ONCE I BOOKMARKED A SITE called "Ask Jeeves," where you type in a question and it will attempt to give you an answer. Yesterday I typed in the question, "What is race?" I was interested in what it would spit back at me. After getting through the "contest of speed" entries I came to this little jewel:

What is race?

Definition by:
Jaime Taylor

RACE: A category that is societal based with no biological standpoint, causing unnecessary ethnocentric thoughts, which can lead to prejudice and biased thinking.

Marks, Johnatnan. Natural History. 12/94. pp. 32-34.

Will, George. Newsweek. Feb. 19, 1996. p.78.


This definition states that "race" is a category. According to my electronic Webster's, a "category" is a division used in classification like: class, group, and kind. For example, you can set up two categories called wet and dry. Items can be sorted according to whether they are saturated, and covered with water or are free of water. Some objects can be moved between these categories by alternately dunking them into a pool and then drying them off. A category is a pigeonhole where new information can be place along with other similar items of information. It can be arbitrary such as those items on the left of your field of vision verses those items on the right. Or it can be absolute, like a horse and a donkey. A category is a mental construct. Its only use is for the mental process of organizing information through classification.

The definition continues by telling us that this strictly mental construct is "societal based." So, if we had no society, we would have no race. Next we find that race has "no biological standpoint." According to this definition, race is nothing but a mental construct, arbitrarily created by society, and there is no root in biology for it. From the standpoint of biology, race does not exist at all.

Since race does not exist at all, it will be only in the minds of the delusional that the concept of race will appear to be concrete. Next we are told that accepting the idea of race as a valid concept will cause "unnecessary ethnocentric thoughts." Can you fathom that? Believing in race will make you think of your own people and their welfare, which is totally unnecessary. UNNECESSARY!

And, if that were not enough, believing in race and then caring about your race, "can lead to prejudice and biased thinking." May the gods grant that we be freed from those curses! Noticing that a group of people, who are in a racial category other than our own, are demonstrably more prone to criminal activity than your own people, must be avoided because it is "prejudiced and biased thinking." No concern should be given as to whether it is true or not!

This is the sort of tripe that is being taught to our children today. Even someone as supposedly conservative as George Will subscribes to it. Note that they could not just define the word "race." They had to add their judgement upon belief in the definition. The Media Lords will not accept any White person even believing that there is such a thing as race, let alone having them embrace their own people!

The absurdity of this definition, which is passed out to our White children in school, is served up with an obviously liberal helping of hypocrisy, by the same cretins who ladle out the large servings of Black History Month. Now if race is nothing but a mind game, and we are in danger of generating "prejudice and biased thinking" if we believe in it, how is it that we celebrate one flavor of it every year and for an entire month pass out pictures of members of only that one race for our kids to color? How can we have Black history, if there are no Blacks? Hmmm? How is it that race is non-existent but we are told we must celebrate diversity?

Showing this definition up for the lie that it is, is not difficult. What is difficult is to wake up the White man. We must slap him full in the face with what this definition means. He is told that he must not, cannot, believe in race, and should his faith be momentarily shaken in the holy PC dogma, and for just a weak moment perhaps he accepts that race is real, he is then commanded to not support his own race whatever happens. He must feel pity for other races. He must loathe his own race. He must do nothing to stop the extermination of his people through the Media Lord's campaign of Nonwhite immigration.

It is an outrage! A complete outrage! That White people can sit still for such an open, bald-faced lie is a complete outrage! How can we be told that race does not exist and then, by the same lying scum be told that our race is bad and other races are good? How is that possible? How can such a bottom-dealing outrage have been allowed to exist for so long? Either race exists or it doesn't. If it doesn't then Black History month, the NAACP, and the Negro College fund have no basis for existence. Then of course, "Black Slavery" did not happen to a race. It only happened to a group of people who cannot be differentiated from any other people. All people are the same and those in Africa are the same race as those in Asia. However, that is completely absurd and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!

The most liberal White moron in the world is probably Teddy Kennedy. He knows the difference between the races. He does not live in a black part of town. He did not send his kids to a black public school. You won't find any sane White man, no matter how liberal, who will move his wife and daughters into an all black neighborhood. Even the Whites who are racially sound asleep as their nation is being invaded by Nonwhite immigration, are aware that moving into neighborhoods where other races are in the majority is a dangerous thing to do.

