Dancing with Death

May 31, 2003

A LOCAL DINER POSTED A SIGN SUGGESTING: "Take a step back into the past." The diner was already laid out in the physical style of a fifties diner, and also had covers and other pictures from Life Magazine from the 1940s decorating the walls. So, what was it that they were going to add for their customers to make the step back in time complete? The sign said that your journey into the past would be finalized by viewing a couple that would be dancing the dances from the past, in the very limited space available at one end of the diner. When I looked at the couple, guess what I saw? You guessed it; they had a White woman dancing with an Oriental man.

I had eaten at this diner several times before, and I had noticed that nearly half of the "oldies" that they played on the overhead speaker were of Motown or other Black singers. Why is it that White people expect Blacks to not only act differently, and less civilized, on average than Whites do, but they even expect them to sound differently as well, in speech and in song? Why does a Black man play a guitar, or a harmonica differently than a White man? Clearly it is because the Black man is fundamentally different than a White man.

The irony of what the diner did was lost on most of the patrons there. They watched the White girl, who was smiling broadly, and spinning during her dance routines, sending her skirt up over her hips, in a quasi-striptease routine, while the Oriental strutted around as he was fondling her, and pretending like he belonged there doing what he was doing. If we really took a step back into the past, and an Oriental man had his hands all over a White girl, and she was smiling big like she was enjoying it, things would have gotten very ugly very quickly. Such things did not happen in public back then.

This method of giving the current generation a deceptive sample of the past, "bringing the past alive" by having dances, clothes, and other aspects of life modeled, and presented by people who could not of been in those situtation at the time depicted, and thereby falsely showing "what it was like," has become so common that it is now cliché. If a business today is going to show the past, it is almost certainly going to distort the most important aspect of the past: the racial makeup of the population, and the attitudes about race of the Americans of the past. What the owners of that diner presented was no different than what is being presented on their customer's televisions every night, or in the movies that they attend regularly. The real past has been shoved down the Orwellian "memory hole," and we are left with the official diverisified "history" of how it was.

Each day, while White folks don't do a thing to correct what is being done, the White children of our land are brainwashed by these tactics into thinking that the past life in the USA was completely different than it really was, during the period from its creation up to the time this country rose to power and prestige.

As we have begun our slide into decline, facts about why we are slipping are going to be completely lost upon these brainwashed dupes, because they will not even be able to see what has happened. In their minds, diversity could not have caused our fall, because we were always diverse. They will not even realize that the USA that they are living in today is already radically different than that one that put a man on the moon. The schools that then graduated the best-educated students on earth, are today not able to produce enough high quality graduates to run the industries the previous graduates created.

The changes, that have intentionally been done to the school system, are the root cause of why the schools are so bad today. Integration was the primary culprit. A secondary problem is the number of female students (well over 50%) at the college level, also caused by the same people who brought us integration. Female students do not excel in the sciences as well as men do. This is a simple biological fact that anyone familiar with the data will agree with. Female minds, on average, do not handle math and science as well as male minds do. (Of course there are exceptions, but not enough of them to be significant.) When you overload an educational system with women, you will decrease the percentage of students capable of excelling in the sciences.

The problems with our schools caused by both integration and the feminizing of higher learning has disrupted the once finely oiled machinery of our educational system. The entire focus of the institutions involved with higher learning has been redirected away from the things needed for excellence in education, and towards things that will disrupt it. Diversity is far more important than learning to solve differential equations. Integration of the student body is far more important than learning the integration formulas of calculus. In fact, when it come right down to it, there is nothing at all in the entire school system that stands in a more important place than does the process of destroying the homogeneous male Whiteness of American higher education that once existed in this land. It doesn't matter, to those running the system, how little else you learn, as long as you master the concept that diversity is our primary strength, and increasing diversity is our only worthy goal.

It must give us pause that the enemies of traditional America have been so universally successful in standing American thought on its head so quickly. Fifty years ago nearly every American alive knew that White schools were better than integrated schools. They knew that White neighborhoods (what are referred to today disparagingly as "predominately White neighborhoods") were far better than integrated neighborhoods, and they even had laws and housing rules in place to protect the homogeneity of the neighborhoods.

Today, White folks demonstrate that they still know this to be true, when it comes to making choices (when their government still allows them to) about where to live, or where to send their kids to school. White people will always choose a higher percentage of White neighbors, coworkers, or fellow students for their children, when given the choice.

Given the above, it is absolutely astounding that the controlled media can get away with constantly promoting the lie that diversity is anything other than a total disaster. It would make more sense for the media to promote arsenic as a dietary supplement than for it to promote diversity as a strength, or even as something that can be tolerated by a society without total collapse into civil war. It is astounding, because White folks are sitting still for this lie, which they know is a lie – demonstrated by their own conduct. (What White man in his right mind would ever move his family into a predominately Black neighborhood if he could avoid it?) Instead of reacting with outrage, and revolt at what has been done, and what is being done, to their society and the future of their children, White Americans just sit quietly and take the poison, like passive little sheep.

As long as Whites will accept known lies on an equal footing with the truth, they deserve no better than to be exterminated, as they are being today in the USA. Life on the grand scale is nothing but a fight for survival. Those who will not fight for survival, die. Period. If a species ceases to struggle for its piece of the pie, it becomes extinct. Whites are today not struggling for their own survival. They are sitting quietly by and awaiting extermination. If we are going to survive, that must change!

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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