Total Despair?

October 27, 2002

IS THERE ANY HOPE? This question continually forces itself upon me. Those around me seem to think that all is lost and it is a waste of time to even try to stem the tide. They feel that I am merely a Don Quixote trying to fight the windmills that are impossible to vanquish. This may be true, but as I told a very dear friend, “If my son were being killed by a monster that I had no chance of overcoming, I would make the attempt to save him regardless.”

During my life, I have watched our democratic republic be destroyed by people who are today gleefully celebrating their victory over our once apparently unassailable nation. America is wounded in its vitals, and only an awakening by a large number of the Americans who have been subjugated during the last half-century can generate a recovery. Continued apathy will be fatal and that is totally certain.

What am I talking about? America in 1960 was strong and proud. The White people, who made up 90% of the population, were the nation. They set the cultural standards, spoke English, and were for the most part Christian. They celebrated their religious holidays, and no one else’s. They tolerated other peoples, but it was clear that those people were aliens, and would always be so. Television was White, advertising was White, and the cities were White. White women were marrying only White men, and producing White children, who lived in neighborhoods next door to other White Children, and going to school with them. Our schools were producing graduates that were equal or superior to those produced by any schools on earth. We were striving to reach the moon with our rockets, and we felt we had a destiny that was unchallenged.

Looking at books and magazines from the 1950s it is clear that America had a strong, bright, and White future in store. Note that it was not hate filled, or destructive White future, but a caring, and interdependent White future, that would promote our survival and the continuation of our culture, our way of life.

Today, when the media speaks of that golden age, what does it mention? Does it mention low crime rates? Does it mention optimism? Does it mention the White race which build America? Of course not. The Media was at the heart of the Anti-American Revolution of the 1960s, and it is doing all that it can to perpetuate the destructive results of that event today. When it speaks of the greatest age in the history of any people anywhere on earth, all the media can say is “Joseph McCarthy,” as if McCarthyism were as evil as mass murder, or universally applied torture. Yes, McCarthy was trying to weed out the Communists, who were predominantly Jewish, and for Americans today to look at that as if it were a “witch hunt” is absurd. Witch-hunts are mobs going after innocent victims. As proved by the fact that since McCarthyism ended, the leftists whom he was trying to stop, have taken over our media, our government, and our lives, setting into place processes that will destroy our land and exterminate our people, those leftists were not innocent victims but evil villains. Clearly, McCarthyism failed, not because it was too intrusive, but because it was not intrusive enough!

Do you get it? We lost paradise and they talk about McCarthy! We had our future stolen and they still whine about a battle that they won! Such absurdity is very difficult to conceive of.

And what are the pressing issues today? We have 1.5 million non-White invaders entering our country each year, thanks to the policies that these leftists implemented, in opposition to the will of the American people. Whites have been forced to accept displacement from our inner cities. We have been forced to accept the destruction of our neighborhoods and schools, by the forced integration policy of our conquerors. We have had to watch our percentage of the population drop from 90% to 70% and listen to our own president celebrate the fact that current trends will make Whites a minority in their own country in less than 50 years. At the same time we have had to have our own government, or the leftist controlled government rather, insist that we celebrate diversity, as if it were a strength. (Of course there is no historical precedent that they can cite as an example of diversity ever being a strength. There is no chain of reasoning, based upon any sound assumptions that can make the case that diversity is a strength. On the other hand, there is a great amount of historical precedent for showing that diversity is a curse, and a sure method of destroying harmony and strength in any country or empire.) The factors that are welling up like a tidal wave, ready to engulf us, are not considered important enough to even be discussed rationally by the media.

It is clear that those who conquered us in the 1960s (actually they put the power structure in place much earlier, but it was in the 1960s when the deadly flower came into full bloom) are completely antagonistic to the traditional American way of life. They are doing all that they can to insure that our way of life is terminated and that any attempt to restore it is met with the strongest possible opposition.

There are massive propaganda campaigns in place, that all Americans are exposed to, that continually decry the idea of “hate.” It is not defined clearly, so that Americans can be upset with a real and clear concept, but instead hate’s definition is intentionally left ambiguous, so that any concept that the tyrants wish to silence can be easily classified as “hate.” If you think that America was better in the 1950s than it is now, why that is “hate!” Why? It doesn’t matter, the media says it is hate, and so it is hate. And we all know that hate is bad!

As an example, I have seen it written that my web page is a hate page, not because I promote hating anyone, but rather because I promote the idea of races living with their own people. The fact that I promote the concept of giving White people the basic right of freedom of association, that any people should rightly expect, is said to qualify my page as a hate page. I have never promoted the idea of hurting anyone. I have never promoted the idea of hating anyone. But the media has no need of following logic or honesty. It is in the business of propaganda, and propping up its destructive power base.

If the dispossession of the American people were not bad enough, and the attempted extermination of an entire race of people were not sufficiently evil, what do the Media Lords have our president doing, as he dances on the strings they are pulling? While there are many nations out there that have nuclear, biological and/or chemical weapons, which could actually launch them against America, our president is acting like a slobbering maniac in pursuit of bombing Iraq. Does anyone wonder why?

President Bush says he wants to ignore the UN in order to bomb Iraq for ignoring the UN. Hello! Is anyone listening to this absurdity at all? Is anyone paying attention? The only reason that the hogtied little backward Arab nation of Iraq is of any interest to us right now is Israel. Even at its strongest, Iraq never posed us any serious threat. Today, we have crippled that little nation; having killed hundreds of thousands of their citizens through bombs, disease, and starvation, and bombing their already inferior military infrastructure nearly into the stone age. There are many nations with more power, and perfectly capable of doing us far more harm than Iraq could. Where is the outrage from President Bush about them? Where is the saber rattling and threats to bomb these foes?

The fact of the matter is that only one nation is going to benefit from our proposed aggression against Iraq: Israel. America is going to be hurt by, not helped by, any further attacks on Iraq. We are creating a billion Arab enemies by supporting Israel. Why? What has Israel ever done for us? That country is housing a fascist government that is antagonistic to all that America is said to stand for today. It has a Prime Minister that is a war criminal and proud of it. If we ran our country as they run theirs, we would have the entire world at our throats (with the Jews themselves leading the charge!).

And while we are getting ready to get more Arab blood on our hands, Americans still watch their television sets wondering what new mentally poisonous treat will be offered them tonight. I suppose any people who is so stupid so as to let an alien people take over its mass media, and then allow them to take control of the lives of its members, deserves whatever happens to it. However, it is a terribly sad thing to behold for someone who loves his people and his country.

I see small numbers of White people running for cover in the Pacific Northwest, but at the same time, I am seeing even larger numbers of Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics moving the same direction. The land grows darker everywhere, each day. Our time is growing short.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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