It is clear that all people know that race is real and they know there are differences between the races, at least at the level of consciousness where they make the decision as to where to live. The liberal fights to let blacks move into his neighborhood, and then moves away himself in the name of safety. That is certifiably insane behavior.

Providing the emperor with a set of imaginary clothes, as the fairy tale tells us a couple of con artists did, was a small and insignificant thing to do in comparison with what is being done to our people in our White nations. The lie is switched from one story to another, back and forth at will, and as necessary, in order to destroy our people's resistance to extermination. Each of the two versions of the lie is mutually exclusive of the other. If one were true the other could not be. If the other were true then the first is impossible. In reality both are fiction and should no longer be tolerated by our people in any form.

The first lie is the one told above at the top of this article, in the definition of race. That lie is that there is no race. Race does not exist. Other than the color of the skin, and some hair differences, members of the different races (which do not exist anyway) are all the same. It is a pure miracle, and not to be explained, how it is that scientists who discover a skeleton can tell what race its owner was. They can but they should not be able to because below the skin all races (which do not exist anyway) are identical. The clear differences in things like how blacks play basketball, and how IQ tests results vary between the races, is to be ignored. All data is to be ignored. There are no differences between the races.

Now when we have all been convinced that there is no such thing as race, and that belief in race is like belief in Santa Claus (except that belief in race is dreadfully evil!) we are fed the other lie. Like the dash of cutting, biting, cold tearing at the skin as one falls through thin ice and plunge into the waters below, we are overwhelmed with the second lie. We are told that the White race is evil. It has dominated other races for centuries. The White race is a warrior race, always causing wars and destruction. The White race has enslaved other races and is inherently evil. The cultures that the White race has created are oppressive to other races and are not worthy of continued existence. Whites are a blight on humanity and should be eliminated. We must forget the millions and millions of dollars of charity given to other races by the White race. The hundreds and thousands of White medical doctors and other skilled and unskilled laborers, who have been sent out of the kindness of the White hearts to Nonwhite nations to help Nonwhites, must be ignored in order to accept this lie.

It is amazing how quickly they can change back and forth between these two lies. If you look at South Africa, the second lie was on top. It was used to beat the White South Africans into submission. It was used to shame them into turning their country and their society over to the blacks. It was claimed that evil, dominate Whites were ruling over the poor oppressed Blacks. While this lie was being believed, not only by Whites in South Africa but by Whites all over the world, amazingly, underlying that lie was the other lie. (Remember, for the White race to be oppressive, there must be a White race!) Now, it could only make sense that Whites should give the blacks a one-to-one vote with Whites if there were no real difference between them. There is no such thing as race really. Whether it is a White or a Black in charge does not matter really because we are all the same.

Today, the Whites of South Africa are running away. They are hiding, and they are dying. They are finding out that Blacks know the differences between the races and the Blacks understand that Negro and Caucasian are not the same race. It is not a social construct. It is rooted in biology and cannot be ignored.

Over and over Whites are told the lie that race does not exist. If Whites insist that race does exist, then they are told that Whites are of an evil race and must not speak of their own race in positive terms because it is wrong. Back and forth the lie switches, keeping the Whites off balanced until it is too late. It is too late in South Africa. By the year 2050 it will be too late in the United States. By 2100 the White race will be on its dying last legs in the world if we keep accepting the two lies.

It is time for truth. It is time that when we "Ask Jeeves" for the answer to the question, "What is race?" he replies: "A race is a subspecies of man, different and distinct from other races. Belief in race is the same as belief in stars and planets. You believe in that which exists and race exists. Race is a biological construct, not a societal one. Race has a most profound biological standpoint and is fundamental to the being of each man or woman. Positive thoughts about your own race, activities, which are centered upon your own race, and the perpetuation of your own race, are all fundamentally normal and good things! To not think about your own race, to not be proud of your own race, to not defend your own race and the lands of your own race is unnatural, unhealthy and destructive."

Thank you Jeeves.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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