The Ministry of Destruction

A WHITE WOMAN IS KILLED BY BEING DRAGGED behind a Black man's truck for two miles, in the state of Illinois. In Colorado, A White girl of 15 is gang raped and then sexually tortured with a broomstick by a gang of Hispanics, and then stabbed to death and left in a ditch. And the list goes on and on of atrocious, evil acts perpetrated by Nonwhites against Whites, but that are not classified as "hate crimes." The NAAWP listed the following crimes this week in their newsletter:

Fort Hood, Texas
Todd Bagley, 26, and his wife Stacie, 28. They were car-jacked by two American Africans, locked in their trunk, shot to death and their car set on fire. Not considered being a hate crime. This took place this in June of 1999.
Fayetteville, North Carolina
Traci Lambert, 18, and Susan Moore 25. They were abducted, forced into their trunk also. Both were shot in their heads. A gang of 7 American Africans attacked them on the 17th of August 1998. These cold-blooded murders intentionally selected these white women because it was required by the "Crips" gang to kill a white as part of their initiation. Again, not considered a "hate crime".
Jacksonville, Florida
Gerald Griffith, 50. This man was mentally retarded, and a gang of 6 American Africans made a pact among them to kill the next "white person" who came along. They hid and waited. Terrence McCray, 19, and Ledell Laurence, 20, were eventually captured. Mr. Griffith, so handicapped that he was unable to defend himself was savagely beaten and stomped to death, only because he was white. Again, even after these two confessed that they were only selecting a "white" to attack, the State Attorney has decided this was, again, not a hate crime.

And David Duke has called out in outrage concerning the August 29 gang rape of a White University of Colorado student, and called it a "detestable act of racial hatred." He went on to say, "The rape of this young White woman by the Asian Crips gang, who set out looking for White women, is a clear act of racial hatred. If the attackers were White males, who set out to rape an Asian or Black woman, there would be an FBI investigation and there would be national headlines."

In each of these cases, something brutal, terrible and unacceptable happened to White folks. The reaction of the press, and worse, the reaction of the law enforcement agencies was as if nothing exceptional happened. After the circus in Jasper, Texas, where we were subjected to weeks of onsite reporting by the actual Anchormen of the major news networks, because several Whites, who were ex-cons, dragged a Black man, also an ex-con to his death, it is a resounding slap in the face to White folks for the media to cover up all of these other events, and thousands more just like them. It is a candid declaration by the press, and our judicial system, that White folks do not matter as much as other folks do.

Now, I think that those White guys in Jasper are scum, and should be executed. No civilized human being is going to drag another man behind a truck to his death, no matter what his race. I am a law and order guy and that is why this whole anti-White campaign infuriates me so much. If dragging a Black guy behind your truck is worthy of national headlines, then what of dragging a White woman behind your truck? Yes, a woman, who deserves the protection of our society, is dragged to death behind a Black's truck but where is the outrage? Where is Peter Jennings shaking his head in even mock pity at such a horrible event? Where is Dan Rather giving us that hound dog look of disapproval at the sad occurrence? Where is anybody at all from any national news source, to at least mention the fact that this poor White women was brutally murdered? Where indeed.

The White race has been forced out onto a limb by the leftists, who have broken out the saws and are hard at work. White people who are abused, molested, raped, tortured, and murdered are merely statistics. If they respond in kind, they are "haters," and receive much harsher sentences. If Blacks defend their "turf," that is okay because they are poor oppressed folks. If Whites defend their turf, they are bigoted, White supremacists and are attacked with the full force of the law. Are you getting the picture?

White society has had all of its legitimate defenses removed by the courts, while Nonwhites have been handed weapons of great power to use against us: forced integration, Affirmative Action, discrimination law suits, just to name a few. What can a White legally do today to protect himself from the invading Nonwhites? Nothing! He has no legal recourse.

When a Nonwhite commits a burglary, rape, murder or even the simple vandalism of graffiti, there is no outcry, no retribution, and very little thought about it because it is what is expected of him. It is expected of him by the media, the courts and the White citizens of our land. Yet each of these acts steals from all of us. It steals our security. It steals our peace of mind. It steals our land, as White have to run away from the crime and danger of living around Nonwhites. It steals the pristine nature of our landscape as spray paint adds its disgusting blight to bridges, subway trains and buildings. All the while we see stories on the news about the KKK and Neo-nazis and White "hate." It is very much like a news crew on the Titanic focusing on the lack of warm water in the showers, while ignoring the fact that the ship was sinking.

The newest weapon that the left has brought out against the White people of America is the "Hate Crime." Hate Crime is defined in such a way that only White folks can be charged with it. Remember the old concept of law that "all men are equal under the law"? Well that is not the case today. Today, White folks are held to a different legal standard. If a White man kills a Black man, he must face not only the charge of murder, but also the charge of committing a hate crime. The Black man faces no such legal difficulty. He can kill as many Whites as he wants without ever being in danger of committing a "Hate Crime".

