The Critical Distinction

How do you get a parent to murder his own child? How do you get a child to murder his own parents? How do you get anyone to do the unthinkable? The simplest way is to make them think that they are not doing what they are doing, but instead are doing something else, perhaps even something beneficial for the one the terrible act is done to. That is what is being done to your people today, right before your eyes.

The public Leftist organizations who are attacking the White race, each and every one, tell all White folks that defending their own property, neighborhood or country from harmful change is "hatred." The way they make it work is by the old trick of deception. They convince the White folk that they are not defending their own space, when they wish to retain possession of their own lands. Instead the Leftists say that the land does not belong to them, and they must, as moral beings share it with anyone else who wants to live upon it.

There is a certain similarity to the situation today for the White race, as to that of birds in a large bird cage, that are told that the space in the cage is not their own, and they must share it with one or more cats. If the birds object, they are called "haters." All objections to sharing the space is called "hate speech" and any group of birds who join together to keep the disaster from happening are members of a "hate group."

The analogy is not as far fetched as some might think. What will happen to the birds in the cage if they have to share it with cats? One by one, over time they will all get eaten and they will cease to exist. What will happen to the White race if it is forced to live in a land where Nonwhites are flooding in, mixing with its daughters, and out-breeding it at a very fast rate? The White race as we know it will cease to exist.

How could the Leftists get passed this simple, and undeniable fact of life? How could they convince the members of the White race that avoiding their own extinction is hate? By hiding the Critical Distinction from the Whites. This Critical Distinction is one that would be very clear to White folks if they were left on their own to think for themselves. The Whites in the 1950s understood this distinction completely and had no problem with acting accordingly. It took the Leftist control of our government to force Whites to back down from the legal measures they had erected to protect themselves and their children. Since that time there have been 40 years of Leftist propaganda which has blinded the average White to the Critical Distinction, and thereby leaving them open to extermination.

What is this Critical Distinction I am speaking of? It is a very simple thing. It is identifying the difference between a healthy desire to be separate, and hate. A man and woman, when they marry, move in together in their own house. The house is theirs and no one else has a right to live there without their permission. If anyone should try to move in without their permission, nobody would deny them the right to say no. When they say no, no sane man would accuse them of hatred for not allowing others into their home. Here is the where the Critical Distinction comes into play. It says nothing at all about the feelings that this family has for any member of any other family, just because they do not wish to live with them. I will repeat that because it is at the heart of the Critical Distinction. It says nothing at all about the feelings that this family has for any member of any other family, just because they do not wish to live with them. This family may hate other families or it may love other families, but in either case they still have the right and the OBLIGATION to maintain their own domicile in which to raise their family. Therefore it is not an expression of hate to be separate. That should be clear to anyone of normal intelligence.

In the USA today, the Leftists, through their propaganda campaign, have destroyed the ability of the average American to make that Critical Distinction. Instead, Americans are told that if they do not love diversity, and multiculturalism, they are filled with hate. If you follow out the Leftist's reasoning, it means that nearly all of the White ancestors of those alive today, were filled with hate. Just think of the audacity it takes for someone to assert that. The Media Lord Leftists have no problem with audacity, or chutzpah. They will walk right into a classroom that you have paid for with your tax dollars and tell your children that your father, and his father before him were evil hate filled men. They will tell your son that George Washington was an evil racist hater. And, since the average American can no longer make the Critical Distinction, the children will not be told by their parents that they have been lied to.

If you do make the Critical Distinction, you of course will realize that these men of earlier American days, did a great deal for other races of man. They shared technology, education, medicine and caring with every race of man, all around the globe. There are billions of Nonwhites alive today because of the loving kindness of those Whites of previous generations who, were filled not with hate, but compassion! Those same caring Whites could also make the Critical Distinction. They knew that, except for a very small percentage of exceptions, other races must live in their own lands, and the Whites must live in their own lands. This was healthy, sane and certainly not hatred. There is no logical way that it can be made to be hatred, any more than a family living in their own home is hatred. Only the lying Leftists would even try.

So, today the Leftists have talked the White race into committing racial suicide, by letting all sorts of other people come in and live in their home. At first it was done by force and now it is done with mental control. It is not too late to correct this problem, but the time is growing very short. We must help our White brothers to be able to make this Critical Distinction once again. It is the most important thing before us today. Until the White race is awakened to their peril they will be like birds flying around in a cage with cats eyeing their every move from inside the cage. It is just a matter of time.

Only you can
prevent extinction!

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