Diversity Quotient

HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT HOW RIDICULOUS the foundation is upon which the religion of diversity is built? The priests of this false religion proclaim that we are all just alike, and that it doesn't matter what the color of your skin is, or what continent your genes came from. We are all the same. However, it follows from that assertion that an all-White society is just as good as any other arrangement of people. Based solely upon the Leftist dogma, there is absolutely nothing inferior in having a society that is populated with only White people. If indeed all people are identical in ability, character and personality, then having a collection of nothing but White people with which to make up your society, is in no way different, and certainly not worse, than having any other collection, of any variety of other races.

The Media Overloads are guilty of constantly using this internally inconsistent logic. If you examine what they are saying closely you are left with nothing but vapor. If we are all the same, there is no such thing as diversity, for by definition diversity is that which we do not have in common. If we are the same, we have all in common, and there is no significant difference between us. However, if there is no significant difference, then an all-White society is as good as any other racially arranged society. There can be absolutely no possible gain or improvement in a society by adding other races, because we are all the same.

So, why is it that these lying priests are so pleased with diversity? Their dogmatic theory of life proclaims the complete equality of the races, which by definition excludes any possible advantage (and by implication, disadvantage!) in having any one particular racial demographic arrangement. Where then is the advantage in celebrating diversity? In fact how can we celebrate diversity at all, since there is no such thing?

It is clear that the lying priests know very well that there are significant differences between the races of man. It is only through those differences that any change could be inflicted upon a society by increasing its diversity. Otherwise, a change in the societal diversity level would have zero impact. There is no other possible conclusion to come to.

With this unassailable conclusion to build upon, we take the next step. We look at how our society was before diversity was increased, and then we look at the society as it is now that diversity has gone from 10% of the population to 30% of the population. What are the differences between the two societies? Are those differences significant? And if so, do they indicate negative or positive changes in the society?

You can pick almost any measurable area of our society, other than the technological advances which have been based largely upon the work of the White folks who preceded us, and you will find that our society has moved in a negative direction, closer to chaos, as we have added diversity. Even the merging into the White homogeneous society, of that diversity which we had before, but previously held at arms length, through segregation, has led to a great increase in the entropy of our societal energy. We are growing more chaotic, more violent, less civilized, less concerned with our neighbor's well being, far less well educated, and more heavily taxed to pay for diversity's tab. By only altering the White component of our society from 90% to 70% we have wrought a tremendous change for evil in our nation.

During the next few decades we will decrease the White portion of our population another 20 percentage points, from 70% to 50%. It follows that the changes this will create will be at least as dramatic as the ones we have already gone through. Today we already have companies with Human Relations departments, with a separate section to deal with nothing but discrimination and harassment claims. Imagine how large such departments are going to be when we double the Diversity Quotient in our land.

It is clear that we are dealing with pure dishonesty on the part of the Media Overlords. They have decided that we will have diversity because they, not we, will it to be so. In order to make the change more palatable to the unthinking masses, they have created sweet sounding fairy tales with which to managing the limited thinking skills of their victims. The fairy tales claim that there are no racial differences, and that White lands are evil lands, and that only diversity can wash the evil out of our land. The fairy tales proclaim that all will be much better once that the White people have been removed from the land, and only Brown people remain. Once the USA has become like Brazil we can share all of the wonderful bounty that you see those lucky Brazilians harvesting.

Ah, but they do not say that do they? They stop short of telling the sheep to go and study an example of their philosophy at work. The lying priests do not want you and I to actually research where their lies are taking us. We are not supposed to go and witness the poverty, crime, and hopelessness of the uneducated masses of the third world where we are being directed to move.

Clearly, the Media Overlords believe that races are different. Otherwise their campaign to increase diversity would have no meaning at all. Their claim of improving our condition in this land by increasing our diversity would fall into the dust, if you could not further observe that in order to have improvement, you must have change. From that it follows that if you are going to have change, by changing the racial makeup of the society, you must therefore have differences between the races to effect that change. Mixing a cup of water with another cup of water of equal purity will not change the chemical make up of the resultant liquid. It is only by mixing a dissimilar, a different, or diverse liquid with the water that you can produce some different resultant liquid.

We have established that those in power believe that races are different. We also know, from observing their actions, that those same Overlords are determined to force diversity upon us whether we want it or not. We have also taken a quick side glance at Brazil, a living example of diversity available to us today, and found that it is something that no member of American society would wish for his children. If you think you can find a superior example to Brazil of a successful diverse nation with longevity anywhere, or anywhen you will be disappointed.

What we have is an intentional, and a transparent, attempt by the Media Overlords to sabotage and replace our extremely successful and powerful White society with an inferior and weak diverse nation, closely resembling Brazil today. If you doubt it even slightly, you can easily establish the validity of what I am saying with a bit of research. Check the quality of our schools, and the low level of crime in our neighborhoods before diversity was forced (and note also in your research that it was indeed forced through the military might of the National Guard in some cases) upon our nation. Look at the high level of patriotism, and the unity of purpose, in the citizens of our land at that time. Then look at our society today, after the change. Note the continual decrease in our SAT scores, the constantly increasing number of incidences of racial conflict, and the huge jump in the number of racially motivated crimes. Also note the number of law suits, that are based solely upon the difficulties created by diversity. Take a close look at the ever expanding areas of our nation where foreign holidays, like Cinco De Mayo, are not only celebrated, but are celebrated overwhelming more than the holidays of the American people, like the Fourth of July.

Spend some time researching other societies where diversity lives (1) and you will find constant conflict and even war. Once you have a clear understanding of what diversity means to any nation where it resides, you will then understand the anger that all those who understand the situation feel towards the Media Overlords. Those Overlords are attempting to destroy our nation. They are our enemies. They must be removed from their position of power, or we will cease to be as a people. The lines are truly that clearly defined.


1. See Yggdrasil's Multi-Racial Empires; And better yet, go through each of the excellent items in

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