Cry For America

IT IS ALL THAT IS LEFT YOU! Weep you mothers, whose children will inherit the diverse and fractured country of America. Do you think that America will be great once Whites have been displaced, as they have already been dispossessed? You know better! You know that when you drive through areas -- even at midday -- that have already been purged of Whites, you do not feel safe. Your most feared nightmare is to have your car break down in one of those areas at night. There is no amount of money that you would be willing to accept in payment for moving your family into one of those areas. You say, "Why can't we all just get along?" But you know in your heart of hearts that we cannot, and we never will.

As you cry for the lost security you have been forced to finally face up to with the destruction of the World Trade Center, try at the same time to understand that the foundation for this loss was laid through the planning, and execution of those plans, occuring within our own country.

It was the policies of "our" government that supplied these perpetrators the opportunity to commit the act. They were allowed by our open borders policy to not only enter this country unhindered, but to live here as if they belonged.

It was the policies of "our" government that provided the perpetrators with the motive for the horrendous event that we have all had our hearts torn over. The people in our government have taken the cause and the will of the Israeli nation as the cause and the will of the American nation. We have bombed Israel's enemies, not because they were our enemies, or because they posed any sort of threat to us, but simply because it was in Israel's best interest. We have killed nearly a million Iraqis, in order to further Israel's aims. The total number of all American soldiers who have ever been killed, in all of our wars combined, is about a million. We have killed soldiers, women and children in Iraq in the hundreds of thousands. Why have we done this? Because it HELPED ISRAEL, not because it helped America. What would you be willing to do if another nation had bombed and starved your own children in those kinds of numbers? (Just think what are you willing to do for having perhaps 5,000 of your people killed on September 11th?) That is what is called motive.

The part that the government is today focusing on the most, is the weapon. It is the least important part of the equation. If friendly, and caring people all are wearing guns, we will be safe, even if completely surrounded by them. However, bare hands will be enough to end our lives, if we are surrounded by those that hate us. One who is set upon revenge will always find a weapon.

Societies tend to end up generally in the model of either one or the other of two possible arrangements: a free country populated by law-abiding citizens; or a police state that watches each and every move its controlled and unhappy citizens make.

Our own society was much freer in the 1950s than it is today. It could afford to be. It was nearly all White, and the citizens nearly all came from a similar background, and lived by the same ethical standard. The ones who were not willing to live by that standard were either ostracized from society, or they were locked up if they broke the law. The security that was everywhere felt in America then was infinitely stronger than what is felt today in America. Why? Because Americans looked alike, thought alike, and were interested in cooperating in maintaining a safe and prosperous society.

We have been moving rapidly away from a free society towards a police state, as our actions have become more and more restricted. We can no longer freely choose who we will hire or fire in our businesses. We can no longer choose who we are going to live next to, or who our children will attend school with. We are evermore rigidly controlled in what we can say, do, and even think. Our children are programmed by the state to accept concepts that were not approved by the parents, and now we have young adults who have literally been brainwashed into thinking that having a society like the White one in the 1950s is somehow evil. They have been taught that the diverse struggling mess we have created on our soil today is somehow superior to the White nation of America that existed when I was a child. That is not freedom. That is the type of thing that everyone used to condemn the Soviet Union for. Brainwashing children, against what the parents want their children to be taught is totalitarianism at its worse, because it will destroy the roots, and heritage of an entire society, just like it is doing to America right now. The one thing that could save us is being programmed right out of our children: pride in who they are.

Now that the policies of "our" government have created enthusiastic enemies for our nation, and given those enemies the opportunity to commit destructive and lethal acts upon our citizens, that same government continues to perform acts that will increase the enthusiasm of our enemies for our destruction, and is doing nothing that will prevent those enemies from coming to our land. It instead is working towards eliminating more of our freedom, and trying to control weapons, neither of which will protect us from those who desire so strongly to kill us, but both of which will make our lives more miserable.

So, weep mothers of America, the evil is not only continuing, it going to grow. We are going to lose more of our children and more of our loved ones, because of what our government is doing. Each day that passes, the White backbone of America grows smaller, and is displaced by the non-White invaders an additional amount, adding up to millions every year.

