School Slaughter

WHEN WILL IT BE ENOUGH? How many of our children must be offered upon the altar of the Media Lords, before we rise up and say, "No more"? We are watching our kids plan out assaults upon their schools, using real bullets and real bombs. What is going on in our kids lives today, that was not happening, back when school military assaults did not occur several times a year?

We have always had kids who did not fit in. They were too uncoordinated for sports, too fat to be sexually attractive, or too inept at making and keeping friends to fit in. Some of these misfits went on to make fortunes using their brains in industry or science, while others never quite made it out of the gas-pumping stage of development. Yet, they did not walk into school and kill their tormentors! Kids being tormented is not a new thing. Tormenting is not what has changed -- although I have heard some idiots propose that as an excuse for the horrible Littleton, Colorado tragedy.

How about guns? Are they the new factor? No, sawed off shotguns have been available since before our grandfathers were born. Americans have always owned guns. If a kid in 1940 would have wanted to steal his father's shotgun and shoot the bully who had been beating him up at school, he could have done just that. But he did not! Why not?

Perhaps all the experts who pop up during one of these terrible tragedies are looking at this thing backwards. Perhaps it is not why the tragedy today but rather why not the tragedy in earlier years? Why did the boys in 1940 or 1950 manage to go through school without killing their classmates while today's kids just keep failing to?

Here are a few items which should help in ironing this thing out. There are some items on the list that are positive things, which are missing today, and other items that are negative, which were missing in earlier years, but are present today.

I. Feminism - the Media Lords' second favorite movement.

II. Multiculturalism - the Media Lords' favorite cause.

III. Anti-White cultural assault - the Media Lords' real goal

So, we have removed the parents from the children for the most part, removed any effective form of discipline from the children, inserted extensive and highly effective programming for violence and White culture abhorrence, cut the connection between honorable, law-abiding behavior and self-worth, and removed all respect for White history and culture. Still we have produced children who have actually turned out BETTER than we have a right to expect, thanks to the hard work of some parents who bucked the Media Lords' system. We are lucky that all schools have not yet been attacked by some of these kids. Of course it will only get worse with time, because all of these factors which caused this tragedy are getting worse! If we want to fix the results, we must fix the causes.

Instead of fixing the real problems, what do we get from our "leaders"? Bill Clinton, "his face red and eyes mostly downcast, addressed the nation after an afternoon of updates from his aides and phone calls to state and local officials on the scene in Littleton." 2 This phony piece of garbage in the White House puts on faces, and cries tears at the drop of a hat, and the sheep who live by the television, swallow it all. The president of the United States is using the results of his Media Lords' programs -- the terrible tragedy in the Littleton high school -- to try and take more freedoms from the people in the name of security.

This is the largest school killing spree since 1927 2 and the responsibility for it can be laid right at the feet of the Media Lords. They made it happen. Yet Bill Clinton will make sure that Americans, not the Media Lords will pay the price in reduced freedoms -- WHICH WILL NOT STOP THE NEXT TRAGEDY FROM HAPPENING! If we do not correct what the Media Lords are doing, we will only have further problems.

While the media reporters run around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off, focusing on incidentals and irrelevant details, the families of those slain, are suffering horribly today and will be for many months to come. All this because the Media Lords set the program in motion which had to lead to this end, and yes, it will lead to even worse in the future. Our news reporters will never point to what the real problem is. They will point to kids being picked on in school, and trench coats, guns and other unimportant details, all the while pointing away from the real villains in this tragic story.

Littleton is yet another example, a horrible and bloody example, of what happens as our society turns its back on its moral and racial history. We find that violence and hate are growing at an ever increasing rate. Safety and security are becoming less apparent to our children. By the time they reach high school, some of them are sadly going to decide that Arnold the Terminator has the best approach for solving their problems. We must stop this train, and stop it now!

1. Sandra Sobieraj of The Associated Press
2. May 18, 1927 - 45 people were killed, 38 of which were elementary students, in a school bombing done by Andrew Kehoe in Bath, Michigan.

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