Cutting Through

April 29, 2004

WHEN YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO, AND HOODWINKED, over and over again, you finally reach the point where you just have to say, “Enough!” When you have a very pressing emergency, and you are stopped from dealing with it, by people pushing non-emergency debris in the way, you reach a point where you forcefully have to halt their antics and deal with that which is far more urgent and far more important.

An emergency is a situation that demands immediate action. It need not be something that happened all at once. In fact it may have grown over a long period of time, but it has reached a stage of crisis and if something is not done, the consequences will be very grave indeed. When dealing with an emergency, you expect others to stand aside and let you proceed. Anyone who tries to slow you down with trivial or unrelated things is considered at best an irritant, and at worse a mortal enemy. If your house is on fire, or a loved one is in danger, no one had better get in your way as you try to deal with the emergency!

Every White American today should be facing up to the emergency that has been put upon us. We have had our 90% White nation diluted to about 70% already, with government plans in place to move Whites into a minority status in their own country by no later than 2050. This clearly is unacceptable to any thinking White man, and falls into the category of an emergency.

Consider the situation where you have discovered that you have a boat that has a hole in it its hull. There is water pouring in. You are still afloat today, and if you patch the hole, you can bale the water out and you will be okay. While you are trying to deal with this, how would you feel if there were others who were trying to stop you from repairing the hole, or even bailing out the water that had already been taken onboard? What if these same people were making the hole bigger?

That is where White Americans are today. They can see that the millions of non-White aliens, legal and illegal, coming over our borders are going to spell the end of White American civilization in this land. They are seeing the Spanish signs popping up all over town. They are seeing the demographic makeup of the classrooms that their children are attending is not the same as it was when they went to school. It is changing fast and their people are losing ground in a hurry. In California the White race is already a minority, and it only took a few decades to work that disaster. They see the crime rate, and they are outraged that our government is actually knowingly paying benefits to the criminal illegal aliens among us today. Clearly, if this continues, our country will be destroyed, and our people will be displaced, if not outright exterminated. There has never been a more pressing emergency in our existence as a nation!

But what do awakened White folks have to face when they try and deal with this emergency? We are told that we are not sensitive to other people, and that we are filled with hate. We are told that we need to spend our short and valuable time explaining why we feel that survival is so important to us, and why it is that we are not willing to just lay down and give up our land and our way of life to the foreign invaders.

It is exactly like asking a ship’s captain why he is trying to save his ship! “What is the matter with you Captain? Don’t you like water?” “Why can’t you be tolerant of having water inside your hull?” “What’s so important about keeping your ship afloat anyway?” Or the inevitable, “Ships don’t exist really. That is just a myth. In reality there are no individual objects. All things are one.”

If we do not have the guts to push that nonsense aside and to face the real emergency that is pressing hard upon us today, we are going to sink as a people and a nation, as surely as a ship would if it ignored a gaping hole below the waterline! It is time to cut through the lies and misdirection until we reach the truth: we are doomed if we do not act, and act soon!

While Whites are being raped and murdered in Africa today, as the Blacks are ethnically cleansing their land of our people, we must remember that our survival as a people can only come through our willingness to act in our own defense. In all White lands today, there is an attack on our breeding grounds, and we are losing them to a non-White onslaught beyond anything ever seen in history before. Either we protect our own lands, our own breeding grounds, or we will cease to exist as a people. All other issues, questions, or discussions are completely secondary to this single point, and anyone who is set on pushing these other things into the way of our active response to our emergency, is acting as our mortal enemy. Never forget that!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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