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Wow! Look into the future and what do you see? Will America shatter into 3 or more pieces, or merely sink into a third world squalor? Thomas W. Chittum has put a large number of facts, and a great deal of thought into this book, and he gives some startling answers to the question of what our future may hold. It isn’t a pretty picture, but reality often has that problem.

Pleasantly spiced up with many insightful, and thought provoking quotes from great military minds, Civil War II also answers some of the questions that should be tugging at all Americans' minds today. What does “White flight” really indicate? What is the deeper significance of Affirmative Action? Why does Bill Clinton really want to take your guns away from you? What is the real impact of all of the immigration we are getting today in America? What will the average American wage be in 20 years? You just might be surprised by the answers to these and many other questions.

Mr. Chittum feels that White Americans will finally get fed up with being displaced from their homes, their neighborhoods and their country at some point in the future, leading to Civil War II. He envisions a separate Black homeland, and a seperate Indian/Mexican homeland -- and it was music to my ears -- a separate White homeland after the war is ended.

The future is always murky, and hard to see. The only real method we have of viewing it, is through the study of historical peoples who faced similar situations, and commons sense. Civil War II puts both of these tools to great use, and I think you will find his arguments and ideas compelling. Being forwarned, is being forearmed. Here is your opportunity to plan ahead, for what are certainly going to be “interesting times.”

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