No one seems to be thinking about the fact that you do not mix clay and grass in with your concrete when you are laying the foundation of your house. The foundation of the United States of America has always been the White people who founded her. It is pure insanity to think that mixing in other peoples into our society will allow the foundation to remain as strong as it was before. Plain common sense told many this fact, before we started changing our land in the 1960s. Many spoke out against the policies that have since proved to be so destructive. Today, anyone who would dare to speak out, saying the very mainstream things that many of our leaders said in the 1950s or early 1960s said, would be instantly branded a racist and a hater. Why? Because the people who have been behind this entire process know that the only hope White America has of ever recovering its strength and its security, is to return to its all-White composition. That can never happen as long as those in power have the weapon of smearing anyone speaking the truth, with the dreaded "racist" label, and while White Americans are more terrified of being called a "racist" than they are of having their daughters raped and their sons murdered.

I am completely amazed by people who still email me, calling me a racist. Do they actually think that is something I am ashamed of? Obviously they do. They cannot even see the words on my web page! They only know that what is being said goes against their brainwashing, and therefore it must be wrong. The very idea that a group of people, who can control what is being thought by the average citizen in this fashion, just might not have the welfare of the average White American at heart, never even enters their mind for a second before it is rejected. It does not even cross the threshold of their understanding. They take their propaganda programming as pure truth, and gauge everything else from it.

Yes, I am a racist, and naturally, so is every other human on earth. It is clear from simple observation. We see men who are non-White, applauded in the media for standing up for the needs and wants of their own races. What is a Black leader other than a pure racist? He is concerned with the welfare of his own race, over and above all others. People know this is natural and good. Each race must stand up for itself if it is to survive.

It has taken a huge amount of propaganda to destroy that natural tendency in White Americans. Every day you see posters, and advertisements laden with the propaganda message that diversity is wonderful. Why is that propaganda necessary? Obviously, it is a message that does not come naturally to people. It is a concept that is abnormal, and must therefore be continually forced upon people who would otherwise think of diversity as it truly is: death to any society that embraces it. It is in order to kill that natural tendency to want to live and work with those of your own kind, that the daily propaganda barrage continues. The poster pictures of White and non-White hands clasped, push the lie. The billboard photos of happy people in a group, each of whom is a member of a different race, or a mixture of races, force the idea home. The slogans telling you to celebrate the cancer of diversity would hardly be needed if it were really worthy of celebration.

And while this overwhelming flood of propaganda filth floods our lives, at the same time, any attempt to run against the current of the propaganda is attacked aggressively. The natural racist tendencies of non-Whites are promoted as healthy, and all are demanded to accept them, and even celebrate them. The natural racist tendencies of Whites, are called hate, and continually condemned through every media outlet in existence. This hypocritical, inconsistency slaps the numbed White Americans every day squarely across the face. But it has been going on for so long, they think that insult to their intelligence is perfectly normal. They even join in! They write emails to me calling me a "RACIST," without realizing that by doing so, they are saying that I am a healthy White American who is proud of his race and wants it to continue to exist, and to rule the country it created. They are so far gone that they don't realized what they are saying. They really think that giving up their lives, their children, their future, and their nation to other people is "healthy" and "caring," while fighting to save your people and your nation is "sick" and "heartless."

I feel sorry for these people. It is very sad that such mind manipulation could go on for so long in a country as rich and powerful as this country is. To have this many White Americans be this confused, after a few decades of mental manipulation, is a frightening thing to behold. These are the ones who have to one day awaken, or we will sink into third world suicide.

Mothers of America, cry for your children, for they are doomed by your own actions. Cry for your nation, that is rotting from the inside out, because of your attitudes. Cry for daughters and sisters, as they are being tormented by rape at a rate of 20,000 each year by the non-Whites in our lands. Cry for the squalor that awaits your grandchildren and the extinction that awaits theirs. If you do not change what you are doing, all that will be left to you is to weep, as all that is dear to you as an American is taken from your unresisting hands.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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