In reality it is absurd in a free land to prosecute any crime specially because the motivation for that crime did not meet some political standard of acceptability. Killing a man to get him out of the way so you can rape his wife, is certainly no better than killing a man because he is Black, Asian or White. In a country where all men are equal under the law, killing is killing and punished with equal vigor no matter who commits the crime or why. In America that is not the case. Here, you are judged not merely by what you do, but what you think.

That is a not so subtle attack upon the first Amendment! If you have the right to freely speak what you think, you must then logically have the right to think whatever you want with no retribution whatsoever being possible. According to the First Amendment and the axioms upon which it is based, only actions can be prosecuted, not thoughts. Hate Crimes are "thought crimes" and therefore their very existence as a legal concept is anathema to our constitution and beyond being merely un-American, they are completely anti-American.

If you look back in our history, rape used to be sexual intercourse forced upon a women by a man, not her husband, and was punished by death in most states. That is how it rationally should be. Clear cut. No chance of misunderstanding. Society did not accept the act of rape. Today, the rapist is on the street again before the rape victim is out of therapy from the trauma. If we were going to have "hate crimes", rape should qualify as a hate crime against women! It is also often a racially biased hate crime, because Blacks are 200 times as likely to rape a White woman as Whites are to rape a Black woman.

There is a process at work here in our government and our society. It is concerted, synchronized precisely, by all the parties involved. In George Orwell's book 1984 he mentioned the departments of the totalitarian government of Big Brother. There was the Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Love, Ministry of Plenty, and the Ministry of Peace. Let us take a look at our own government and see how closely it matches, and how it is growing daily into a more perfect fit with Big Brother's stranglehold on the people.

The Ministry of Truth in 1984 was in charge of news, entertainment, education, and fine arts. From this Ministry came the propaganda which made the people easy to control and created "right thinking" by the masses. It promoted the party line, and discouraged all forms of "thought crime," by suppressing from its output media, any idea that would fall into that category. All acceptable thought was controlled through the Ministry of Truth and any other thought would be dealt with in most unpleasant ways by Big Brother.

Let us break up the Ministry of Truth into its component parts so we can see if we can identify its operation in our own country:

We have a civilian controlled Ministry of News, Entertainment, and Fine Arts. If you visit Who Rules America, you will find that these three areas are all owned and/or controlled by one group of people, who are not White Europeans. They do not have White European wants, wishes or needs at heart. They control public opinion through the way they broadcast news stories, choosing to release only stories that fit their agenda and squashing or distorting all others. This group also owns the movie production studios and most of the theaters which will show movies or plays. The majority Whites of European descent have no say as to what is put out as entertainment or news. This area of the "Ministry of Truth" is under the control of this tribe of individuals who have shown no love or concern for our heritage or our people.

Besides identifying the simple fact of the control of the media by those of Non-European descent, a bit of observation will show even the most causal of observers that all of the media are playing the same propaganda song. Each of them promotes diversity, multiculturalism, homosexuality, hatred of White American history, rejection of White America in all possible contexts, and worst of all, miscegenation.

How is it that, in a land known for freedom of speech, all major media speech is in harmony with the Politically Correct doctrine? Why do books never get published by major publishers that run contrary to the mainstay PC ideas? Where is the book that condemns integration of the neighborhoods and the schools? Where is the tome to be found that seeks to establish that America was historically White, and would be much better off if it remains that way? The point is not whether the majority of people would agree with such ideas, but whether such ideas can be expressed in public with equal opportunity of expression as that received by the PC ideas. Obviously, such opportunity of expression is not to be found.

Since so much of our history is White, and so many of our greatest national heroes were completely against what is politically acceptable today, there is no legitimate reason that the views of those heroes cannot be both discussed and fully accepted by many members of society, without any form of retribution. But retribution exists, in form of loss of jobs, law suits and fines.

Education, the last part of Orwell's Ministry of Truth, is under the control of the federal Department of Education. It is also largely impacted by our "Justice" Department, through court rulings. It must be noted that today in our public school system, the very same PC party line is religiously adhered to. Coincidence? Here is a government controlled device matching up exactly with the rest of the Ministry of Truth, under civilian control. Such coincidences do not happen by chance.

When one inspects the democratic system in America today, he will find that votes are generated based upon what is put out by the Ministry of Truth! If a candidate is not PC, he will be exposed to greater criticism, and much greater scrutiny than any other candidate. There will be little if anything positive said about the candidate. His standing in the polls will begin to fall, and that fall will be reported, leading to a greater fall. The process is continued until the candidate either drops out, or is not even a blip on the radar screen by Election Day.

Before the Internet came along, the Ministry of Truth was in command of all information and propaganda released to the general public. They had no serious opposition and felt completely in control. With the creation of the Internet a door was suddenly opened to the flow of information to the masses, bypassing the Ministry of Truth. They have been frantically trying to plug that leak, vainly so far. We must understand that for the moment the clouds have broken through, and we must make hay while the sun shines. We must overcome the Ministry of Truth before the lid comes crashing down and locks our people into total intellectual darkness, just like the folks in 1984 were.

