, when they believe they are justified in doing it. How is it that we in the USA, were able to be inspired to fight the Germans, who were just like us, and had not directly threatened us, but now we cannot be inspired to protect our own families, neighborhoods, schools and way of life against the hordes of invaders attacking us today? We are dying by the thousands my friends. Every day more of our people are murdered and raped by the Nonwhite invaders. Every day we hear nothing about it on the news, and so, every day we continue to do nothing about it. It is an outrage.

History clearly teaches us that our people have heart. They have shown over and over again their willingness to lay down their lives for what they believed in. I believe that our people still have that heart. I believe that our people are not cowards. I believe that they will do whatever it takes to defend their way of life if they can only understand the lethal threat to it which exists today. If our people grasped that image, they could not be stopped in their outrage. Their reaction against what is happening would be sufficient to bring it to a halt!

Ponder an analogy, if you will. There hangs in the air a great number of massive metal rods. The rods slowly are heated up from dark, leaden metal, to a dull red. They then slowly brightened to a red which begins to glow. Their color continues to shift as it moves through bright red and finally reaches white hot, as the rods begin their descent. Their color is nearly blinding, as if one were looking into the sun itself as the rods plunge into the frozen mass below them. Suddenly that icy mass explodes into vapor as the heat energy is transferred to its molecules, giving them more than enough energy to escape their bonds. The vapor pours out of the chamber, and escapes to the outside in huge quantities. The rods continue their work and the vapor proceeds unabated in its rapid escape. The hiss of the molecular exchange of energy, and the accompanying change of state, is completely deafening when coupled with the massive howl of the moving air mass.

Outside, to those who stand a large distance away, there appears a cloud that seems to be pouring from the mountain, which houses the aforementioned chamber. The world, which just moments before had been surrounded by a fairly high vacuum, quickly finds itself clothed in a breathable atmosphere. By the time the rods have finished their work the entire world has become a livable planet. Where once domes had been required in order to be able to breath and live, now people for the first time walk free of the domes, out in the open air.

You may have recognized that scenario. It was part of the final scenes of the movie "Total Recall." I have described it to you in order to make a point concerning our people. Today the White race is that block of ice. It lies dormant. It is not doing a thing to reach its highest potential. All of its energies today are frozen into providing taxes for its socialistic governments, which are promoting the Nonwhite invasion into our lands.

The only thing standing between us and our potential, between us and our wonderful healthy society, yes, our brand new world, is finding someone to turn on the heating elements. Taking the white frozen mass and converting it to what it is supposed to be, is going to require a method of transferring energy (knowledge) to our people. Once the energy (knowledge) is actually absorbed by a White man, he will respond by jumping to his feet and demanding, "What can I do?" And of course he will be directed to give the energy (knowledge) to others. Through this method, the energy to motivate the entire mass of Whites will be transferred, and every White will become a part of the Great White Machine (GWM)!

The last time the GWM was running at full potential we were a sight to behold! We led the world into the space age. We walked on the moon, created electronics, computers, and farming techniques which revolutionized the industry. Our people were law abiding, and our schools were the best. Our families were sound, and marriages lasted. Then the Media Lords, used their money, and their control of the national media, to bring the GWM into stasis. Instead of progressing and continuing to make things better, we came to a halt, and began to regress. We forgot about walking on the moon, and instead started subsidizing nonproductive elements of our society. We stopped worrying about the safety of our children, and the effectiveness of our schools, as we embraced racial integration. We now lie here in a frozen mass, useless and dying. We need someone to turn on the heating elements!

Be a part of the solution. The Nonwhite flood is coming, and it will be irresistible if we wait much longer. It is once again time for the ride of Paul Revere. It is time to wake the people and get them to work. Be a hero! Take The Plan and get your 8 people and then get 8 more. Time is wasting! Turn on the heat!
1. Signs of the Times; July 1999; pg. 7

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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