The Ministry of Love was in charge of law and order. It included the police force, the legislative process and the court system. All of these in our society are under the control of our government. President Clinton has been agitating for a national police force, and of course greater and greater control over the people at the federal level. As mentioned before, the democratic process has been derailed by the Ministry of Truth, which has allowed the Ministry of Love to be overwhelmed by those who accept the PC party line.

Our laws being written today reflect the PC doctrine. The rulings from our courts reflect the PC party line. The prosecution of criminals has been biased in a PC direction, and lawsuits flourish that promote PC ideas, while those which would run contrary to PC concepts never seem to make it to court, or are shot down by the court if they should reach it.

As time goes by you can see greater and greater control being enjoyed by our enemies in the Ministry of Love. There is no backing up by them, or any resurgence of those with opposing ideas, because anyone with opposing ideas is filtered out of the Ministry of Love by the democratic process, controlled by the Ministry of Truth.

The Ministry of Plenty in 1984 controlled the economy and finance. The Federal Reserve has a stranglehold on our economy today. If its chairman hiccups the stock market takes a dive. He could throw this country into an economic tailspin with a wave of his little finger. He is a member of the same tribe as those who control the Ministry of Truth. As long as America follows the PC party line, as it is doing today, you can count on the Ministry of Plenty smiling on our economy. If ever we should decide to change our path, you can be assured that the Ministry of Plenty would instantly fail to live up to its name! We would find ourselves in a depression so fast that it would make your head spin.

The last ministry is the Ministry of Peace which of course in is charge of the military and war. In 1984 the Ministry of Peace kept the masses continually focussed upon wars as a distracter. The wars never ended but they never impacted upon the government. War was used as a political tool and nothing more.

In America you will notice how this ministry protected our president as he was locked in battle for his political life during the impeachment proceedings. Suddenly we were bombing and killing innocent people, just to save Clinton's political neck. Next we were killing our fellow Whites indiscriminately because the PC crowd did not like the internal politics of Yugoslavia. Note that not we, nor or our interests, were threatened in any way by the actions of Yugoslavia. Still the Ministry of Peace moved in and started killing White folks in order to enforce their doctrines upon the people of Yugoslavia.

By creating wars, the Ministry of Peace can have a huge impact on public opinion. It can control resources and forcibly take your sons (and if the tribe has any say about it, your daughters as well) to use as targets and weapons in its campaign of making the world PC.

At one time in America, each of these ministries was only loosely connected with the others. However, over time, the control of each ministry became more pronounced and the alignment with the PC agenda became easier and easier to see. Today there is no doubt of the synchronized action and the common ideals between all of the ministries.

If you are still watching television (and I hope that is not the case!) just count the number times each 15 minutes that you hear or see something PC being promoted. Note the stories that the news anchorman is putting out, or the PC jokes and situations on the sitcoms. I have had readers of my web page comment on how they now spot a multitude of PC propaganda messages on the television where before they had never noticed them. Even, or especially, the commercials are loaded with diversity, multiculturalism, homosexuality and miscegenation messages. Movies in the theaters, and newspaper articles, are all filtered for you by the Ministry of Truth.

Orwell's hero, Winston Smith lost his battle with Big Brother. He was only trying to be an individual and have his own ideas. He was not an activist trying to overthrow the government. Yet he was mentally tortured into complete acceptance of the PC party line. He learned to love Big Brother. Most Whites today have also been mentally conditioned to "love Big Brother". They react very strongly against those of us who attack the policies of the megalithic monster. Many of the folk, actually believe that the government is too big, or in fact, evil, but they still accept all of the government's fundamental ideals! We must change that.

The one very weak spot that our own personal Big Brother has right now is the Internet. Today we can bypass his Ministry of Truth, and it is hard to say how much longer that will be true. The Internet is a large and complicated organism and that has slowed the Ministry of Truth down in its efforts to take control of it. It is not infinitely large however, and it is not infinity complex, therefore, there will come a time in the future where it will be at least theoretically possible to control the Internet.

We cannot sit still and assume this technology will be forever available to us. We must act today to spread the truth as fast as we possibly can. Whether you email articles from this site (I certainly have no objection to that!), and other sites that you visit, or you print them up and hand them out, it is important that you help spread the word. Speak with your coworkers, your friends and family. Use tact and common sense as you speak, but you can still get the truth out. (E.g. if someone at work says that "hate crime" is terrible, mention that all crime is terrible. A murder victim is just as dead whether or not it was a "hate crime". If it goes farther you can point out that per capita Blacks actually kill 56 times as many Whites as the reverse, and yet they are not charged with hate crimes. Etc.)

Today the sun is shining via the Internet. Today you can speak the truth. Today is our golden opportunity to wake our people up. There is no guarantee about tomorrow, but today we are free to move. If you are already moving, keep it up. If you are just sitting there waiting, get up and start doing something for our people. It just may be your last chance!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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